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Bristol Palin is Joining Teen Mom OG and Farrah Isn’t Pleased

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If Sarah Palin isn’t in at least 10 episodes riding a moose in camo booty shorts, well then, I’m out.

Bristol Palin Filming Teen Mom OG For Fall 2018 - Farrah Comment

Just when you thought that Teen Mom OG was running out of ideas, enter the breaking news from TMZ reporting that Bristol Palin is joining the cast of the OGs and has already started filming for the upcoming season that’s scheduled to premiere this fall (2018).  Honestly, I don’t hate the idea especially if my future recaps grab the attention of Sarah Palin and then, somehow, get me onto like a “no fly” list.  I’m fine with that.  I’ll just walk to all my future vacation destinations (read: my bed to the fridge).

You know who’s not having any of this?  Well, our favorite little Glow Worm, Farrah Abraham, of course!  Did I use too many commas in that last sentence?  Either way.  Here’s what she allegedly told Page Six.

MTV has already tried to replace myself with another teen mom. It was unsuccessful and now with another teen mom, they can keep trying to replace but there is not a replacement for me.”

Personally, I love how her quote is as grammatically incorrect as this here blog is.  #KinderedSpirits.

Bristol currently has three kiddos, her first having popped out when she was just Ye Old Teenage Mother herself at 17 years old!  She’s also in process of getting a divorce so faux-scripted hijinks is likely to happen.

No word yet on how the other Teen Mom’s feel about this like Amber, Caitlyn, or Maci.  Something tells me Amber is going to be Twitter feuding with her and, well, I’m here for it.  Personally I want to know what Butch and April think of all of this, of course.

Here’s Bristol confirming her addition to the cast via Instagram.  Speaking of which, you should totally follow my Instagram because, well, it needs help.

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