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10 Ways to Save "The Hills"

As you know, The Hills has been hitting tilt on the “shit-0-meter” as of recent and by “recent” I mean “since season 2.”  As much

American Royalty

Wow, everyone is totally committed to the script of The Hills.  I mean, this circus consists of a wedding dress, a priest, and tuxedos!  Thankfully,

The Hills Gang Back Together

It seems like everyday it’s someones birthday on The Hills and they’re always at LAX to celebrate. Why does LAX and Us Weekly blow The

Oh Kids, Good Times

A fancy question mark can only mean one thing. Which cast member of The Hills did IBBB run into while out with friends in NYC

The Hills Does Rolling Stone

When all else fails, just toss the skanks from The Hills onto your cover and you’ve got yourself a winning idea! Lauren, Heidi, Audrina, and

Crested Butte Sells Out?

By now you know my love of Crested Butte and Heidi’s horse. I made that clear in my Hills recap yesterday. Well IBBB reader, Hills

Lisa Loveless. No Words

Nooooooooooo! God why?!?! Why do you always take the good ones from us? She had so much more to give. She had so much more

The Hills: Brody Jenner and AA

In keeping up with The Hills even after it’s over, is reporting that Brody Jenner was asked to leave an American Airlines flight after

The Hills Finale: Paris Palooza

Well, it is finally here…the season finale of The Hills. Lets take a moment of silence and repent from our Hills sins throughout the season.

The Hills Season 4 a Go!

Praise Montag. The Hills, Season 4, is going to happen after all according to In Touch Weekly. Thank Christ. I’m saved! There is no word

The Hills: Lauren’s Halloween Party

It’s a spooktacular episode of The Hills when Lauren and Audrina are having a ghostly Halloween party. I’m officially done with the bad Halloween jokes.

The Hills Goes to Paris

Watch out France, or wherever the hell Paris is, because the girls of The Hills were doing it up at the Le Bal de Debuatantes.

The Hills Goes to New York

Time for another special episode of The Hills. Will Whitney find a way to whore up her “business presentation?” Will Brody and Steve Sanders rekindle

Gavin Talks “The Hills”

I kind of feel like “outing” The Hills is like ratting out the mafia, no? It’s all fun and games to play “hey, is The

Today is “The Hills Day” at IBBB

Today is officially “The Hills Day” at ImBringingBloggingBack. All the blog posts today will be “The Hills” related. If you like The Hills, this is

Breaking News: The Hills is Fake?

I know it’s Friday, but I’m going to need everyone to sit down and take a deep breath. Are you ready? The Hills….The Hills….The Hills

The Hills: When Douches Collide

Alright alright, so it’s the highly anticipated crapisode of The Hills where Lauren and Jason and Heidi and Steve Sanders all “just happen” to bump

Heidi’s Mom is Cindy Walsh

I feel like there is more “The Hills” news going on now than when the show is actually on. This time around Heidi’s mom is

Jason Wahler Hearts Guns

Even though “The Hills” is on a break until Season 3 starts up at some point in the summer, it’s like every week there is

The Hills Makes My Head Hurt

Sure the Golden Globes were on at the same time of the new season of “The Hills,” but how many hours can you really watch