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Make Some Movie Magic With the New LOL Surprise Extreme Surprise!

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It’s officially that time of year when LOL debuts one of their biggest releases – and just in time for the holiday season.  Introducing the new LOL Surprise Extreme Surprise (Movie Magic Studio).  Here’s everything we know (so far).

LOL Surprise Extreme Surprise 2024 - Movie Magic Studio Set

We recently told you about the OMG Movie Magic dolls, but now there’s an entire set (and it’s pretty big!) about to launch called LOL Surprise Extreme Surprise.  It’s going to be a bit on the pricer side, but a lot comes with it (like, a real lot!).

What’s LOL Surprise Extreme Surprise All About Anyway?!

If you remember the “Super Surprise” and “Amazing Surprise” from previous years, you’ll already be kind of familiar with all that Extreme Surprise has to offer, because there’s a ton it comes with.  Sticking with their new Movie Magic Studio theme, Extreme Surprise comes with more than 70 different surprises to unbox.  Yes, really….more than 70!

While some of this is still under wraps and, of course, we don’t want to give everything away – here are just some of what comes inside this major unboxing:

  • 70+ Surprises Overall
  • 12 New + Exclusive Dolls
    • 2 Exclusive OMG Dolls
    • 6 Cute Tots
    • 2 Must-Have Pets
    • 2 Lil Sisters
  • Smart Phone Holder
  • Tripod
  • Green Screen
  • Multiple Fashions
  • Fashion Accessories
  • So (So, So, So) Much More!

Get ready to make some totally glam movies of your own, thanks to the packaging itself.  According to Youtube, it actually transforms into an amazing movie studio that even is equipped with a green screen providing hours of entertainment for your kiddos – and you’ll probably be stuck playing/watching too.

The dolls themselves range from old Hollywood glam to funky, fresh, and everything in between.  One of the OMG dolls even looks like she’s inspired from a mix of Marilyn Monroe and Lady Gaga!

As more information is released, we’ll keep you (and this page) updated – so bear with us!

When is the Official Release Date:

Right now we’re hearing that LOL Extreme will be released in the Fall – with major rumors being September 15th. That means that pre-order will be happening soon, but in the meantime you can check here to see if there are any updates.

What’s the Price Supposed to Be?

This one is a little steep.  The suggested retail price is going to be $129.99.  While that is pretty pricy – keep in mind you are getting 12 different dolls and 70+ surprises in total so, overall, it’s actually more than a $200 value.

LOL Surprise Extreme Surprise Movie Studio

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