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So, Allbirds are Now Way More Than Just Comfy Sneakers

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You may be thinking that we’re a little late to the game if we’re calling Allbirds a new trend, but fear not because we bet you may not have known that they have more than just comfy sneakers.  Oh, that’s right.  They have socks, underwear, t-shirts, jackets and more.  Like, a lot more.

You know we’re a sucker for a trend but, quite honestly, to classify Allbirds as one would be a bit misleading.  They’re making their mark in the footwear and apparel market and plan on staying around.

We first caught wind of them a year or two ago when it’s all we would see on our Insta feed.  We just figured “Oh, you millennials!”  And we took a hard pass.  And, honestly, most of the reviews we’ve read were geared towards women, which is great – but what about from a guys perspective?  That’s where we come in.

Their most popular sneaker (up until this point at least) is their Wool Runners.  These are the first pair we ordered.  We went pretty basic with their classic grey (see it below).  They’re known for being comfortable, breathable, moves with your movements, and are machine washable. Plus, many say you don’t need socks with them.

We def found them comfortable and we did toss them in the washing machine (we were nervous – but they came out fine).  Now, did we need socks?  Well, no.  But, let’s be honest, we always wear socks with our sneakers even though theirs minimize odors. We’re big fans of no-show socks because they’ll protect your feet, but still give you the look of not wearing any at all.  Like we said, we’re a sucker for a trend.

You can now get Allbirds running shoes – called Tree Dashers.  What we love about them is that they’re light AF, making our runs feel lighter and more productive.  Our only issue is that we struggle with over pronation so we need more support and, therefore, have to stick with our special New Balance running shoes.

Outside of sneakers they have some pretty amazing underwear for guys.  In fact, we’re ready to go on the record saying that they’re actually the most comfortable pair of underwear we’ve ever worn.  They’re super soft (like, overly soft), breathable, moisture wicking, minimizes odors and comes in a bunch of really cool colors because, yes, that’s important to us too!  The price is decent (at last check $24/pair).  That’s not the worst, but since now we want to replace all of our old underwear with these it can get pretty costly.  Looks like slow and steady will win this race!

So, when it comes to all things Allbirds, here’s our trend verdict.

When it comes to their everyday shoes and especially their underwear we definitely say do it!  We wouldn’t say screw it to their Tree Dashers, but due to our running issues we just need more specialized support.  If you’re in the market for some new undies then, yes, please do it!  They’re real game-changers and we’re kind of obsessed.  You’ll be too!

The only other thing we don’t love is that they never really have sales or deals and, no, Allbirds doesn’t send out promo code offers or coupons to other websites (we don’t have any here either) and, in fact, don’t ever even have them themselves.  We’ve looked on some of the other usual suspect sites for promo codes and discounts but, quite honestly we didn’t find any that worked.  So don’t even waste your time.

Allbirds actually has a really interesting explainer on their official reasoning on why they don’t have coupon codes and, well, we totally respect that.  Check out their official coupon statement here!

What’s kind of amazing is their last Black Friday sale.  You know what?  It was more of a “Black Friday Sale.”  All in quotes.  Because they did something so genius we have to mention it.  They actually raised their prices by $1 on everything and then donated that to the Greta Thunberg Climate Movement.  Seriously, how awesome is that?!

If you’re looking to give this a go, check out our picks for some of the best of Allbirds (so far) in April 2024.


Men’s Wool Runners


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Men’s Tree Dashers


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Men’s Trino Boxer Briefs


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Men’s “Hiders” No-Show Socks


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