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Our Favorite Gifts For Parents Who are Picky, But You Still Love Anyway

I came up with some really perfect presents that'll make your parents feel guilty for all the times they called you ungrateful.

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Best Gifts For Parents 2024

You know those parents who seem to have mastered the art of collecting ‘everything’? The ones whose closets are like enchanted treasure troves and whose shelves are like miniature museums? Well, hold onto your hats, because we’re about to embark on a wild journey of gifting that will leave even the most ‘been-there-done-that’ parents absolutely astonished impressed!  Yes, even those stubborn and judgey parents!  You know the ones.


We’ve curated a showcase of gifts that are so unique, so unexpected, and so downright amazing that your parents will be left wondering if they’ve stumbled into a parallel gift universe.  Ok, so maybe we overhyped this, but you get the point.

Get ready to dive into the treasure trove of ideas that we’ve painstakingly gathered from the far reaches of the internet and beyond. Quirky gadgets that defy logic? Check. Heartfelt keepsakes that tug at heartstrings? Double-check. We’ve left no stone unturned to bring you a list that will have your parents exclaiming, ‘Wait, where have you been all our lives?’

With each meticulously chosen gift, you’re not just presenting an item; you’re unveiling a magical moment. It’s like adding a new chapter to their ‘everything’ saga, one that’s filled with surprises, laughter, and a touch of awe.

So, as you browse through this curated collection, remember that you’re not just picking out presents; you’re crafting memories. Let’s embark on this quest together, armed with creativity and a spirit of adventure. Because when your parents seem to have everything, it’s up to you to give them even more – more joy, more wonder, and more of those priceless ‘I-can’t-believe-you-found-this’ expressions.


A Customized Framed Heart Photo Collage

by Minted

Minted Heart Art

If your mom and dad have tons of photos of you, your siblings, your kids – etc they’ll finally have something to do with them!

You’ll be able to quickly and easily personalize and customize this really pretty framed print by uploading your own special photos right to Minted and it’ll create your custom heart-shaped print.

A great choice for your parents to stroll down memory lane every time they pass it! Plus, choose the kind of frame you want (or choose no frame at all).  This is one of their best-sellers of the year.


A Candle That Shows Your Parents Gratitude

by Homesick Candles

Homesick Thanks Candle

The Homesick candle company was founded in 2013 by two sisters who were homesick for the home they grew up in. The candles quickly became popular, and today the company offers a wide variety of candles that represent different places all over the world and even more recently, emotion and memory candles. 

Because sometimes a simple “thanks” is all your parents need!  This popular candle is hand-poured, will burn up to 80-hours, and has amazing scents of calming cucumber and zesty fresh lemon.

Check out some additional candles that’ll work well too.


  • Awesome Scents: Okay, so folks are basically drooling over the scent. Imagine comments like “smells amazing” and “divine.” If you’re all about transforming your room into a scent paradise, these candles seem like they’ve got the magic touch.

  • Gift Game Strong: Oh, and here’s the deal – reviewers are all about the packaging. All their candles come wrapped in these adorable boxes that are top-tier gifting material. Perfect for giving your parents some love on this special occasion. 

  • Burn Baby, Burn: Hold up, these candles don’t seem to be fizzling out anytime soon. People are claiming they last a seriously long time, which is like a gold star for making sure your cash goes a long way.

  • Scent Selection Galore: So, they’re not just giving you one scent and calling it a day. Nah, there’s a whole range of vibes to choose from. You got “Date Night,” “Road Trip,” “New Home,” and the list goes on. So you can totally pick the mood you’re feeling.


  • Not Overpowering: Okay, some folks are whispering that the scent isn’t like, slapping you in the face strong. If you’re gunning for a room that shouts “hello, aroma central,” you might need to get cozy with some other candles.

  • Price Check: Brace yourself, ’cause these candles are leaning a bit towards the pricey side. But hey, according to fans, the splurge is worth it for the quality and the vibes they bring to your space.


A Gadget to Help Them Find Their Stuff

by Apple

Apple AirTag

A must-have tracker from Apple, their super helpful Air Tags will easily help them find things they may misplace like their keys, bags, remote control, wallet – you name it.  They can use their phone or tablet to specify where their lost item is or even as Siri to do the work for them.

