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5 Comfy Bathrobes You’ll Want to Bum Around in All Day Long

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Who says you can only rock a robe when you get out of the shower?  From the shower to the bedroom and, well, just bumming around your apartment for the day, you’ll never want to change out of these uber-comfy bathrobes, like, ever.

Best Bathrobes for Men 2024 - Mens Unique Plush Shower Robe 2024

There are a ton of robes out there for us guys to choose from, but did you know that each one may actually be for different situations.  Yes, who knew?!  First off you have your traditional shower robe.  These are typically more plush and feel more towel-like.  Next up you have the kind of bathrobe you’ll wear over your pajamas (think Mr. Brady) and will typically leave on all day long on the weekend, especially when you’re hungover. Just us? Then there are the waffle-honeycomb options that can be used when you get out of the shower, but are much lighter in material and are perfect for those warmer months (hello spring and summer).  Finally, you got your flannel options which will keep you nice and toasty warm in the cooler months, but without the excessive bulkiness.  Fine, you can go the silk-route too, but, to be honest that’s not not our jam.

Check out some of the very best men’s bathrobes we’re obsessed with (so far) in 2024.

Best of the Best

1.  The Snowe Classic White Plush Bathrobe for Men – Buy It Here

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This robe is one of our favorites because, not only, is it super plush, cozy, and comfy, but it’s also fast drying as well!  Nothing is worse than sitting around in one that feels damp all day long.  It’s made of 100% long-staple cotton, is easily machine washable (and dryer-friendly), comes in sizes ranging from extra small, small, medium, and large.  We also love that it’s OEKO-TEX certified, meaning that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or toxins.  There’s nothing better than a crisp white robe, but it also comes in other colors like charcoal grey, slate blue, and more.  See more color options here!

One recent buyer said,

This is the best bath robe ever. Quality of fabric and construction and sooooo soft. I love it!”

Best Lightweight Shower Pick

2.  The Honeycomb Bathrobe in Slate Blue – Buy It Here

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This pick is a great option if you’re looking for something a bit more lightweight, especially in the warmer months like the spring and summer.  If you like a traditional waffle robe, this honeycomb option is even better (read: new and improved).  This helps to make it fast drying, but absorbent all at the same time.  It comes in extra small, small, medium, and large size options.  You can’t go wrong with slate blue, but it also comes in other colors like charcoal grey and white.  See more color options here!

One recent buyer said,

After a lot of research, I bought this bathrobe for my husband. He loooooooves it and it is pretty much all he wears around the house now!”

Best to Hang Around In

3.  The Alexander Del Rossa Lightweight Cotton – Buy It Here

Best Mens Robes 2024: Cotton Best Seller on Amazon

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This is one of the top sellers on Amazon with currently over 4 out of 5 stars and over 1,600 customer reviews!  Outside of it being super comfy, we love that it’s lightweight so it’s not going to weigh you down, especially in those warmer months.  They also have extra deep pockets, which is perfect for you to toss your snacks in, hold your phone, remote control or whatever!  The price is pretty decent too (currently starting at just $33).  It also comes in over 10 different colors and patterns like blue and white stripes, grey, gingham blue, navy blue, red plaid, and more.  See more color options here!

One recent buyer said,

 Just what I was looking for.  I wanted a high quality robe for my husband that could easily be packed for travel. This robe met all my requirements and is good looking, too!

Best Hooded Pick

4.  The Plush Hooded Robe in Navy Blue – Buy It Here

Best Mens Robes 2024: Hooded Bathrobe for Men

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If you’re looking to stay totally warm all day long, well, this is probably your best bet.  Who doesn’t want their robe to have a plush hood with a sherpa lining?!  It’s as close to sporting a onsie as we’re going to get.  This one currently has a 4.5 out of 5 customer rating on Amazon and over 1,900 customer reviews with almost 90% of those customers rating it between 4 and 5 stars.  How’s that for an endorsement!  This one is great for the bigger and/or taller guys too, you know, so it doesn’t look like you’re trying to rock a shorty robe.  There are currently 9 different colors to choose from like grey, black, navy blue, and more.  See more color options here!

One recent buyer said,

This is the warmest, softest, most comfortable robe in recent memory…and I work from home, a skinny guy in a drafty house, so a robe is daily attire for me!”

Best Flannel Pick For Warmth

5.  The LL Bean Scotch Plaid Flannel Robe – Buy It HereBest Mens Robes 2024: Flannel Bathrobe for Men LL Bean

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This is the perfect option if you’re looking for the guaranteed warmth and comfort, but don’t want it to be be super bulky and plush.  Plus, you can almost never go wrong with the quality from LL Bean.  It currently has 4.5 out of a 5 star rating with over 800 customer reviews! It’s made from super soft 100% Portuguese cotton flannel and it’s on both sides so it’s totally comfy on the inside and outside.  It comes in sizes ranging from small to extra-extra large and in 5 different color patterns.  Plus, they even offer size options in Tall too!  See more color options here!

One recent buyer said,

First one lasted 15 years! It was time to reward myself with another great daily go to product. Feels great on cold winter mornings. You won’t be disappointed!

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