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Dr Squatch

You may have not heard of Dr. Squatch before, but as a new and regular user we can certainly say it’s been a real game-changer for our daily routine.  Give them a shot and you won’t be disappointed.  Read on!

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Our Take:

There haven’t been a ton of times when we say we’re actually obsessed with a company as much as we are with their products.  The last time we felt this way was with Tushy.  And now, it’s clearly Dr Squatch.  Their brand speaks to our soul and, well, if you haven’t heard of them (yet) you’re definitely missing out.  Give them a try and your skincare routine (or lack there of) is about to be a total game changer.

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Get an Extra 20% Off at Dr Squatch (Online Only)

Take an extra 20% off your order just by simply signing up for their kick-ass newsletter.  Don't worry, it's free.  And it's pretty awesome.  Enter in your email and you'll get sent your own exclusive promo code to use on your first order.  Totally worth it!

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We first heard about them when spending endless hours on Youtube, you know, where we basically get all of our entertainment and news.  We thought we’ve found this totally undiscovered company but, per usual, we were a bit late to the game.  In fact, Dr. Squatch was already  a $100 million company before they even ran that Super Bowl ad this year that’s gone viral.

Ok, fine, so we’re not always in the know, but we’re glad we found them, use them, and recommend them to just about everyone who will listen to our rants.  They have all sorts of natural and organic soaps, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, and so much more that the everyday guy really needed and should be using.

They’re known for being natural but, honestly, we just like they way they smell, the way they work, and how we’re not smelling like lavender or vanilla bean anything like so many of the other products out there make us smell like!  Plus, they’re just a cool AF company and we proudly display them in our bathroom, which always gets many questions from our friends and family and then, well, we feel cool.  Finally!

While they have some really kick-ass handmade bar soaps, they have a bunch of other everyday essentials like:

  • Deodorants
  • Shampoo + Conditioner
  • Toothpaste
  • Beard Oils
  • Cologne
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Shaving Kits
  • So. Much. More.

We’re so obsessed that, for real, we’d rather work for them than here.  There, we said it!  We’re only half-kidding, but really – are they hiring?  So, if you’re tired of smelling like your girlfriend (does that sound as bad as just thought it did?!) we def recommend to give Dr. Squatch a try.  We love it and we think/know you will too!

The Deal With the Deals:

Overall, we haven’t found a ton of sales for them throughout the year (outside of the standard Black Friday – which is pretty awesome).  But, alas, all is not lost.  Some of their best deals involve bundling some of their best selling products.  When bundling you can save up to 25% off and, depending on the holiday/event, we’ve seen some additional discounts for an extra $10 or $20 off your purchase.

Instead of looking for their sales all over the place, just shop them direct because they list out all their active and up-to-date deals right here!

To Gift or Not to Gift:

Hell to the yes!  Believe it or not, so many of their products make pretty amazing gifts.  Trust us, we’re gifting experts!  While they have their own gift guide, we’ve put together a short guide on some unique gift ideas for some of the most unique people on your list.

Honestly – we could keep just going on and on.  We’re pretty sure our obsession has now turned into official stalker-status.

The Deal With Promo Codes:

Oh, hell to the no!  Ok, well, not as dramatic as that but, no, Dr Squatch doesn’t give out promo code offers or coupons to websites.  Sadly, we don’t have any exclusives here either.  We’re the worst, we know.  We check with some other sites who actually do list codes and, uh, we didn’t see any that worked.  Total waste of time.

But, the good news is that if you shop directly on their own site they do, from time to time, have discount offers and codes for their customer.  In the past we’ve seen a 15% promo code when you subscribe to their emails and, depending on the holiday, they’ll list ways to take something extra off your total order.  Oh, and they offer everyday heroes (at last check) 10% off, which is super generous and, well, just kind.

Either way, we always recommend to just shop direct and see what they’ve got cooking today.  Check out their offers here!

Check out some of the best of Dr Squatch, including new arrivals, best sellers, and any promo offer happening (so far) in May 2024!

New 🏷

Dr Squatch May 2024 Promo Offer + New Arrivals

We are 100% obsessed with all things Dr. Squatch and all their amazing organic and natural soap and grooming essentials for us guys.  Check out their current best sellers, new arrivals, subscription choices, and any promo code offer or coupon they might have today!

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20% Off

Get an Extra 20% Off at Dr Squatch (Online Only)

Take an extra 20% off your order just by simply signing up for their kick-ass newsletter.  Don't worry, it's free.  And it's pretty awesome.  Enter in your email and you'll get sent your own exclusive promo code to use on your first order.  Totally worth it!

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10% Off

Get the 10% Off “Heroes Discount!”

Not all heroes wear capes and this month select heroes can take an extra 10% off.  This one is for the everyday heroes like first responders, medical pros and, of course, the military.  Click to verify your status and they'll provide you with a discount code you can use.

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$25 Off

Take Up to $25 Off With Select Best Selling Bundles

Bundling is the way to go!  Take up to $25 off select top selling and most popular bundles.  And check out fun options like natural soap six-packs, natural skincare and haircare must-haves, and more.

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Now For $7

Natural Handmade Bar Soaps For $7

Handmade bar soap and natural?  Sign us up!  Check out a ton of different amazing scents, now for just $7.

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8% Off

Get 8% Off Must-Use Deodorant!

Take 8% off their three-pack of must-use deodorants.  Check out scents like alpine sage, fresh falls, and bay rum.  Subscribe and save 8% and free free shipping!

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Low as $20

Shampoo + Conditioner As Low as $20!

Their shampoo and conditioner is some of the best we've used.  Like, ever.  Select picks are now as low as just $20 - or bundle and save!

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