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Kano Now Lets Your Kids Make Their Own Magical Harry Potter Wand (Shhh With Coding!)

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Yes, this Harry Potter wand actually is magic thanks to some simple coding your kids will learn (and they’ll have a blast doing it). Here’s everything we know about where to get this magical learning experience!

Where to Buy Kano Harry Potter Wand (Coding) in 2018 - Release Date, Price & Pre Order


Believe it or not it’s not just us adults who are still obsessed with all things ‘Harry Potter.’  Apparently kids are still into it too.  Go figure!  What some are claiming just might be one of the hottest toys of the upcoming holiday shopping season is now ready for pre-order!  Yes, we’re talking about the Kano Harry Potter Wand Coding Kit.  That’s a mouthful.  We have to admit, it actually is pretty cool and what we thought would be too tough for kids to figure out, actually is somewhat pretty easy.  I mean, hey, it is recommended for kids as young as 6-years old.  Here’s what we know about it.

What Does the Harry Potter Coding Wand Actually Do?

Well, it creates magic.  Sort of.  When you receive your wand kit, you and your kiddos will take out all the pieces, the button, and the board and quickly get to building!  It comes with a book too that’ll walk you through everything and, well, it’s relatively easy to follow along with.  Once that’s built you’ll be able to connect it to your tablet or computer (those, of course don’t come with it) and then you’ll be ready to begin building and creating with the Wizarding World! Plus…

  • You and your kids will actually learn how to code (almost without them even knowing it!)
  • There are over 70 creative challenges to work on (and more on the way!)
  • It has over 200 sounds, music, and artifacts
  • You’ll do super fun and Harry Potter themed spells like making pumpkins grow, make feathers fly, multiply your magical goblets, make fire flow and so much more!
  • Once hooked up you’ll be able to wave your magical wand and see its effects on the screen itself.  You’ll have fun creating special creatures, super-secret spells, and a ton more.
  • And of course there are games to play too because, well, games!

When is the Official Release Date Supposed to Be (and Can I Pre Order)?

The Harry Potter magic will be officially released to the public on October 1, 2018.  The good news is that (as of today) you can actually pre order it here on Amazon right now!

What’s the Price (aka Can I Afford It)?

It’s a bit on the pricer side, but for all the things it can do and how your kids will learn some coding we totally think the suggested price of $99.99 is worth it.   Hey, at least it’s under $100, right?

The Kano Coding Harry Potter Wand – Buy It Here

Where to Buy Kano Harry Potter Wand (Coding) in 2018 - Release Date, Price & Pre Order


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