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If you haven’t heard of Naadam yet, stop what you’re doing and check them out because, well, you’re about to be the total envy of your entire friend group.


We first heard about/seen NAADAM when we were walking through the West Village (NYC) where we spent so much of our time.  We were looking for a cashmere sweater (as a gift) so popped in and never looked back.  If you haven’t heard of them yet (how dare you) you will, mostly likely, never look at, buy, or wear cashmere anything the same way again.  They’re a total game changer!


You can actually get a quick 10% off your online purchase just by subscribing to their emails.  Once you enter in your email address they’ll quickly send you your own 10% promo code that you can use at checkout now, or wait for a later time.

Personally, as we review some of our favorite retailers we love highlighting brands that are focusing on sustainability.  And that’s exactly what NAADAM is doing and, well, so much more.  They ethically source their cashmere from the best place on earth to do so – Mongolia.  They actually work directly with herders in the Mongolian Gobi Desert where they can pay them more (by cutting out the middle-man!), and still provide high-quality cashmere items that are sustainable and still pass the savings on to us (the consumers).  While that is all a mouthful, we just feel like it’s important to highlight the amazing work they’re doing and why we love supporting them any way we can!

Now, onto some of our favorite items!  We always thought that cashmere was just basically for sweaters and while they are some of the most popular ways to wear it, they actually have a ton of other really great options for both women and men in their store and, of course, online.  Some popular areas to check out include things like:

And we’re really only scratching the surface of what they have.  Trust us, you could spend all day browsing both online and/or in-store if you’re in the area.

By now you know that we’re huge fans of Everlane around here and are obsessed with their famous $100 cashmere sweater.  NAADAM’s similar option is only $75 and is pretty much neck-and-neck for us.  Not only do we love ours (yes, we purchased it ourself), but it’s now one of our top go-to’s for gifting this year.  There’s a ton of colors to choose from too!

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re wanting to spoil yourself, upgrade your wardrobe, or are really just looking for a pretty unique (and price approachable) gift for someone special on your gifting list, you have to check them out.  There really is something for everyone, including your dog.  Yep, they have the cutest doggy accessories too!

NAADAM Coupons & Deals - May 2024

Similar to the reasons why there aren’t a ton of sales is why we haven’t found any discount codes or coupons.  But, don’t totally stress out about it.  NAADAM does allow you to enter in your promo code directly on their site when you’re checking out.  But, to be clear, at this time they’re not giving our promo codes or offers like that to other sites.  

As always, we recommend to just shop them direct to see which offers are available, active, and official.  Please, don’t waste your time anywhere else.  Some current offers we’ve seen them promoting include things like:


It’s officially our favorite cashmere sweater that comes from our new favorite brand, Naadam.  They’re known as having the world’s fairest cashmere that’s high quality, sustainable, and still comfy AF.  Check out their famous sweaters, tops, bottoms, and any promo code offer or sales they’re currently promoting on their site.


You can actually get a quick 10% off your online purchase just by subscribing to their emails.  Once you enter in your email address they’ll quickly send you your own 10% promo code that you can use at checkout now, or wait for a later time.


Earn an extra $50 you can put towards your next purchase just by referring your friend via email (their form).  Once your friend makes a purchase with minimum value, you’ll get your $50 discount code.  Even cooler?  Your friend is also going to get $50 to put towards their order!


There isn’t always a sale going on, but right now there is – and you can get up to 50% off, which is insane!  Take a look at their cashmere sweaters, cashmere dresses, hats, gloves, and so much more.


A legit high-quality cashmere sweater for under $100?  Yes, really.  Check out their many options for both women and men!  They currently have over 50,000 5-star reviews too.  A great gift idea as well!

NOW AT $50

Just in!  New arrivals for women are starting at only $50!  Check out fun options like cardigans, shorts, ultra-fine cashmere tanks, tees, scoop tops, and so much more.

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