Air Tag is small and light, so it can be easily attached to keys, wallets, bags, or other items. It has a built-in speaker that emits a sound when it is within range of an iOS device running the Find My app. The sound gets louder as the iOS device gets closer to the Air Tag, making it easy to find lost items. Air Tags can also be placed into Lost Mode, which will send out a notification to nearby iOS devices running the Find My app.


  • Tag Team: Imagine your keys, wallet, and even your dog’s collar having their own superhero sidekicks – the Apple AirTags. People are loving how versatile these little trackers are. Slap them on anything you’re afraid of losing, and voilà! They’re like Batman and Robin, but for your stuff.

  • Precise Detective: Ever wish you had a magical compass that led you straight to your lost items? Well, these AirTags are like the next best thing. People are amazed by how accurately they guide you to your missing stuff. From keys hiding under the couch to wallets gone MIA, these tags are your personal treasure map.

  • Tech for the Clumsy: If you’re the kind of person who could lose their own head if it wasn’t attached, these AirTags might just be your saving grace. They’re like the loyal sidekick you’ve always needed, making sure you don’t leave anything behind – even if your memory isn’t as reliable as it used to be.


  • No Preemptive Alerts: Some reviewers wish they could set up alerts if their tagged item decides to go on a solo adventure. You know, like a “Hey, don’t leave me behind!” notification. Apple, if you’re reading this, a little extra magic would be cool.

  • Loud and Clear: So, here’s a thing – some users are wishing for their AirTags to make a bit more noise. They’re dreaming of a world where their misplaced keys or bag would be screaming, “I’m over here!” But, as it stands, the sound these tags emit might not be enough to cut through the chaos of a messy room.


A Customized Book About Their Lives

by Uncommon Goods

My Life Story

What a great way for your folks to detail out some of the most important parts of their life? This linen bound “My Life Story, So Far” book as 106 pages and even allows them to mount some of their most prized photos.  Your parents will enjoy strolling down memory-lane, filling out the questions and telling their story that will last a lifetime and can be passed down generation after generation.


  • Stories for Generations: So, you have dads and granddads who are getting older, right? These books, they’re like secret keepers of stories. They’re not huge and bulky, which is great because sometimes those big old books can be a hassle. And get this – when your dads fill up these books, they’re planning to pass them down to you and your cousins. Imagine having books that have stories about them when they were younger.

  • Writing Made Special: Your mom’s a tough one to shop for, huh? But then this book appeared, and you’re like, “Bingo!” She loves to tell stories, and this book lets her do just that. And guess what? You’re excited to read it when she’s done. It’s like you’re about to discover a hidden treasure trove of her thoughts and memories. 

  • Family Time Capsules: Picture this – a book that’s not just for one person, but for everyone in your family. From your 101-year-old grandma to you and your fiancé (you guys are in your mid-30s, right?), this book is like a time capsule for your family. You all opened it together, and there were tears of joy and happiness. You’re all writing your stories, and guess what? Future generations will know about you even when you’re not around.


  • Stiff Spine: Imagine you’re opening a book, and it’s like, “Hold on, I need to stretch!” That’s what some reviewers noticed – the book’s spine can be a bit stiff. It’s like a book that’s not completely comfortable doing yoga. 




A Lamp That Lights Up When You Think Of Them

by Filimin

Filimin Touch Lamp

These Filimin Friendship Lamps are reader favorites here at Trendsicle year after year.

They’ll love how every time you’re thinking of them (or they’re thinking of you) when someone touches their lamp the other person’s lamp lights up, no matter where in the world they are.

This lamp allows you to send a message of light to your parents, no matter where they are in the world and can have special meaning for many people, as it can be used to represent your friendship, love, care for others, and more.  This one’s also a popular gift pick for your friends too! So cute.


  • Touch of Love: Imagine having a special lamp that connects you to your parents. When you touch it, a magical light shines, and it’s like sending a secret message to your mom and/or dad, no matter how far away they are. 

  • Feeling Close: Perfect if you and your parents are in different states, but with these lamps, you can show each other that you’re thinking of them. It’s like having your own little light language to say, “Hey, I care about you!”

  • Easy Peasy Setup: They’re pretty friendly to set up. Just make sure your parents know how to connect to WiFi (or help them out) because without it these lamps won’t work!


  • Pricy Ponderings: Some folks felt that these lamps are on the expensive side – especially since you have to buy two. They’re like luxury items that might make you think twice. 

