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18 Ways to Gift the Teen Boys on Your List Who are Pretty Impossible

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Just when you think you may have figured them out, now you have to figure out what to gift that precious teen boy in your life.  We say precious because, let’s be real, these are typically the nightmare years.  There’s enough to be stressed out over in life these days, so relax because we’ve come up with some gifts that are not only pretty perfect, but ones we’ve actually purchased and gifted ourselves – tried and true!

Best Gifts For Teen Boys 2024 - Gift Ideas For Teenage Boy

While we’re not fans of labels (for anything) there really is a difference when shopping for a teenage boy versus a teenage girl.  Of course, there are no rules to what you buy and for whom, but we did want to break out this guide to be specific from the male point of view.

The other tricky part about teenagers is that what they enjoy and want really does drastically differ based on their age range.  Something that someone 13 – 15 years old may love could be completely different from something someone 16 – 19 years old would want.  So, we’ve broken down all our suggestions based on what will pretty much work no matter what their teenage-range is.  It’s pretty fool-proof.

This year some of the most popular teen trends include things like:

  • Comfy clothes to wear to school or when learning from home.
  • Ways to keep active whether in their backyard or stuck inside for a bit.
  • Tech everything.  You can basically never go with with tech gadgets and gear.

So check out some of our favorite gifts for teen boys that will hopefully please even the pickiest of ones on your list in 2024.


Top Teen Guy Pick of 2024

The Retro Quip Skateboard
Amazon Ratings: +6,000

Buy at Amazon

For the Cool Kid

If there was just one thing you could get them this year, this is it.  Everything old is new again and they all want that retro skateboard vibe that they can actually easily bring to school with them (in case they want to skip the bus). This one comes in about 10 different color combos.  Learn more here!


The Tech Choice

The Apple AirPods Pro
Amazon Ratings: +120,000


Buy at Amazon

For the Music Lover

Sure he probably already has the the original version, but times are changing and he needs this latest model from Apple because the batter life is better, the ear pieces fit better and are way more comfortable, and they’re noise-cancelling so he can finally tune you out, but for real. Learn more here!


The Skillz Choice

The Online Master Class from Steph Curry
Master Class


Buy at MasterClass

For the Learner

Whether he’s a beginner or totally seasoned, everyone loves Stephen Curry.  With these online classes they’ll learn all his expert tips, tricks, and life lessons.  But don’t worry, once you’re gifted you can choose from over 85 different famous experts and hundred of different classes on all sorts of topics (writing, acting, singing, grilling, business, and more).  Learn more here!


The Room Decor Choice

The WiFi LED Strip Lights
Amazon Ratings: +2,000


Buy at Amazon

For the Trendsetter

They’ve been begging your for these strip lights for the past 6-months because all their friends have them in their room! This new and improved version is WiFi controlled via the app and they can choose the color they want based on the mood their in.  Hey, at least they can add a little color to their life.  Learn more here!


The Stylish Choice

The Vans Checkered Sneakers


Buy at Zappos

For the Sneakerhead

Keep them totally on trend and comfy at the same time.  We know they probably already have endless Vans sitting in their closet but, let’s face it, they’re probably all grimy, dirty, and gross.  Plus, they don’t have these checks yet!  Learn more here!


The Grooming Choice

The iStubble Electric Shaver
Amazon Ratings: +2,100


Buy at Amazon

For the Beardy

Whether they can already grow a full-on beard (we’re still working on ours) or they’re starting to grow that odd wispy mustache, this will keep their stubble in check.  It has more than 15 different settings, will glide right over his face, and will allow him to keep different levels of stubble so he can impress his friends.  It’s a thing. Learn more here!


The Fun Choice

The Playful Sports Mug(s)
Uncommon Goods


Buy at UncommonGoods

For the Sporty Teen

A fun way to drink their favorite beverage or even have a quick (small) bowl of cereal before they head out.  Choose from baseball, hockey, soccer or basketball.  Learn more here!


