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18 Super Fun Bridesmaids Gifts They Actually Won’t Eye-Roll

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As if your wedding wasn’t expensive enough, it’s now time to get all of your bridesmaids a gift.  Ugh.  Ok, well, here are some really unique ways to say ‘thank you’ to each and every one of them.  Keep reading!

Best Bridesmaid Gifts 2024 - Cheap & Unique Gift Ideas for Bridemaid

They really have been there for you throughout all aspects of your special day.  They dealt with all your meltdowns, breakdowns and, well, drunken shenanigans.   Truth be told they’ve really helped to keep you totally together the entire time so it only makes sense to show them a little token of your appreciation.  There are a ton of expensive bridesmaids gifts out there but, let’s be honest, you’re already in pretty deep in the debt department so we’ve chosen a wide range of options no matter what budget you’re on.  Even better, while we’ve chosen some traditional options, we’ve also picked some ideas that they’ll actually want to use, even after the wedding is over.  Finally.  Check out some of the best bridesmaids gift ideas (so far) this year!

The Ultimate Bridesmaid Tote Bag – Buy It Here

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They can show their bridesmaid pride without actually embarrassing them!  They can bring this tote with them on the bachelorette party, the wedding day itself, or whenever they just need a bag to toss their stuff in.  See more ideas here!

The Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Throw Blanket in Seafoam – Buy It Here

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This is literally the most comfortable blanket ever.  For real.  If they’re familiar with the cozy bathrobe by Barefoot dreams, they’ll love this throw.  We totally dig it in this seafoam green color, but it also comes in dove grey, cream, stone, antique rose, and more.  See all color options here!

The Traditional Bridesmaid Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

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We don’t want to say this is the “cheap” option, but if you have to buy for everyone in your party, this is probably one of the most cost effective ways.  Plus, it’s something they’ll actually use each and every morning.  And did we mention you can personalize this one too?  A total great pick for just about everyone!

The Beauty by Earth Bath Bomb Gift Set – Buy It Here

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The perfect option for the gals who could use a little rest and relaxation after all of the hectic festivities.  These bath bombs contain organic and vegan ingredients, fragrant essential oils, and more.  This one comes with 6 amazing bath bombs and something they’ll love to use each and every time.

The Monogram Glass Mason Jar Mugs by Cathy’s Concepts – Buy It Here

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Because everyone loves to drink out of a mason jar!  And now you can even personalize this set with their initial too!  Learn more here!

The Custom Photo Face Stickers – Buy It Here

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Ok so we don’t necessarily think that these are traditional, but they’re totally funny and fun to gift to anyone!  You can create these stickers with their face or, even funnier, yours!  These come as a five-pack and don’t be surprised when you see these faces popping up all over the place, like, all the timeLearn more here!

The Customized Dip-Dyed Canvas Clutch – Buy It Here

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We love this canvas clutch just as-is, but you can also get it customized with their name (or whatever) on a personalized embossed tag.  Learn more here!

The Personalized Stationary – Buy It Here

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Everyone should have at least one set of personalized stationary with their name or initials on it.  This one comes in a set of 25 (you can choose more if you’d like) and while we love it in classic black, there are other options like stone, rose, brass and more.  See more color options here!

The PortoVino ‘Internet Famous’ Wine Purse – Buy It Here

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Because sometimes you just need your wine to go.  Everyone online this year has been sporting this and, well, we’re here for it! This super stylish bag can hold 2 bottles of wine, comes with one bag insert, and comes in a variety of cool colors!  It also comes in black, gold, beige, navy blue, purple and more.  Check out more color options here!

The Official “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” Gift Boxes – Buy It Here

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If you haven’t asked them yet, this is such a cute way to do so!  You can put pretty much anything you want in these boxes so, ultimately, you control the overall cost of asking them.  Learn more here!

The Golden Girls “Thank You For Being a Friend” Hardcover Book – Buy It Here

Gifts for Mothers Day 2018: Thank You For Being a Friend Book

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It’s a must-read and must-have for anyone in your party.  Which Golden Girl are you?!

The “Thank You For Being a Part of My Journey” Necklace – Buy It Here

Best Thank You Gift 2024: Thank You Necklace

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It’s a simply stated way to thank them for all they’ve done for you before, during, and after your wedding.  We love that it’s something they can wear each and every day and always think of that special day.

The Most Comfortable Comforter Ever by Buffy – Buy It Here

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Ok so this is the most comfortable comforter, like, ever.  This is the cloud comforter by Buffy that everyone online is buzzing about.  The fabric is silky eucalyptus and is known to totally keep your body temp perfect all night long.  They will never want another comforter again.  Ever.  Learn more here!

The Bridesmaid Marble & Gold Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

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You can never have (or give) too many coffee mugs!  This one is chic AF and comes in a really cool faux-marble and gold option.

The Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser – Buy It Here

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Because, yes, she totally deserves moments of zen all throughout the day.  This is one of the best-sellers (and affordable) essential oil diffusers this year.  It’s super quiet, has LED lights that change color, comes equipped with a timer, and even automatic shut-off.

Birchbox Monthly Beauty/Makeup Box – Buy It Here

Christmas Gifts for Wife 2018: Birchbox Beauty Box for Her 2018

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Because now she can get super popular and ‘must-have’ beauty and makeup products delivered to her front door each and every month.  She’ll totally love sampling all the latest trends!  This is one of the best-selling beauty subscription boxes of all time.

The InstaShiatsu Personal Foot Massager – Buy It Here

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This is really the perfect way to help unwind after a long day.  Sit back, place your feet in the massager, and relax!  You can even choose from 3 varying intensity options like heat, air pressure and the regular massage mode. We’re hooked!

The Stemless Fountain Aerating Wine Glass Set – Buy It Here

Christmas Gift For Her 2018: Wine Aerator

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Her wine is just going to taste so much better this way and rumor has it, it’ll even cut down on hangovers.  Hooray!

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