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The 6 Best Men’s Body Wash Brands to Immediately Toss in Your Shower

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It’s always acceptable to use whatever soaps and body washes are already in the shower but, believe it or not, there are a bunch of pretty amazing options created for and geared specifically towards us guys.  These are some notable options to toss into your shower.

Best Body Wash For Men 2024

Maybe you use your girlfriend’s body wash or maybe you just use a plain old bar of soap.  No judgement.  But, in the spirit of us all finally focusing on our skincare and self-care routine, one of the easiest steps you can take is to find the right body wash for your body and skin-type.  I mean, you’ve already incorporated a face moisturizer into your morning, so this should be a total layup.


I went direct to the medical pros to find out exactly what your body wash is supposed to do and how using it differs from a regular bar of soap.  According to them, body wash acts like soap by getting dirt, grime, and bacteria off your skin – but they take it step further.  A quality  wash will incorporate different ingredients to help with a variety of skin conditions like dry skin, flaky skin, clogged pores, oily skin – you name it. The key is finding the right one for you.


So, yeah.  Body wash, in general, does work when it comes to keeping you clean and smelling your best (or at least far from your worst).  Where it can get a little dicey is if you’re using it to treat skin conditions that don’t clear up easily.  Of course there are options for dry skin, sensitive skin, etc – but if you have more of a chronic case vs just seasonal dryness (for example) it’s probably bet to consult with your doctor/dermatologist so they can assess and provide you something suitable for your exact needs.

When it comes to men, most of us like something that does the job and still smells kind of good too.  You may not be into floral and fruity scents, but still like a little something-something to perk up your senses.  I’ve researched many of these, use a few of them myself (and swear by them) and have come up with a short list of some of the best men’s body wash options based on your skin-type and budget.  Some are super expensive, while others are top drugstore brand picks.  There’s really something for everyone!

Check out my picks for the top body wash brands for men (so far) in 2024.


1. Dove Men Blue Eucalyptus + Birch Body Wash

Dove For Men Body Wash

$6.99 | Amazon

$6.96 | Walmart

You can never go wrong with Dove and this is my absolute favorite.  Not only is the price great (my drugstore pick), but it makes my skin feel so smooth and it’s the best smelling body wash that Dove has ever come up with.  I’ve actually become obsessed with it and even bought this version of their spray deodorant too.  If they sold this as a cologne, no joke, I would buy it.

For Skin Types:  This one is a great moisturizing and hydrating cleaners that can used for just about any skin type, like dry skin, flaky skin, and itchy skin.


2. Body Fuel Wash

Body Wash Fuel By Kiehl's

$55 | Kiehls

Body Fuel by skincare pros Kiehl’s, I named this one a runner up.  It would have probably come in first, but the price may be too high for many (although it’s totally worth it, in my opinion).

You can use this as both a body wash and a shampoo for you hair. It’s infused with menthol and caffeine so it really wakes you and your skin right up.  It helps to remove excess oil on your body, especially in areas that are prone to it like your face, back of your neck, and middle of your chest.

For Skin Types:  I hate to say this is for all skin types, but it’s really true.  I think it especially helps if you have sensitive skin (like me) and oily skin.


3. Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

TheraTree Tea Tree Oil Body Wash For Men

$15 | Amazon

This is such an important option for so many men out there who are suffering from that annoying dry skin itch.  I was first introduced to tea tree oil back in the day when I was on Accutane for my acne and it dries the hell out of you and makes you so itchy.  Like, extremely itchy.  Tea tree oil was the only thing that helped calm down that itch.

You may not suffer from the extreme I did, but if you have regular seasonal itchiness this is a great options at a decent price.  They use organic and natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about putting anything harmful and irritating on your skin and it helps sooth your skin (and the itch) while helping to alleviate inflamed skin.  The minty smelling tea tree essential oil will also perk you up in the shower a bit.

For Skin Types: This one is perfect for those of us with dry skin, itchy/inflamed skin, and/or flaky skin.


4. DISCO Invigorating Body Wash

Disco Body Wash

$18 | Disco

I’ve been really impressed with the Disco company.  They have a variety of skincare products for guys of all different skin-types and they make it easy to understand what each one does and they don’t make you feel bad about it!  Their Invigorating Body Wash is totally spa-like (read: zen scented), helps to rehydrate your skin, helps to repair some skin damage, and soothes irritated skin.

And, if you’re really interested in what’s in your products (and you should) this one’s for you.  It’s vegan, all natural, cruelty free, and contains no parabens.

For Skin Types: If you got dry and itchy skin that needs to be moisturized on the daily, check this one out.


5. Cetaphil Ultra-Gentle For Sensitive Skin

Cetaphil Men's Body Wash for Sensitive Skin

$6.50 | Amazon

If you have super sensitive skin (guilty as charged) and tend to break out by adding just about anything to your skin, I recommend trying the Ultra Gentle Body Wash from Cetaphil.  My derm recommended Cetaphil years ago (before it was cool) and now their daily body wash is a must-have for anyone with dry and sensitive skin.

Cetaphil even makes this one fragrance free, so if you get a case of the sniffles and sneezes when anything is scented, this is your best bet.  You can’t beat the price either, especially for a top-rated drugstore brand.

For Skin Types: Check this one out if you have dry skin, sensitive skin, or just your average run-of-the-mill natural skin.


6. Jack Black Turbo Wash

Jack Black Turbo Wash

$52 | Amazon

Jack Black has hit the trifecta with this one, as you can use it for your body, your face, and your hair.  A total 3-in-1.  It actually as a really nice scent to it as well; rosemary and eucalyptus.

This one is sulfate free, cleans you all over without over-drying your skin, and awakens your scenes – which makes it a great option especially in the morning when you’re basically asleep in the shower.

For Skin Types: This one is pretty much for everyone, whether you have average skin, oily, or even dry.