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Yes, LOL Surprise OMG Series 3 Dolls are EVERYTHING!

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Move over Bratz Dolls because there’s a new LOL in town!  Introducing the new LOL Surprise OMG Series 3 Dolls!

New LOL Surprise OMG Series 3 Dolls 2024 - Chillax, Da Boss, Roller Chick, Class Prez

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  • The new LOL OMG Series 3 Fashion Dolls are being released on July 14th.
  • They’re more of the size of a Barbie Doll.
  • Priced at $26.99.
  • There are four new ones to choose from in Series 3.  See details below!

Your kids may have already received the last series, but that doesn’t mean your kiddos aren’t asking for the brand new LOL Surprise OMG Series 3.  It’s really never-ending.  Ugh.  But we have to admit, this time around the brand new OMG Series is pretty rad.  We actually officially named them to our Best Toys of the Year Christmas list!

There are 4 brand new dolls in this latest series named:

This new series comes with 20 different really fun and exciting surprises, fashions, accessories and more!  It includes things like fashion garment bag, hat box, earrings, glasses, shoes, and so much more.

When is the Official Release Date?

These new ones will officially be released online and in-stores on July 14, 2024!  Check here for pre-order status.

What’s the Price?

The price is a definitely more than other LOL dolls.  The suggested retail price of these are $26.99 each.

Chillax – Buy It Here

Chillax LOL Surprise OMG 3

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Da Boss  – Buy It Here

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Roller Chick  – Buy It Here

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Class Prez  – Buy It Here

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See the OMG Lights Series

LOL Surprise OMG Lights Series Dolls 2024 - Pre Order, Where to Buy Blacklight Doll

In this new OMG Lights series, there are 15 different surprises that come with each unboxing.  There are really cool fashions, accessories, hangers, garment bags, stickers, shoes, hat boxes, and so much more.  You know the drill at this point, right?

Speedster Lights OMG – Buy It Here

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OMG Lights Dazzle – Buy It Here

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Lights Angles – Buy It Here


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Groovy Babe O.M.G Lights – Buy It Here

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Series 2

LOL Surprise OMG Series 2 Dolls 2024 - Where to Buy Cheap on Amazon

  • Candylicious (big sister to Bon Bon)
  • Miss Independent (big sister to Independent Queen)
  • Busy B.B. (big sister to Can-Do Baby)
  • Alt Grrrl (big sister to Grunge Grrrl)

Don’t worry, they still come with plenty of surprises.  Yep, we’re talking 20 different surprises inside each box, a reusable closet and dressing room and, of course, all the fun accessories like shoes, fashions, garment bags, and so much more!

Candylicous LOL Surprise OMG Series 2 – Buy It Here

Candylicious LOL OMG Series 2 Doll

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Miss Independent – Buy It Here

Miss Independent LOL Surprise OMG Series 2 2024

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Busy B.B Doll – Buy It Here

Busy BB LOL Surprise OMG Doll Series 2

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Alt Grrrl – Buy It Here

Alt Grrrl LOL OMG Surprise Fashion Doll 2024

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See Older Series Below

That’s right folks, the new Winter Disco Holiday Surprise OMG dolls will be coming out just in time for the upcoming Christmas holiday season.  In Series 2/Wave 2 the name of the new cuties are:

  • 24K DJ (OMG) with little sister DJ
  • Cosmic Nova with little sister Cosmic Queen
  • Snowlicious with little sister Snow Angel
  • Dollie with little sister Dollface
  • Crystal Star (she’s limited edition and part of the rare collector’s edition).

New LOL Surprise Top Secret Winter Disco OMG Dolls 2024 - 2024


Crystal Star will come with her very own light-up stand, she has pink curls, a glittery cape, and even spikes going down her pant-leg and on her shoes! Here’s where you can buy all 5!

LOL Surprise Winter Disco OMG 24K DJ – Buy It Here

24k Disco DJ Doll 2024

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And she’ll even come with little sister DJ too!  Here’s what to expect from inside the box:

Inside Winter Disco DJ Box with Little Sister 2024

  • 25 different surprises in each box!
  • You’ll unbox different fashions and accessories like brushes, hat boxes, garment bags, sippy cups, hangers, and more.
  • There’s even colorful disco snow inside where you’ll find their little sisters!

Winter Disco Cosmic Nova – Buy It Here

Where to Buy LOL Winter Disco OMG Cosmic Nova

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Winter Disco Snowlicious Doll – Buy It Here

Where to Buy LOL Winter Disco OMG Snowlicious

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LOL OMG Dollie – Buy It Here

Where to Buy LOL Winter Disco OMG Dollie

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LOL Crystal Star Collectors Edition – Buy It Here

Where to Buy LOL Winter Disco OMG Crystal Star

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Learn more about Crystal Star here in the review!

Check out the Original OMG Fashion Dolls in case your kiddos don’t have them yet…

LOL Surprise O.M.G Fashion Dolls 2024 - Where to Buy, Pre Order, Amazon Series 2 2024

As cute as the little LOLs are, make room for the tall LOL OMG Dolls.  From what we’ve seen, they’re about the size of a Bratz Doll and certainly not as skinny as a Barbie Doll (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  The CEO of MGA (the maker of LOL Surprise) showed us a sneak peek of the new doll and we know this is going to be a total game changer.  Here’s what we know so far.

What Exactly Is LOL Surprise OMG?

Like we mentioned these are the much taller dolls from LOL.  In fact, they’re considered the big sister of some of their smaller counterparts that your kiddos most likely already have and love.  In Series 1 they’re introducing 4 specific LOL OMG dolls.  Here are their names:

There will be one exclusive doll in each box of Series 1 (we love that it’s labeled “Series 1” because then we’re pretty sure there will be an upcoming “Series 2”) and they’re 11-inches tall.  Each one has their own personality and their own fashion theme.  These fashion themes range from super high-fashion to concert diva, sporty, and everything in between.

And did we mention that they have real long doll hair?  You can comb it, style it, braid it, and more!  And don’t worry, there are still plenty of surprises to unbox too.  In fact, there are 20 different fashion and fashion accessory surprises inside! Some of the surprises include things like:

  • The actual doll itself (duh!).
  • A variety of different fashions to enjoy.
  • Super cool (and chic) shoes for your doll to wear.
  • The shoebox to store the shoes inside.
  • A really neat hat box to store inside.
  • A chic purse.
  • A must-have hair brush so you can brush their real doll hair.
  • Garment bags for to store their fashions.
  • The doll stand to display your new favorite BFF.
  • A reusable package play-set!

The LOL Surprise OMG Fashion Doll “Swag” – Buy It Here

LOL Surprise OMG Swag Doll

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Lady Diva Fashion Doll – Buy It Here

LOL OMG Lady Diva Fashion Doll 2024

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Royal Bee – Buy It Here

LOL Surprise O.M.G Royal Bee Fashion Doll 2024

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LOL Surprise OMG ‘Neonlicious’ – Buy It Here

LOL Surprise OMG Neonlicious Fashion Doll

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