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School-Approved Backpack Sales For Kids & Teens this Amazon Prime Day!

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It doesn’t matter if you need an upgrade to your old school bag for the new back-to-school season or just looking for a backpack to change things up a bit, right now may be one of the best times to score a major deal on some of the top selling backpacks for kids, tweens, teens (and even some adults) thanks to all the amazing sales this Amazon Prime Day 2024!

School Backpacks For Kids on Sale Amazon Prime Day 2024!


On a personal note, we basically rocked the same Eastpak backpack to school during our entire middle-school experience.  Then we got a new school bag for high school and kept it all 4 years.  These days kids are swapping out their backpacks throughout the school year based on the season, latest trends – you name it.  Not to mention they’re using them to bring a change of clothes for their after school sports, activities, and even sleepovers.

While many of the top brands can actually be kind of expensive, we’re seeing deals upwards of 30% – 40% off during the Prime Day sale event!  Check out some of the top retailers deals right now:

Trusted Retailer Deals This Month

 Get 35% Off Best Selling Backpacks at Amazon  – Preview on Amazon

 Get Extra 20% Off School Backpacks & Lunch Boxes at LL Bean Preview on LL Bean

• Get 20% Off  School Bags at Dick’s Sporting Goods – Preview on Dick’s

• Get 25% Off  Boys & Girls Bags at Kohl’s – Preview on Kohl’s

• Score an Extra 10% Direct at The North Face – Preview on The North Face

• Get $10 Off Name Brand Backpacks at Walmart – Preview on Walmart

There are so many different backpacks for your kids these days, it can be hard to know which one is right for them (beyond them just wanting one with their favorite characters on them!).  Plus, you’re going to want different options based on if the school bag is for your younger child, tween, or teen.

  • For toddlers and young kids, you want a backpack that is small and lightweight. It should also have straps that are easy for little ones to adjust. Some toddler backpacks even come with a harness, so your child can be safely tethered to you while you are out and about but, to be honest, we really can’t stand those.  However, at the end of the day you decide what’s best for the both of you!
  • For tweens and teens, you want a backpack that is big enough to fit all of their books and supplies, but not so big that it becomes cumbersome to carry. Typically for the tween and teen crew they need something that looks cool, can hold their books and some sports stuff and has special features like headphone ports, internal chargers, and laptop sleeves.

When it comes to the brands, some of the most popular backpack brands include North Face, Jansport, Herschel, and Adidas. All of these brands offer a variety of backpack styles and sizes to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for their needs and – the good news – we researched and found some of the best sellers online that are currently on sale this Amazon Prime Day 2024!

Check out our top picks for kids, tweens, and teens – and we’ve even broken out some of the sales by brand.  If you see one you like, click through because you may be able to choose different colors, patterns, styles, and more!

Amazing Deals Today!!

Best Backpacks on Sale:

School Bags For Kids:

For Tweens & Teens:





The North Face:




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