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So Walmart Has All the Newest Fingerlings Dragons Ready for Pre Order!

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So, yeah, these new Fingerling Dragons are the cutest little spitfires we’ve ever seen.  Oh, and your kids will want them too!

Where to Buy New Fingerlings Dragons at Walmart 2018 - Pre Order & Release Date

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We’re totally not mad at Wowwee for continuing to release new Fingerling animals all throughout the year.  What started out as just monkeys, went to unicorns, sloths, dinosaurs and now dragons!  Just like last year, these little interactive (yet fierce) cuties are most likely going to be on of the must-have toys for the upcoming holiday season.  Here’s everything we know about them (so far).

So What Do Fingerling Dragons Actually Do?

Apart from being fiercely cute, there are so many things these little dragon robots can do.  In fact, they can not only react and interact with 40 different sounds and motions, but they’ll also blink their eyes, move their head around and, most importantly, make all sorts of fun dragon noises.  We like to think of it as them speaking in dragon babble!  Plus, you can hold them upside down, calmly rock them to sleep, and even blow them kisses.  While they are ferocious dragons, they’ll even kiss you back.  So cute!

When Is the Actual Release Date?

As of now, the release date is schedule to be August 22, 2018.  Although we have found some dragons you can buy right now on eBay here.  Just be mindful that these will be way above the normal asking price.

What’s the Price of Fingerlings Dragons Anyway?

Staying true to all things Fingerlings, the suggested retail price is $14.99.  Many of these are exclusive to Walmart and we’re seeing them (currently) priced at $14.84.  Hey, they’re Walmart.  They can totally beat competitive prices!

When Can You Pre-Order Them?

Actually right now they’re available for pre order at Walmart.  We’ve seen some for pre order on Amazon, but those are a little suspect to us!

How Many Dragons Are Being Released?

The magic number is 5.  Here’s the breakdown of each and where you can buy them before they sell out everywhere!

1.  Ruby the Dragon (Red & Gold) – Buy It Here

Fingerlings Dragon 2018: Ruby Red

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2.  Fingerlings Dragon ‘Tara’ in Blue & Purple – Buy It Here

Fingerlings Dragon 2018: Tara Purple & Blue

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3.  Kaylin Purple & Pink Dragon – Buy It Here

Fingerlings Dragon 2018: Baby Kailyn Purple & Pink

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4.  Fingerlings Dragon ‘Sandy’ in Pink & Blue – Buy It Here

Fingerlings Dragon 2018: Baby Sandy in Pink & blue

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5.  Noa the Baby Dragon Fingerling in Green & Blue – Buy It Here

Fingerlings Dragon 2018: Baby Noa Green & Blue

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