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What’s the Real Deal With the Hulu Student Discount Anyway?

There are a ton of streaming services out there and while they can all be pretty inexpensive, when combining a bunch of them it can get pricey.  It’s no wonder why poor college students are wondering if Hulu (one of the best streaming services) actually offers a student discount.  And what about those in the military?  We’re looking into all of this!

Hulu Student Discounts June 2024 - Healthcare, Military, Teacher Discount Code

Hulu′s Official Discounts Here

We all know that via Disney Plus, you can bundle Hulu and ESPN+ for pretty cheap, but outside of that amazing offer we wanted to dig into what kind of discount codes (if any) they have available for special groups like students (high-school and college), folks in the military, healthcare workers (nurses, doctors), first responders (police, fire, EMTs) and more.  Some of the info we found many actually surprise you.  Let’s start with the student situation, cool?


UPDATED:  June 2024

StudentYes or No?

Are you a high school or college student looking for a Hulu discount? Click the next tab to get the official answer!

YES!  And here’s who’s eligible:

• Currently enrolled college students (unfortunately, high school students aren’t eligible).

Once you get verified (it’s simple) you’ll get 65% off the normal price!  Quick math tells us your plan will only cost you $1.99/month.  That’s bananas.  Just cash in a few beer cans and you’ll come up with the money.

Here are the details and how to quickly get your 65% student discount!

MilitaryYes or No?

So, what’s the real deal with Hulu’s military discount? Click the next tab to get the official answer!

NO! Hulu used to have a 10% military discount and some claim you can get it through the Military Exchange, but overall we no longer see it available on Hulu’s site.  You can save $20, however, on their overall service here.

TeachersYes or No?

Checking in to see if they offer a discount to teachers? Click the next tab to get the official answer!

NO! Unfortunately at this time, teachers are not eligible at this time (just students).

HealthcareYes or No?

Are you a healthcare worker looking for a discount code? Click the next tab to get the official answer!

NO! Unfortunately at this time Hulu isn’t offering anything to teachers.

First RespondersYes or No?

Police, fire fighters or EMTs?  Click the next tab to get the official answer!

NO! Sadly, Hulu doesn’t offer a discount to first responders at this time.

GovernmentYes or No?

Do they offer a government discount? Click the next tab to get the official answer!

NO!  Those who work for the government aren’t eligible for a discount at this time.


…you gotta be a currently enrolled college student, but it’s pretty easy.

So, if you are enrolled in college, graduate degree or an advanced degree program and in the US you can get the amazing 65% student discount.

First, you just have to create an account – which is pretty fast to zip through.  Hulu partnered with SheerID who will verify your student status and make sure you’re technically eligible.  Once they approve you, you’ll enter in your billing info and – presto chango – you’re ready to start streaming Hulu’s content and for just $1.99 per month.

The only thing to keep in mind is that even with this student discount, you’ll still have to sit through ads.  It’s not that bad, but for $1.99 we personally think it’s totally worth it.

In the past we’ve covered Hulu’s overall promo code situation and – we have to say – their student offer is really the best they have.  We will keep on top of this so if they add more groups to their program, we’ll update this article accordingly.

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