  • Plastic Puzzles: So, these lamps are stylish, but guess what? They’re made mostly of plastic. Some folks were surprised because they expected a bit more for the price.  Just a heads up.


A Pizza Oven That Makes Pizza in 60 Seconds

by Ooni

If your parents are total “Friday Night Pizza” people  (and who isn’t?!) they’ll love this top selling outdoor pizza oven from Ooni

The “Fyra” wood pellet pizza oven can cook your own pizza in just 60 seconds.  It’s portable – weighing in at only 22 lbs – and heats up to 950-degrees in less than 15 minutes.  Get ready for some of the best pizza they’ve ever had.


  • Pizza Perfection: Most of the folks who reviewed this were thrilled that once they got the hang of it and said it churned out amazing, savory, and super yummy pizzas. It’s like having a pizza restaurant in your backyard! 

  • All-in-One Wonder: Picture this – a pizza oven that’s not just for pizzas. These reviewers were excited to find out that they could cook various dishes in it – from chicken to steaks to fajitas. It’s like having a versatile cooking magician at your service! 

  • Fast and Flavorful: This pizza oven doesn’t keep you waiting. These reviewers were amazed at how quickly this oven cooked their pizzas – in under 2 minutes! It’s like having a time machine that turns dough into deliciousness in a snap.


  • Smoky Start:  Some reviewers had a smoky start and struggled a bit at the beginning. It’s like accidentally adding extra pepperoni and having smoke signals in your yard.

  • Wood Pellet Woes:  Some reviewers had a bit of a hassle with the wood pellets blocking the hopper. It’s like a pizza party where the dough gets stuck in the roller! 


A Set of Cute Ceramic Coffee Mugs For Both of Them

by Funny Bones

Parents Coffee Mugs

Because it’s really coffee that’s keeping them together (or at least keeping them from killing each other).  So, why not get them matching “Mama” bear and “Papa” bear mugs.  They’ll hold 13 ounces of liquid, are made of ceramic, and are microwave and dishwasher safe.


A Way For Them To Take Classes Online

by MasterClass

MasterClass Gift

This idea is so cool.  Now they can take an online ‘Master Class‘ with an actual expert/celebrity!  Even better, you can quickly and easily gift them this!  They’ll get to choose from over 80 different classes (and experts) based on their interests.  Check out a cooking course from Gordon Ramsay, James Patterson teaches writing, Steve Martin teaches comedy, and so much more.

The nice feature is that both your parents can use this on their own or together, go at their own pace, and really learn some interesting information, new skills – you name it.


A Puzzle to Keep Their Mind Sharp

by Michael Storrings

Galison London Puzzle

Everything old is new again and regular puzzles are making a huge comeback.  I actually bought this London themed puzzle by artist Michael Storrings for my mom and she really loved it.  I actually did some of it with her too and it totally is a nice way to unwind.

This 1,000 piece puzzle showcases all the goings-on in London, is totally colorful, and really fun to make.  And don’t worry about the size.  1,000 pieces can easily be done on their kitchen or dining room table (with enough room to place all the pieces around it).


  • Challenging Delight: Picture a puzzle that’s like a friendly challenge. Reviewers found the puzzle to be just challenging enough, not too annoying. It’s like tackling a mystery with a touch of excitement!

  • Vibrant Victory:  Reviewers were excited by the colorful artwork and vibrant details. It’s like achieving a puzzle masterpiece – applause-worthy!

  • Solid Pieces: Picture puzzle pieces that fit together snugly. Reviewers appreciated the sturdiness of the pieces and how they connected nicely. It’s like building a puzzle castle – strong and solid!


  • Tiny Details Tango: Picture a puzzle with intricate details. Some reviewers found this puzzle to be filled with tiny details and tricky sections, making it a bit harder to solve. It’s like dancing through a maze of details – elegant, but challenging!


Something to Play Their Old Records On

by Crosley

Crossley Retro Record Player

Seriously, how cool is this Crosley “suitcase” record player!?  It’s updated with a modern twist…bluetooth, so your parents can also play their favorite digital songs on this one too. 

All those old records that your dad has stored in the basement because he knows they’ll be worth something one day, can now be played again!  I personally love this one in tweed, but it also comes in a bunch of other colors like black, blue, orange, red, pink, and more. 


