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This is the Best Time to Buy an Air Conditioner This Year

Lucky for you, there are plenty of months with deals - but these are the best!

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Best Time to Buy an Air Conditioner 2024

Here at Trendsicle we’ve been covering sales and deals every month on hundreds of popular products since 2017.  From years of data we’ve discovered some of the best times of the year to score the best deals (here’s how we do that).  This time around we’re covering all sorts of air conditioners (window ACs and wall AC units).  Let’s do this!

When the sweltering heat of summer arrives, a reliable air conditioner becomes a “must have”  for keeping your home comfy and cool. If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, timing your purchase strategically can lead to significant savings and ensure you get the best deal possible. Let’s explore the ideal time to buy a new AC, including the best month, as well as when to avoid purchasing.


By the Numbers

Quick stats and facts based on our own internal data, experience, and years of covering the top AC sales.  Plus, it’s fun to see numbers move, right?

# of Years Covering AC Sales


# of Air Conditioner Sales Analyzed

individual sales

Avg % You Can Typically Save

on average
0 %

The Best Month to Buy a New Air Conditioner

Since we’ve covered a wide variety of AC sales over the past 6+ years we learned a lot from our own internal data.  One of the biggest things we’ve learned over the years is that each year more and more months have specific AC sales, making the perfect time to buy various months.  If we had to narrow it down to just one or two of the best months it would have to be March and April.  Early spring is where it’s at and here’s why.

Pre-Season Sales: As the weather begins to warm up, retailers often roll out pre-season sales and promotions on air conditioners to entice early shoppers. These sales events typically feature discounts and incentives to help homeowners prepare for the upcoming summer heat.

New Model Releases: Many air conditioner manufacturers unveil their latest models in the spring, leading retailers to discount older models to make room for new inventory. This presents an opportunity for shoppers to score deals on previous-generation air conditioners with similar features and performance.

Installation Prep: With summer just around the corner, homeowners may be thinking ahead and planning to install or replace their air conditioning units. Purchasing in March or April ensures you’re prepared for the impending heatwave and can enjoy a cool and comfortable home throughout the summer months.

Additional Times When You Can Score an AC Deal

Like we said, there are actually so many times of the year where the deals are pretty phenomenal – we’re talking a 30% discount on average!  If you missed the March/April timeframe, don’t sweat it (pun) because these months are also pretty optimal:

May and June: While March and April are typically the prime months for air conditioner sales, May and June can also offer good deals as retailers continue to promote pre-season sales and clearance events. Look for Memorial Day sales in late May and early June, which often feature discounts on home appliances, including air conditioners.

Labor Day Weekend (September): Labor Day Weekend in early September marks the end of summer and the transition to fall. Many retailers offer Labor Day sales and promotions, including discounts on air conditioners and other seasonal items. This can be a great time to snag a deal on an air conditioner as retailers make room for fall merchandise.

End-of-Season Clearance (October): As the temperatures cool down and the demand for air conditioners decreases, retailers may offer end-of-season clearance sales in October to clear out remaining inventory. Keep an eye out for clearance discounts and closeout deals on air conditioners as stores make way for winter heating products.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (November): Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the biggest shopping events of the year, often feature significant discounts on a wide range of products, including air conditioners. Look for doorbuster deals and online-exclusive discounts on air conditioners during these sales events to score a great deal.

Pre-Season Promotions (February): While February is still technically winter, some retailers may offer pre-season promotions and early bird deals on air conditioners to entice early shoppers. Keep an eye out for special offers and discounts as retailers gear up for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

The "Worst" Month to Buy an Air Conditioner

While summer may seem like the most logical time to buy an air conditioner, July and August are actually the worst months to make this purchase. Here’s why:

Peak Demand: July and August are peak months for air conditioner purchases, as homeowners scramble to beat the heat and stay cool indoors. This heightened demand can lead to limited availability and higher prices for air conditioners, making it challenging to find the best deals.

Installation Delays: With high demand for air conditioning installations during the peak summer months, homeowners may face delays in scheduling appointments with HVAC professionals. This can prolong the time it takes to get your new air conditioner up and running, resulting in discomfort during the hottest days of summer.

Limited Selection: Due to increased demand and limited availability, retailers may sell out of certain air conditioner models or configurations, limiting your options and making it difficult to find the specific unit you’re looking for.

In Conclusuion

Timing your AC purchase can lead to significant savings and ensure you stay cool and comfortable throughout the summer months! By taking advantage of pre-season sales in March and April and avoiding the peak summer demand in July and August, you can score a great deal on a new air conditioner and enjoy relief from the summer heat. Stay cool!

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