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47 Ideas to Gift Your Awesome Uncle

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Because you have the best uncle in the whole wide world and you can never find actual gifts for uncles anywhere.  No worries, we’ve come up with some really unique ideas!

Best Gifts for Uncles 2024 - Fun Uncle and Guncle Gifts

It’s almost impossible to find anything with the actual word “uncle” on it?!  We alway find stuff with “World’s Best Auntie” everywhere we look.  Poor uncles are totally underrepresented in the gifting world and we’re here to make it way the hell better for them and for you.

Seriously though, how cool is your uncle?  He’s like your dad but, you know, better because he’s never really going to yell at you, you can always go to him with anything, and he’ll probably treat you to breakfast, lunch, and dinner every time you’d let him. Plus, he’s funny AF and always down for a fun adventure with you.  So it’s clearly time to let him know how much you appreciate him, care about him, and want to be like him (are we projecting here?).

We found some really cool gift ideas for uncles and then some things that aren’t totally uncle-related, but stuff he’d totally dig. Shop our picks for the best gifts for uncles (so far) this year.

The Best Uncle Gift

The ‘Best Uncle’ Subway Art/Typography Canvas Wall Picture – Buy It Here

Best Uncle Gifts 2017: Uncle Subway Wall Picture 2018

Buy Now

Because he deserves to know all the wonderful things you think about him and, well, he’ll want to hang it on the wall.  Makes a great addition to his office, bedroom, or even living room.  Typography FTW! Learn more here!

For the Fun Uncle

The ‘Funcle’ Definition T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Funcle T-Shirt Gift for Uncle 2018 - 2024

Buy Now

Because he really is the most fun uncle and, to be honest, way cooler than your dad.  Duh!  This tee also comes in black, heather grey, slate, and royal blue. Learn more here!

The Beer Lovers Choice

The “Scratch Off” Craft Beer Bucket List Poster – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Do they think they’re the real beer aficionado?  Well now they can prove it!  These are some of the most popular craft beers (100 in fact) and every time they try one of them they’ll scratch it off the poster.  It’s really the only bucket list that matters. Learn more here!

The Last Minute Choice

The Amazon Prime Membership – Buy It Here

Choose Amount

Just in case they don’t already have Amazon Prime (what are they thinking?!), you can now gift it directly to them!  Choose from either a 3 month subscription or a 12 month subscription where they can now get free 2-day shipping on over 100 million products (yes, really).  Plus, they’ll be able to stream millions of songs, watch thousands of movies and tv shows and so much more.  You can even choose which day you want them to receive the email letting them know they’ve just been gifted with this Amazon Prime subscription!  Learn more here.

The Genius Choice

The Smartphone UV Sanitizer – Buy It Here

Top Tech Gift Women/Men 2024: PhoneSoap 3 Smartphone Cleaner UV 2024

Buy Now

That’s right folks!  Now they can clean their nasty smartphone right in this phone cleaner by PhoneSoap.  It’ll buzz off all the disgusting germs using save UV rays. In fact, it kills over 99% of nasty germs. Just be grateful they won’t get a report on exactly which germs are on there. Learn more here!

The Funniest Choice

The ‘Prank Pack’ Earwax Candle Kit – Buy It Here

Christmas Gifts for Teen 2018: Trick Gift Box

Buy Now

We love this one!  Don’t worry, it’s just a ‘prank pack’ box that you can place your real gift inside of.  They’ll be so confused you got them until they actually open it up.  So funny.  Learn more here!

The On-Trend Choice

The Set of 4 Copper Moscow Mule Mug Gift Set – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Now this is one of the best deals we’ve seen on genuine copper Moscow Mule mugs in a while!  This one comes with a set of 4 handcrafted mugs, a bonus copper jigger, and even 4 copper straws.  Super official! Plus, it’s one of the best sellers right now on Amazon. Learn more here!

The Portable Choice

The JBL Clip 3 Waterproof Portable Speaker  – Buy It Here

Buy Now

This is the wireless bluetooth speaker he really can bring just about anywhere.  It’s small enough that it can clip right onto his backpack, work messenger bag, golf bag and more!  Plus, did we mention it’s waterproof?  So it’s super convenient to bring to the beach, out camping, by the pool, the shower,  and more.  Right now it’s super affordable too. Learn more here!

The Last Minute Choice

Local Event Tickets – Buy It Here

Buy Now

It can be a totally special day when you both attend an event together.  Get him local sports tickets, take him to his favorite concert when it comes to town, go to the theater, and more!  You can choose the gift card option and let him choose the event (and you can even have the gift emailed to him when you want!).  Learn more here.

