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Bling It Out With the Best-Selling LOL Surprise Bling Series That Cries, Tinkles, or Spits!

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They’re still one of the top-selling toys on Amazon right now.  Yep, we’re talking about the LOL Surprise Bling Series!

Where to Buy LOL Surprise Bling Series Ball 2024 - Pre Order, Release Date, Price 2024

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One of our favorite things about this bling-bling style series is that they can do a bunch of different things, but you won’t know exactly what until you feed them or bathe them.  Plus, you never know who you’re going to get!

What’s the Bling Ball All About?

Speaking of surprises, this one is filled with them!  In fact, your kiddos will have a blast unboxing 7 different surprises that are included.  You can expect must-haves like:

  • A super secret message.  Can they decode it?
  • Cool stickers that they’ll be able to use or keep and collect.
  • 1 blinged-out water bottle for their doll.
  • An accessory to go along with everything (things like sunglasses or phones and more).
  • A really cute outfit for their doll.
  • Flashy shoes!
  • The exclusive Bling Series doll itself!

What's Inside LOL Surprise Bling Series 2 2024

These cute little collectibles have another secret too.  You’ll have to figure out if the one you got cries, spits, tinkles, or even color-changes.  You’ll figure this out by feeding them or bathing them.  Now that’s quite the surprise!

Currently in this Bling Series, there are 12 different dolls to collect and they’re from Series 2, but dressed up in super new and super cool clothes that make them glitter from top to bottom.  The ball itself can be used as a stand so they can display their doll with pride or it can even be hung on something.  Perhaps the Christmas tree?  Oh you know your tree is totally getting blinged out this holiday season.

All 12 LOL Bling Series Dolls 2024

What’s the Price Going to Be?

Like with many of the others, this one is pretty affordable.  The suggested retail price is $10.99.

The L.O.L. Surprise Bling Series – Buy It Here

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