The Hydrating Choice

The Hydro Flask Water Bottle
Hydro Flask
Amazon Ratings: +14,000

Buy at Amazon

For the Dehydrated

If it’s one thing we know about teenagers it’s that they love their water bottles…and they always lose them.  You can’t go wrong with this pretty sweet water bottle with lid/straw from Hydro Flask.  First, it’s on trend.  Second, it’ll keep their drinks nice and cold for hours on end.  This one comes in a bunch of different colors like blue, navy, black, grey, and more. Learn more here!


The School Choice

The Camo Laptop/School Backpack
Herschel Supply Co.
Amazon Ratings: +7,500

$62.48 (43% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

For the School Swagger

Herschel Supply Co. is one of the trendiest brands around, especially when it comes to bags and wallets.  This camo pick can fit their Chromebook, Macbook, or other laptops along with other school essentials they need.  Currently there are about 15 different colors and patterns to choose from, but camo is always our favorite.   Learn more here.


The Skincare Choice

The Facial Fuel Face Wash


Buy at Nordstrom

For the Skin Guru

They could always use a little help and some guidance when it comes to skincare.  This is a top seller from Kiehl’s and geared towards guys.  Plus, it’ll make their face feel as amazing as it’ll look. It’s really going to help wake them up in the morning too!  Learn more here!


The Outdoor Choice

The Spikeball Game
Amazon Ratings: +9,000

$62.00 (11% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

For the Competitive Teenage Boy (aka All of Them)

If they love spending time outside, sports, and are insanely competitive they’ll have a blast playing this Spikeball game that got its start on Shark Tank and is currently a top seller on Amazon.  Learn more here!


The Helpful Choice

The Anker PowerCore Portable Charger
Amazon Ratings: +47,000


Buy at Amazon

For the ‘Always at 1%’

It’s one of the smallest and lightest portable chargers so that next time their phone is about to die, they won’t have any excuses why they can’t take your call…or call you to let you know they’re going to be late. Learn more here.


The Comfy Choice

The Mini Drone
Holy Stone
Amazon Ratings: +4,300


Buy at Amazon

For the Tech Toy Fan

This super popular drone for beginners is geared towards younger teenager boys (think 12 – 14 years old). It’s a bit more than just a toy, but not quite there yet.  It’s a great way for them to get their feet wet in the drone world to see if they’re eventually ready for the bigger and better.  Learn more here!


The Prank Choice

The ‘Prank’ Earwax Candle Kit Gift Box
Prank Pack
Amazon Ratings: +1,800

Christmas Gifts for Teen 2018: Trick Gift Box


Buy at Amazon

For the Jokester

We love this prank box!  They’ll think it’s really a DIY ear wax kit they’re getting, but it’s just a prank box!  You can put whatever you really got them inside the box.  Isn’t it fun to mess with them!?  Learn more here!


The Cologne Choice

The Chanel Bleu Cologne


Buy at Nordstrom

For the Freshly Scented

Depending on their age finding the right cologne is key.  Either way you don’t want them to overdo it and, let’s face it, younger teenagers tend to overdo it.  You don’t have to worry about that with “Bleu” by Chanel.  It has the perfect blend of woodsy notes mixed with fresh citrus and isn’t overpowering.  A best seller this year!  Learn more here!


The Stylish Choice

The UGG Joggers


Buy at Nordstrom

For the Comfy, Yet Stylish

Joggers is where it’s at this year.  They can wear them to school or even when they’re learning from home.  If you’re not into the camo pattern (our personal favorite) they come in a bunch of different colors.  These are overly comfortable and fit perfectly.  Learn more here!


The Comfy Choice

The Champion Hoodie
Amazon Ratings: +4,600

Buy at Amazon

For the On-Trend Dude

Clearly you know that having more than a dozen hoodies is never enough!  Add to their collection with the latest trend that’s back again; Champion!  This one comes in a bunch of different colors to choose from and, remember, the baggier the bad apparently. Learn more here!


The Awesome Choice

The Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane


Buy at Amazon

For the Innovator

How cool is this!?  It comes with everything they need to get this plane flying!  All they have to do is fold the paper (there’s a template to help), attach the bluetooth device, download the app, and then control wherever they want it to fly.  And the price is pretty great too.  Learn more here!

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