The Funny Uncle Gift

The 3D Beer Belly Fanny Pack/Waist Bag – Buy It Here

Buy Now

This is perfect for any uncle with a real sense of humor (read: all of them!).  This funny fanny pack looks just like the real thing and may even turn some heads if he chooses to wear it.  It has a zip up enclosure and is large enough to actually carry some of his favorite things like his phone, wallets, keys, and maybe even a bottle or two. Learn more here!

The DIY Choice

The ‘Make Your Own Hot Sauce’ Gifting Kit – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Perfect for all the hot sauce obsessed fans out there.  This is the ultimate DIY that just about anyone can easily do.  This ‘make your own hot sauce’ kit comes with all the ingredients you need, 6 bottles, bottle labels and more! Learn more here!

The Cheap Choice

The New Fire 7 Tablet – Buy It Here

Top Tech Gift Women/Men 2024: New Fire 7 Tablet in Blue 2024

Buy Now

It’s the latest tablet from Amazon Fire, is super light, gives you up to 7 hours of reading, listening to music, watching videos, and more on a full charge!  It comes a bunch of really cool colors like blue, black, plum, and sage.  This latest model also has 2x the storage of tablets in the past and, tbh, you don’t believe how cheap the price is.  Like, for real.  Learn more here!

The Golfers Choice

The Arccoss Caddie Smart Golf Sensors – Buy It Here

Uncle Gift Idea: Arccos Caddie Smart Golf Sensors

Buy Now

Get ready to totally up your golf game (and shame your golfer buddies).  This is like your very own personal caddie.  It’ll let you know the actual distance to any point on the course and thanks to artificial intelligence they’ll be able to provide personalized club recommendations and helpful strategies, tips, and tricks. Learn more here!

The Drinkers Choice

The Baseball Whiskey Chillers – Buy It Here

Buy Now

They won’t need ice that’s going to water down their favorite beverage (i.e, whiskey).  This comes as a set of two baseball whiskey chillers that you just put in your freezer and then toss in your drink.  They’ll love it! Learn more here!

The Weekend Choice

The Comfiest Luxury Grey Shower Robe – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Because he actually does want a super comfy and absorbent bathrobe for when he gets out of the shower. We are in love with this grey color option, but it also comes in classic clean white and slate blue too.  See color and size options here!

The Guys Candle Choice

The Craft Beer ‘Soy Wax’ Candles – Buy It Here

Buy Now

The perfect idea for the one who thinks they’re ‘too tough’ to have candles at home.  These craft beer candles smell great, are made with soy wax, and you can choose to get all three or simply choose the IPA, the Stout, or the Lager.  You can’t go wrong! Learn more here!

The Gym Choice

The Jabra Elite 65t Truly Wireless Earbuds – Buy It Here

Jabra Wireless Earbuds 2024

Buy Now

Perfect for those who really want their wireless earbuds to actually be wireless!  These little guys have been chosen by countless publications as the Best Truly Wireless Earbuds of the year and come in a bunch of different colors now too.  If you’re looking for something that just may out-rank the Apple AirPods, these are them.  Learn more here!

The So Cool Choice

The SoundBot Wireless Bluetooth Winter Hat – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Now they can take calls, listen to music, and keep their head warm all winter long!  They’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s currently one of Amazon’s picks and has over 1000 reviews!  Learn more here.

The Online Choice

The Online Masterclass Gift Subscription – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Now they can take an online ‘Master Class’ with an actual expert!  Even better, you can quickly and easily gift them this!  They’ll get to choose from over 45 different classes (and experts) based on their interests.  Check out a cooking course from Gordon Ramsay, James Patterson teaches writing, Steve Martin teaches comedy, and so much more.  Learn more here!

For the Stylish Uncle

Shinola Leather Card Case/Wallet in Ocean Blue – Buy It Here

Best Uncle Gifts 2017: Shinola Card Case Wallet 2018

Buy Now

Because we’re pretty sure if you gift him with a cool looking wallet it’ll remind him of money, which will remind him of you, which means maybe he’ll give you some money.  It’s a real win-win. Learn more here!

The Car Accessory Choice

The RapidX Car Phone Charger (Charge Up to 5 Devices at Once!) – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Now they can charge up to 5 different devices in the car at once!  Plus, it’s one of Oprah’s Favorite Things of the year so we always listen to what Oprah says! Learn more here!

