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The LOL OMG Crystal Star Doll Has an Actual Light Up Stage and Disco Ball!

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Out of all the LOL dolls this season, this is the one your kiddos will want the most and this is the one that’s going to be the most impossible to find.  Introducing LOL Surprise OMG Crystal Star (Collector Edition).  Good luck!

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What’s Crystal Star All About?!

As if your kiddos didn’t already have enough LOL everything there have been a bunch of pretty cool new releases in the Winter Disco series in the past few days.  There’s the Winter Disco Ski Chalet, the LOL Amazing Surprise and, of course, the new LOL Winter Disco OMG Fashion Dolls.   Is that your wallet we hear crying?

From the new series, the main event is really Crystal Star.  She’s the first OMG doll in the Collector Edition (read: more expensive) and she’s more than just a doll.  She’s an experience. And she’s already being named one of the best toys for Christmas.

She’s super sparkly pretty much everywhere.  From her crown to her boots, she’s covered in sparkly silver.  In fact, she’s not only wearing a silvery sparkling gown, but she’s also rocking a silvery sparkly jumpsuit (with ice spikes on the pants) all at the same time.  Add in the pretty pink hair and she’s basically the Lady Gaga of the LOL world.

One of the favorite parts most of the kiddos are obsessed with is the light-up stage and and stand she comes with.  She’s ready to perform and show just how much of a magical star she really is.  Since she’s truly a queen this comes with the following:

  • A super cute crystal tiara fit for a queen.
  • Sparkly platform heels.
  • Beautiful earrings.
  • A must-have purse.
  • A super useful brush for her pretty pink hair.
  • The light-up stage with doll stand.
  • The essential disco ball to celebrate the occasion.

What’s the Price Going to Be?

Since this one is the official Collector Edition (and fan favorite), the price is a bit more than the others.  The suggested retail price is $49.99.  But, hey, it comes with a light up stage so….

When is the Official Release Date?

Get ready because Crystal Star will be released into your favorite retail stores and online on September 27, 2019.

Is She Available For Pre Order?

Like with most of the LOL early releases, yes, you can pre order her starting on September 20, 2024.  Pre order yours here and lock in the current price!

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