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So, Does Gymshark Still Offer a Discount to Students?

If you’re heading to the gym, you know you gotta sport some of the coolest gear from Gymshark.  We’ve covered them extensively around here over the years and wanted to answer some questions that we get on the regular, like “Does Gymshark have student discounts?”  Let’s get to the bottom of this, shall we?

Gymshark Student Discount Code July 2024 - Nurse, Healthcare, Teacher Personal Trainer Discounts

Gymshark′s Official Discount Here

Since we have some extra time on our hands, we decided to look into Gymshark’s discount policy.  And while we know they don’t have promo codes and the like, we wanted to see if they were offering discounts specifically to students.  But it doesn’t stop there, really.  Gym-goers of all ages and stages want to know if they’re eligible for any kind of discount too.

So, let’s see what their current discount eligibility is for a wide variety of groups at this time.


StudentsYes or No?

Ready to see if Gymshark has an official student discount?  Click the next tab to get the official answer!

YES!  And here’s who eligible:

• Currently Enrolled Students

They’ve partnered up with StudentBeans to offer an extra 10% off once you verify your student status with them.  It’s quick, easy and, yes, some restrictions apply.  Get the 10% discount code here.

TeachersYes or No?

Trying to snag a teacher discount code?  Click the next tab to get the official answer!

NO!  There’s nothing for teachers, unfortunately, at this time.

First Responders/HealthcareYes or No?

Are you a first responder or a healthcare worker (nurse, doctor, etc) and looking to see if they’re offering you a special discount? Click the next tab to get the official answer!

NO!  There’s nothing for healthcare workers, unfortunately, at this time.

Personal TrainersYes or No?

Are you a personal trainer looking for your own discount? Click the next tab to get the official answer!

NO!  There’s nothing for personal trainers, unfortunately, at this time.


…quick and simple, they’re partnered with Student Beans to offer a 10% discount.  Check that here!

They’ve actually made it really easy to save a bit (10%, in fact) if you’re a currently enrolled student.  Gymshark formed a partnership with the folks at Student Beans in order for you to get your discount.  All you really have to do is quickly register with them and verify your student status (currently enrolled and with appropriate email) and you’ll can officially use the approved discount code on the site (their US site) when you’re checking out.

There are some restrictions, as always, that apply.  For example:

  • You can only use the discount code on merch that’s on the US version of the Gymshark site (sorry UK!).
  • It cannot be combined with any other discount, coupon, or promo code you may have.  So choose wisely!
  • They’ll calculate your shipping charges after the student discount code was used.
  • You cannot share your code with anyone else.

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