The History Choice

The New Ancestry DNA ‘At Home’ Kit – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Not only can you learn more about where you’re from, but now you can also learn about where your ancestors moved to, what their journey was, and how you fit in to that today! There’s now even an app that goes along with it.  Plus, they’re having some great deals on different kits right now.  Learn more here!

The Splurge Choice

The Yeti Hopper Soft Portable Cooler – Buy It Here

Yeti Cooler: Gift for Uncle

Buy Now

One of the best selling portable coolers right now!  It’s perfect for personal use while he’s out camping, at the beach, or just in the yard!  You can never go wrong with Yeti and he’ll be psyched.  Learn more here!

For the Grill-Master Uncle

Mutli-Tool Grilling Spatula and Accessories – Buy It Here

Best Uncle Gifts 2017: Grilling Accessories 2018

Buy Now

Because he grills all the live-long-day and really has made an art out of it.  Why not get him some helpful grilling tool with the ‘best uncle ever’ personalized into it! Learn more here!

The Morning Choice

The Ember Temperature Control Smart Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

Top Tech Gift Women/Men 2024: Ember Temp Control Coffee Mug 2024

Buy Now

It’s the smartest mug around!  In fact, you can control the temperature of your drink from your app and keep your drink hot for way longer than normal, especially when it’s on the base.  Perfect for your desk at the office or even on those weekends when you’re lounging around longer than normal.  They even have a travel mug you can take with you too.  Learn more here!

The Relaxing Choice

The InstaShiatsu Foot Massager – Buy It Here 

Christmas Gifts For Him 2024: InstaShiatsu Foot Massager 2024

Buy Now

Because they totally deserve a foot rub pretty much each and every day.  They can choose from four different types of massages (including a heated one!).  What’s better than this?! Learn more here!

For the Zen Uncle

The Blind Barber ‘Tompkins’ Scented Candle – Buy It Here

Christmas Gifts for Uncle: Blind Barber Candle

Buy Now

Yes, guys actually do like candles.  We hate to say that this is a candle for men, but he’ll especially like this one if he ever spent any time at the barber shop.  It has soothing notes of leather and light lavender.  This one is on the smaller side, so if you’re looking for a larger one you’re in luck. Check out the bigger option here.

For the Beer Loving Uncle

The 4 Pilsner Beer Glasses with Mustaches (!!) – Buy It Here

Best Uncle Gifts 2017: Mustache Pilsner Glasses 2018

Buy Now

Because he loves beer and he loves mustaches, so why not combine his two favorite things into one great gift!? Learn more here!

For the Funny Uncle

The ‘I’m the Crazy Uncle’ Coffee Mug in White – Buy It Here

Best Uncle Gifts 2017: Crazy Uncle Funny Coffee Mug 2018

Buy Now

Because, sure, he’s crazy but you already knew that and so did he!  It’s a really fun coffee mug that’ll remind him each morning that you’re in on the joke. Learn more here!

For the Nostalgic Uncle

The ‘I Love My Uncle’ Poem & Picture Frame – Buy It Here

Best Uncle Gifts 2017: Uncle Picture Frame 2018

Buy Now

Because he’ll want to see you each and every day even when you’re not nearby. Learn more here!

For the Uncle on the Go

The Hydro Flask True Thermal Pint Glass – Buy It Here

Best Uncle Gifts 2017: Hydro Flask 2018

Buy Now

Because he’s always on the go and needs a little pick-me-up every now and then.  This ‘flask’ keeps his favorite brew at the perfect chilled temperature at all times.  Thanks technology!  It also comes in other cool colors like cobalt, mint, stainless, kiwi, ocean, and more.  Learn more here!

For the Guncle

The ‘Guncles are Magical’ T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Best Gift for Guncle 2018: Guncles are Magical 2024

Buy Now

Because, yes, guncles are totally magical and the best!  Learn more here!

The Grooming Choice

The Art of Shaving Gift Kit – Buy It Here

Buy Now

This is everything he needs to keep his face and beard in tip-top shape.  This sandalwood inspired set comes with pre-shave oil, a shaving cream pump, a genuine badger shaving brush (nostalgic!), and after-shave balm.  He’s love it and will totally help him step up his game. Learn more here!

The Home Chef Choice

The Star Trek Spock-Inspired Oven Mitt – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Because it’s about time he retire his flowery oven mitt or, you know, the one with the picture of the goose cooking pie embroidered into it.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  He loves Star Trek and he loves Spock so this one just is a no brainer.  Plus, he’ll get a laugh out of it each time he cooks. Learn more here!