  • Bang for Buck: Imagine getting a sweet deal on a record player. Reviewers loved that this player was worth its price tag. It’s like finding a treasure trove of vinyl goodness without breaking the bank!

  • Feature-Filled Fun: A true record player packed with nifty features. Reviewers were thrilled with the Bluetooth controls, pitch control (for extra fun spins), and volume knob. It’s like having a DJ booth in your living room!

  • Solid Build: This one is as steady as a rock. Reviewers praised the stable build quality, making them feel like vinyl maestros. It’s like having a trusty sidekick for your musical adventures!

  • Vintage Vibe: Picture a record player with retro charm. Reviewers adored the vintage feel and nostalgic colors. It’s like time-traveling back to the era of vinyl and classic tunes!


  • Savvy Speaker Solution: Some felt that the speakers, at times, could sound a little distorted or “muddy.” Reviewers noted that while the built-in speakers weren’t perfect, you could connect your own Bluetooth speaker for a clearer sound. It’s like having a backup band for your vinyl concert!


A Customized Star Map From When They Met/Got Married

by DreamTree Prints

Star Date Poster

How amazing is this?!  This customized star map will look great on their wall as a reminder of a really important date in their life. 

Enter in an important date to them (like their anniversary) and you’ll receive an astronomer view of exactly what the stars in the sky looked like that night.  You can even have their names added to it.  So cool!


  • High-Quality Craftsmanship: Reviewers were consistently delighted by the product’s top-notch quality. They emphasized that the print felt substantial and durable, more like holding a thick, substantial piece rather than a flimsy paper. 

  • Impressive Print Clarity: A major highlight for reviewers was the print’s impeccable clarity. They were pleased that even though they expected the printed image might look pixelated, it turned out to be beautifully detailed and sharp. 

  • Personalized Touch: The customization feature of this gift was widely praised. Reviewers loved the ability to personalize the gift with coordinates and messages, making it a uniquely meaningful present. This customization adds an emotional touch that elevates the sentimental value of the gift.


  • Frame Not Included: A recurring point of mention was that the product doesn’t come with a frame. Reviewers who were looking for a complete ready-to-hang gift were a bit disappointed that they had to find a separate frame.
  • Shipping Delays: Some reviewers shared experiences of encountering shipping delays. While they were excited about their gift, the extended wait time due to shipping issues could be frustrating, especially if the gift was intended for a specific date or occasion.  Plan ahead!


An At-Home DNA Kit to Learn Where They're From

by AncestryDNA

Ancestry DNA Kit

The AncestryDNA Kit is one of the most trusted, accurate, and popular at-home DNA kits on the market right now.

Not only can your  parents learn more about where they’re from, but now they can also learn about where their ancestors moved to, what their journey was, and how they fit in to that today!

There’s now even an app that goes along with it.  Plus, they’re having some great deals on different kits right now.


  • Simple as ABC: The process of using this DNA kit is like following a treasure map. You activate your kit online and then send your saliva sample back to their high-tech lab in a prepaid package. Easy-peasy!

  • Ethnic Enchantment: AncestryDNA offers a super cool feature – it tells you about your family’s origins with more detail and accuracy than other tests. It’s like being your own detective, exploring your roots through genetic codes.

  • SideView Sorcery: Hold onto your hats, because their SideView technology is like a crystal ball for your DNA results. It shows not just your overall heritage but also breaks it down by your mom’s and dad’s sides. Double the insight, double the fun!

  • Genealogy Galore: Once you have your results, you’re in for a treat. With an Ancestry subscription, you can dive into a gigantic treasure chest of family trees and historical records. It’s like having a magic wand to explore your family’s past.


  • Time-Turner Trouble: While magical, patience is key. Your results aren’t instant; they take about six to eight weeks to brew like a magical potion. So, channel your inner wizard and give it time.

  • Enchanted User Interface: For newbies, the user interface is like a magical forest – pretty and welcoming. But for seasoned wizards seeking deeper analyses, it might feel a bit like a beginner’s spell book. Time to combine it with more advanced tools!


Personalized Mugs If They're Dog Parents

by Uncommon Goods

Dog Parents Coffee Mugs

I couldn’t forget about all the dog parents out there!  These super cute customizable coffee mugs make the perfect present for them and their favorite pal.  They’re a bit on the smaller size – at 10 ounces – but are both microwave and dishwasher safe, which is actually really good especially for something that’s cuztomized.


