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Get Ready to Binge in Style: Mind-Blowing TVs on Sale this Amazon Spring Sale Event!

4K and 8K and QLED, oh my!

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Best TVs on Sale in April 2024 (4K + 8K)

Outside of the Super Bowl, it’s officially the best time to upgrade to a 4K television this Amazon Big Spring Sale 2024!!

The Top 3 TVs on Sale

One of the most popular bargains people look for during this major sales event is, of course, televisions!  But not just any TVs.  We’re talking about the latest and greatest 4K options and the newest 8K options too, which are perfect this Amazon Big Spring Sale 2024!!

From previous years,  we’ve learned that your best bet to typically save the most is to go with the television that’s the latest from the previous year.  For example, Samsung will have great deals on their 2024 versions, but you’ll usually save way more if you’re willing to go with the previous years version.  As long as the picks are 4K, UHD, and “Smart” which they normally are, you’ll be good to go.  If you’re looking for the OLED you may have to go with the newest. 

We did an analysis based on 5+ years of our data to determine the best time to by a TV online – if you’re interested.  Either way, you’ll save a bunch during this Amazon’s March sale event!

Below I’ve broken down some of the top sales by brand and then by retailer which I’ve personally shopped at both in-store and online.  

If you’re buying direct from the brand (like Samsung or LG, below) keep in mind they may offer additional incentives like free shipping, extended warranties, a free gift, etc.  Most of the time the actual retailers won’t offer that, so they’re definitely worth checking out.

Samsung TVs on Sale

Right now, Samsung has a variety of options on sale that are worth considering. From their high-end QLED models to more budget-friendly options, they offer a range of features such as 4K, 8K, smart capabilities, and sleek designs. Some popular models on sale currently include the Samsung Q80A, Samsung Q70A, and Samsung TU7000. These TVs offer excellent picture quality, immersive sound, and easy access to your favorite streaming apps.

Here are the top three on sale now worthing take a look at.

Samsung QLED Smart TV on Sale


85" Q80B

$1,300 OFF

Samsung NEO TV Sale


50" QN90B

$400 OFF

Samsung 55-inch TV on Sale


55" S95B

$600 OFF

LG TVs on Sale

LG has a wide range of TVs on sale that cater to different needs and, more importantly, budgets!

From their high-end OLED models to more affordable LED TVs, LG offers a variety of features such as 4K, smart capabilities, and advanced image processing technologies. Some popular LG TV models to be on the lookout for include the LG C1 OLED, LG Nano90, and LG UP8000. These offer stunning picture quality, vibrant colors, and intuitive user interfaces.

Check out my picks for the top three from LG on sale today.

LG UHD Television on Sale - 50"


50" 70-Series

$110 OFF

LG C2 TV Sale 2024


77" Thin-Q AI

$700 OFF

LG OLED Smart TV Sale


55" A2 PUA

$100 OFF

Sale on TVs at Amazon

It seems like Amazon has some of the best deals on a variety of televisions and, the best part, if you have Amazon Prime, so many of these will be delivered within 1 or 2 days, depending.  Check out these that range from as little as 7% off all the way up to almost 40% off.

Sale on TVs at Walmart

Walmart has a pretty decent selection of TV deals too right now.  If you’re looking for major name brands like LG, Samsung, or Sony – they have those.  But some of their best deals are on lesser known brands like Vizio and Hisense.  Check out the current offers below.

LG b2 Series Deal


65" OLED Smart

$900 OFF

Vizio TV on Sale


43" QLED

$60 OFF

Hisense TV on Sale


65" Class 4K

$120 OFF

Amazing Deals Today!!

I’ve rounded up some additional deals and broke them all out by 4K, 8K, OLED and some popular brands.  Keep in mind that, not only, are these all on sale – but they’re also currently Amazon’s top sellers this month, so you know you’re getting a great deal and top quality TV too.  

Best-Selling 4K TVs:

When you’re looking for 4K, you can’t go wrong with these best-sellers.  Most are already at amazing prices, but who doesn’t want a killer deal!?

8K TV Deals:

If you’re ready to spend a bit more (and we mean way more than a bit) these are some of the must-see 8K TVs on Amazon perfect for this sale!

OLED Television Deals:


Samsung Television Deals: