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Uh, is the HyperChiller V2 For Iced Coffee Really Worth It?

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Some say that if you make iced coffee at home, the HyperChiller is a must.  I ran it through the wringer to see if it works and if it’s actually worth it.

Is HyperChiller Worth It - Review on V2

Time for one of my favorite series “Is It Worth It…Let Me Work It” where we look at one particular product that’s getting some buzz, we buy it, try it, and let you know if we think it’s actually worth it.  Not everything is going to be worth it!

I may not be good at many things (or so I’m reminded), but I do consider myself an iced coffee aficionado.  I’ve even done the whole “make ice cubes with coffee so it doesn’t dilute your drink” exercise.  So I was pretty pumped when I heard about the HyperChiller – the iced coffee maker that turns pipping hot coffee into ice-cold iced coffee in just 60 seconds.  Does it work?  Is it worth the money?  Let’s find out!

I actually heard about HyperChiller a little while back when it was all over TikTok (you guessed it!).  At last look, it’s received more than 1.6 billion (yep, billion) video views.  How is that even possible?!  To say I was intrigued was an understatement.

While overall it seems a bit basic to the naked eye (it looks just like a slightly large plastic container), but it’s the inner workings that help to make this thing really cool your beverages down.  So I purchased this one for myself (I got it on sale for $25 on Amazon) and gave it a go.  As far as the research and testing phases, here’s some top key points to keep in mind:

  • I purchased this myself (no freebies from the company at all).
  • I’ve tested/used this personally for 2-months (every morning, 7 days per week, 2 coffees per day).
  • I only used it for coffee.
  • I made my coffee from my Keurig and had it pour directly into my HyperChiller.
  • I washed it out every few days by hand (not the dishwasher).

I was a little confused how to set this up at first.  I followed the pretty brief directions, opened it up, filled it up with water to the appropriate line, closed it up, and placed it in my freezer for 12-hours (it doesn’t take that long, I just left it in there overnight).

From there, you just pour your hot coffee onto the top (the lid) of the chiller where it’ll drip/pour into the main chamber.  Then I simply waited the 60 seconds as recommended and then poured it into my favorite iced-coffee glass.  Um, that was it.

When it comes to the pros and cons of my HyperChiller experience, here’s how it went.


• It really does only take 60 seconds to get your coffee ice cold.

• It doesn’t dilute your drink at all.

• The price is pretty decent (anywhere from $25 – $30 on average).

• You’re able to use it twice (back to back iced coffees) before you need to refreeze it.

• Overall it just makes your iced coffee taste way better.

Let’s not forget about the cons:


• I had mine for 2-months and it did crack once in the freezer, but the company did accept my return and even provided me a new one free of charge.  Apparently this happens way less often with V2.

• I struggled a bit, at times, getting the cover off when trying to wash it by hand.  Not the worst thing in the world, but slightly frustrating.

• If you have an older Keurig machine it may not easily fit directly under it, causing you to have to add an extra step to the process. 

Ok, so this is it.  When all is said and done, is the V2 HyperChiller really worth it?

So did it actually work?  In short, yes!  It totally worked.  And it wasn’t just cold, it was ice cold.  And my coffee wasn’t diluted at all because it never came in direct contact with the ice.

They claim you can drink it directly from the bottle, but I prefer to add it to its own glass so I can add some oat milk and a straw.  You can still pour it over ice but, honestly, it’s not needed at all.

And, overall the taste of my coffee was just plain old better.  I used to make iced coffee at home every single morning and it was just slightly over luke-warm temp – never ice cold.  For me, the HyperChiller is a total coffee game-changer.

My only real grip (which is why I didn’t give it a perfect ‘dark green score’ is that mine did crack around the 2-month timeframe.  I can’t say for sure it wasn’t something I did wrong, but I noticed a lot of other people online had talked about similar things happening. I still think it’s 100% worth the money.

If you want to pick one up online, I found a decent price below on Amazon.

HyperChiller V2 Iced Coffee Maker

HyperChiller V2 Iced Coffee Maker Review 2024

$29 | Amazon

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