  • Display Delight: Imagine having a magical object that brings smiles to your loved ones. These mugs aren’t just for sipping, they’re also wonderful display items. It’s like having a mini art piece on your desk or shelf.
  • Tail-Wagging Personalization: These mugs are as personal as a secret handshake. You can customize the characters, like the person and their dog, making it a special gift for any dog parent. It’s like creating a magic potion of memories.
  • Heartwarming Connection: These mugs are more than just cups; they’re tokens of affection. People gift them to spread love and create smiles. It’s like sending a warm hug with every sip!


  • Doggy Disguise: While these mugs are amazing, the art style of the dogs might not always match the people 100%. A little mismatched, but still charming!

  • Sneaky Preview: Wouldn’t it be cool if you could see a sneak peek of the magic before buying? Some reviewers wished they could see a preview of the mug before ordering. It’s like peeking through a magic mirror!


A Beautiful Bouquet of Farm Fresh Flowers

by Bouqs Co.

Bouqs Flower Delivery

Sending them some of the most beautiful flowers ever will definitely put a smile on their face whenever they get delivered and, plus, you’ll totally lock in that you’re their favorite child. From the super popular Bouqs Company, you can even upgrade to double or triple sized flowers for a super small fee.


A Smart Plug to Make Things Easier for Them

by Amazon

Amazon Smart Plug

The Amazon Smart Plug is not only already one of the best-sellers of the year and a total must-have tech gift this season, but it’s super easy to use too!

 Now your folks can easily turn any room in their house to a smart home.  Plug it in and use voice controls to say things like “Turn on the lights” or “Turn off the TV” and so much more.  It’s a great way to get some of their lamps on an easy-to-program timer so they can go on and off without having to go all around the house to turn them on or off.


  • Easy-peasy Setup: Think of setting up the Amazon Smart Plug as putting together a jigsaw puzzle with only one piece. Just plug it into an outlet, open the Alexa app, and follow the magical instructions. No need for a tech wizard here!

  • Power of Voice: Imagine having your very own genie who responds to your every command. With these smart plugs, you can command your devices with just your voice. “Alexa, turn on the coffee maker!” and presto, your morning brew is on its way.

  • Time Wizard: Let’s say it’s the weekend, and you want your lights to mimic the sunrise to gently wake you up. With scheduling, you can program the plugs to turn on and off at specific times. It’s like having your own magical time-traveling butler.

  • Away Mode Enchantment: Going on a vacation and worried about your home looking empty? These smart plugs have a special trick up their sleeves. The “Away Mode” can make your lights turn on and off randomly, fooling potential evildoers into thinking you’re still at home.


  • Muggle Compatibility: Sadly, these smart plugs are like wizards who only speak one language. They work best with Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant. If you have friends who use Google Assistant or Siri, these plugs might not play nice with them.

  • Dancing Lights Dilemma: Imagine you’re having a cozy evening, and suddenly your lights start flickering like a disco party. Well, these smart plugs might occasionally throw their own light dance if there’s a power blip. Not the kind of party you were hoping for!

  • WiFi Woes: Just like magical creatures, these smart plugs need a good connection to work their magic. If your WiFi isn’t strong, they might struggle to understand your commands. They prefer to be close to the WiFi source for a strong signal.


A Comfy T-Shirt With Positive Messages


You are Loved / You are Enough T-Shirt

Simply stated, but a totally needed reminder that they really are loved and enough.  This super comfy tee comes in a variety of colors and styles for both men and women.  Color options include navy blue, light yellow, light blue, black, light pink, heather grey, and more!

Check out some additional fun/funny parent-approved t-shirts.  Just click on your favorite and choose your size and see all the different color combos to choose from.


A Book With the Words of Wisdom From Oprah

by Oprah

Oprah Super Soul Book

The perfect gift for any parent who needs a little “pick-me-up” from time to time.  The Wisdom of Sundays provides short nuggets of insight and inspiration from Oprah and her friends on Super Soul Sunday. Every time they read a passage, they’ll think of you.


  • Soulful Insights: Just like embarking on a quest to uncover hidden treasures, this book guides you through life’s big questions with the wisdom of various experts. It’s like having a map to navigate the intricate pathways of your soul.