The Cologne Choice

The Best-Selling Dior ‘Sauvage’ Cologne – Buy It Here

Best Brother Gifts 2018: Sauvage Cologne

Buy Now

Because he could smell a little bit better, right?  Dior ‘Sauvage’ cologne is (so far) one of the best-sellers this year and smells like a relaxing vacation in a bottle.  Perfect for this time of year! Learn more here!

The Tickets Choice

Sports Tickets to an Upcoming Game – Buy It Here

Buy Now

When all else fails you can’t go wrong with grabbing him a pair of tickets to his favorite sports team.  Plus, these make the best last minute gifts when you, well, just kind of remembered (these can be emailed to him on the date you choose).  If sports isn’t his thing, you can also grab upcoming concert tickets too.  Learn more here!

The Game Choice

The Official ‘Saturday Night Live’ Board Game – Buy It Here

Buy Now

How often is he quoting the latest lines from SNL (plus, totally stealing their jokes)?  This super fun SNL board game is the perfect mix of trivia, having to act out famous skits, playing  a little improv and more! Learn more here!

The Bearded Choice

The Jack Black Beard Lube – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Yes, he does have to take care of his beard!  This is one of our favorite beard lubes on the market right now.  It’s actually acts a pre-shave oil, shave cream, and face conditioner all in one! Learn more here!

The Subscription Choice

Scentbird’s Cologne Delivery Each and Every Month – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Perfect for those who want to sample some major cologne each and every month before deciding if he wants to buy the full size.  He can choose from hundreds of major brands and each one that shows up to his doorstep each month will last him pretty much the entire month (within reason).  Learn more how it works here.

The Totally Random Choice

The Original Tiny Hands Challenge Game – Buy It Here

Buy Now

He’ll love acting out all these ridiculous things and tasks all while sporting some really tiny hands!  It comes with two sets and we couldn’t love it any more than we do. Learn more here!

The Brewmaster Choice

The Brooklyn Brew Shop ‘Beer Making Kit’ Everyday IPA – Buy It Here

Christmas Gifts for Uncle: Beer Making Kit for Him by Brooklyn

Buy Now

Beer lovers unite!  This at-home DIY kit is one of the most popular ones on the market right now.  It’s great for beginners who are just starting out and comes with everything you need to test out your very own IPA. Learn more here!

For the Supportive Uncle

The Vintage Inspired ‘Feminist’ Tee – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Let him show his feminist pride (and you show your support for him) with this vintage-inspired distressed “FEMINIST” t-shirt.  This one is in dark grey, but they also come in baby blue, grass green, light heather, and pink.  He’s your uncle, so he’s man enough to show his support.

For the New Uncle

‘My Uncle’s Beard is Better Than Yours’ Onesie for Baby – Buy It Here

Best Uncle Gifts 2017: New Uncle Onsie for baby 2018

Buy Now

Because it’s a great way to let him know he’s going to be a new uncle (or an uncle for the second, third, or 10th time!).  Sure it’s more for the baby than him, but he’ll get a kick out of it and will totally love the bragging rights. Learn more here!

For the Thoughtful Uncle

The ‘Words for Uncle’ Throw Pillow in Grey – Buy It Here

Best Uncle Gifts 2017: Pillow 2018

Buy Now

Because it’s the perfect reminder of how much you love him each and every day. Learn more here!

The Must-Have Sweater Choice

The Everlane Cashmere Sweater in Navy Blue – Buy It Here

Top Gifts For Husband 2024: Everlane Cashmere Sweater in Navy 2024

Buy Now

If you’re looking for a classic and comfy cashmere sweater for him, this is the one!  Everyone should own at least one cashmere sweater and you honestly can’t beat the price.  Pictured above is Everlane’s dark navy blue option, but it also comes in black, grey, heather, blue, and more.  Learn more here!

The Grillmaster Choice

The BBQ Shredding Meat Claws & Silicon Grill Gloves – Buy It Here

Buy Now

He’s the king of the grill so why not upgrade him this year with these super handy grill gloves and meat claws so he can handle everything safely at hot temperatures and even be able to shred the meat right then and there!  Learn more here!

The Hot Sauce Choice

The Truff Hot Sauce (Black Truffle Infused)  – Buy It Here

Christmas Ideas for Husband 2024: Truff Hot Sauce 2024

Buy Now

This is one of the best hot sauces we’ve seen in a while and, well, if Oprah is obsessed with it this year you know it’s gotta be a major crowd pleaser.  Get your bottle while you still can.  Learn more here!

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