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Lisa Loveless. No Words

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Nooooooooooo! God why?!?! Why do you always take the good ones from us? She had so much more to give. She had so much more to live for. She had so many more cliche one liners to give. She still had so much sass left in her. Why God, why?

As you all know by now and many many many many of you had sent me emails informing me that Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port (bonus points for use of their real last names) will no longer be working for Teen Vogue. While on the surface that doesn’t seem so bad when you think about who will suffer the most, your mind should immediately think of Lisa Loveless. Oh my dear Lisa. Oh my dear dear Lisa. Tsk tsk tsk. What a world, huh? While “The Hills” will be continuing on for another season we are very likely to not see Lisa Loveless ever ever ever again. It seems so final, doesn’t it? If you are a reader of IBBB, you know my unhealthy obsession with Lisa Loveless. Damn you Teen Vogue. Damn you!

I will miss Lisa Loveless with all my blackened heart. Hell, even my vodka soaked liver will miss her. Lisa brought me, as I’m sure many of you, 100% unconditional happiness in every scene that she was in. She made Lauren appear to be retarded, she gave Whitney self confidence, and she gave hope to a generation of reality show loser viewers (like myself).
I believe I’m still in shock right now. I’ve read that this is a normal phase in the grieving process. I will soon be in denial, followed by anger, sadness, and acceptance. Although I will never fully accept that Lisa Loveless is gone. Never. I will write a letter to MTV and demand she is given her own show. Ok, I won’t actually write this, but I will think of the letter in my head and will one day say, “Wow, I should have actually written and sent it.” Oh Lisa. My little little Lisa. I will always keep you in my heart, always. I will remember you. Will you remember me? Don’t let your life pass you by. Weep not for the memories.

Lisa Loveless
(2006 – 2007)
“You’ll Always Be Known As the Girl Who Never Went to Paris”

Lisa Loveless. No Words