  • Spiritual Buffet:  This book serves up an array of perspectives from different guests, offering insights from spirituality to personal growth. It’s like a buffet of wisdom for your hungry mind.

  • Inspirational Adventure: Think of this book as a thrilling adventure through the landscapes of human experience. With each chapter, you embark on a journey into awakening, mindfulness, forgiveness, and more. It’s like having a personal guide to help you explore the unknown territories of your heart.

  • Heartfelt Design: This book is beautifully crafted, with textured covers and visual delights. It’s not just a book; it’s a tactile and visual experience that resonates with your soul.


  • Varied Terrain: Just as an adventurous hike can lead through different terrains, this book covers various aspects beyond pure spirituality, touching on marriage, parenting, and more. While these diversions can be enriching, they might sometimes feel like veering off the main path.

  • Personal Preference: Not all the featured concepts might resonate equally with you, and you might find yourself skipping over some chapters that don’t align with your interests.


An At-Home Microwavable Popcorn Popper

by Ecolution

Microwave Popcorn Popper

A great way for them to make fresh popcorn at home without having to drag out that old clanky machine and pour in a ton of oil.  This popular pick allows you to simply pour in the kernels and toss it in the microwave.  There’s even a slot on the top to place a pad of butter so that it evenly melts right in.


  • Easy Peasy Popcorn: Lots of reviewers find this popcorn popper super simple to use. No need for any fancy techniques – just put the kernels in, pop it in the microwave, and voilà, you’ve got popcorn magic happening.

  • Healthier Snacking: People love the fact that they can control what goes into their popcorn. No more mysterious chemicals or additives – you’re the boss of your popcorn flavoring kingdom!

  • Cool and Colorful: The popper comes in different vibrant colors, and the handle stays cool even when the popcorn’s hot. So, you can pop it out and dig in without burning your fingers.

  • Easy Peasy Cleanup: Good news for the lazy cleaners out there – this popper is dishwasher safe. After enjoying your popcorn extravaganza, just toss it in the dishwasher, and you’re done.


  • Poppin’ Time Trials: Some reviewers had to do a bit of popcorn science to figure out the perfect timing for their microwaves. It might take a few tries to get it just right and avoid the dreaded burnt popcorn situation.

  • Size Matters: While the smaller size is perfect for solo snack attacks, some folks wished they had gone for the larger size, especially if they’re sharing with friends or family.

  • Kernels Unite: A common con was that not all kernels popped in every batch. There’s a bit of a popcorn rebellion going on, with some kernels refusing to play nice and pop along with the others.


A Garden They Can Grown Indoors

by Aerogarden

Aero Graden

With the AeroGarden Harvest Elite 360 home garden, now they can grow their garden all year round right in the comfort of their own home! They can grow herbs, vegetables, flowers, and more.  Plus, you can grow up to 6 plants all at the same time.  Oh, and did we mention it’ll tell you when it needs water or nutrients?  How easy, delicious, and just plain old awesome.


  • Really Easy Gardening: Think of the Aerogarden as your plant babysitter – it takes care of all the hard stuff. You just need to set it up, put in the plant pods, and watch your garden grow. No green thumbs required!

  • Speedy Plant Party: You won’t be waiting ages for your plants to grow. The Aerogarden is like a time machine for plants – they shoot up faster than you can say “garden magic.” So, you’ll have fresh, homegrown herbs and greens in no time.

  • Herb Wonderland at Home: Imagine stepping into your kitchen and plucking fresh herbs right off the plant. No more last-minute grocery store dashes or dried-up herbs in your pantry. You’ll be the chef with the secret garden.


  • Light Show Overdrive: The grow lights are super bright to give your plants the energy they need to grow big and strong. But if you’re sensitive to bright lights, it’s like having a mini sun in your space. Maybe wear some shades!

  • Splashy Symphony: The watering cycle keeps your plants hydrated, but it can be a bit noisy. It’s like a mini water concert happening every 25 minutes. If you’re someone who likes quiet, you might need earplugs for this concert.


Daily Manifestation Journals Your Parents Can Do Together

Journals For Parents

Something your parents can do together or just on their own, these manifestation journals are great daily reminders of how to bring into their lives all the things they dream about having.  Each journal is prompt-based, meaning they simply have to answer a few short questions each day. It’s a great way to show gratitude, set intentions, and manifest all the amazing things they want and deserve in their lives.