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Stop whatever you’re doing because you’re about to make the best pizza of your life and in under 60 seconds – thanks to the geniuses at Ooni.  I’ve bought one, use it, love it and can’t get enough.  Read through some of my favorite things along with my research into the whole promo code saga.


Pretty much they only promo code you’ll be able to use from Ooni will come directly from them. If you’re on their select list of customers (students, healthcare, first-responders, etc) you can get an extra 15% off your order.  See if you made the list here. Reveal more here!


We live in a world (personally) where there is no such thing as too much pizza and, well, I’m good with that.  You know I’m always reviewing some of the coolest products and companies out there (I’ve recently talked about  my obsession with GoldbellyDrizly booze delivery,  and of course my YETI cooler) that everyone is buzzing about, so I wanted to let you know about my latest obsession; Ooni.

If you’re new to them, don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it – but overall they’re basically the best outdoor pizza maker of all time.  And now it’s affordable (even if without a coupon – but more on that below).  Ready to up your pizza game?

We’re all spending more and more time outdoors these days and nothing really ups the fun factor quite like inviting some friends over to hang out in your yard, have some drinks, and some good.  This is where the Ooni pizza oven comes into play.

I wanted to gift my sister and her family with something different that the whole family would enjoy and could keep them outside a bit.  Now they already have everything for their yard.  I’m talking all the YETI merch, two versions of Corn Hole, a newly built pergola, the on-trend Solo Stove fire pit, and a 45 foot long slip-and-slide.  Yeah, it’s a lot.  So I added the outdoor pizza oven to their outside swag and it’s been a total game-changer.

I’ve read a ton of reviews on this and while everyone seemed to really love it, no one really loved the price.  It can be a bit steep, but since I’m not a pro pizza maker I didn’t want to gift them a super high-end one (not yet at least).  So I went with their “Frya” wood pellet pizza oven.  I got mine for just under $300 and, at last look, it still seems like that’s the price.

Here’s what my sister and her fam loved about it:

  • It was surprisingly not as heavy as they thought it would be – about 20 lbs.
  • It got super hot, super fast – about 12-15 minutes.
  • It cooked their pizza super (like, super) fast – 60 seconds!
  • It didn’t take up too much room.

They didn’t  love  they couldn’t keep it outside like their grill but, hey, what are you gonna do?  After it cools off they just bring it in and store it away in their basement until next use.  Although – if there isn’t rain on the horizon they keep it out overnight sometimes.  Shhh don’t tell anyone.

Since I’ve written this I wanted to update it with some additional info that may be helpful.  First off, they’ve basically gone viral on TikTok (go figure) with customers Ooni TikTok videos racking up more than 50 million views.  It’s also a great place to see some recipes in action and some pizza-making tips and tricks from regular folks.  If you’re looking for pizza inspiration – basically drool-worthy pics of pizza, check out Ooni’s Insta for the latest and great ideas. Plus, they have a bunch of fun giveaways and offers there!

So whether you’re looking for a totally unique gift for someone else or are ready to try your hand at basically pro pizza making, I def recommend giving Ooni a try.  You’ll love it!


Since I’ve listed these pizza ovens in so many of my gift guides, I’ll regularly get emails asking if I had a coupon to share with them.  Personally, I don’t!  So I wanted to tackle the whole discount code thing here.

I’ve researched a ton of sites, including their own, and overall I came up short.  So basically, Ooni does allow you to enter in an approved coupon code or promo on their site when you check out.  The catch?  It’s gotta come from them. I’ve seen them on some other sites, but were confused by them and, honestly, they didn’t look real.  I checked them anyway and, well, no dice.

I always recommend to shop direct and always (like, always) sign up for their emails because they’ll send promotions directly to you when they release them.  I did find some ways to bundle and save around 10%, but that’s not always active. 

  • Free shipping when you spend over $35
  • Free 3 year warranty
  • Get 10% off bundles items

Offers can alway pop up from time to time, so stay on top of everything by  checking them out here.

When it comes to major sales, Ooni has actually increased the amount they have.  They used to kind of  be like YETI (oh, snag a 20% Yeti coupon here!)  where there’s basically never a sale, but  last year they ended up having  a killer Black Friday sale where you could get an extra 20% off sitewide.  And this is why I always recommend to follow them on social because they even  announced their big yearly sale direct on Facebook  where everything was 20% off right to midnight on Cyber Monday.  Now, you can bundle some items together, at times, and save up to 10% – which can really help overall.  You’ll have to check to see which bundles are currently available.  Check that out right here!



If you haven’t heard of the Ooni outdoor pizza oven, your life is about to be changed forever. Check out some of their current best selling pizza ovens, accessories, bundles that can help you save and any promo code offers they might have this month. Sign up for the newsletter too! Reveal more here!


Pretty much they only promo code you’ll be able to use from Ooni will come directly from them. If you’re on their select list of customers (students, healthcare, first-responders, etc) you can get an extra 15% off your order.  See if you made the list here. Reveal more here!

10% OFF

You can get 10% off your Ooni online order (say that three times fast!) when you shop their select bundles. And be sure to check out their amazing free shipping offer too! Reveal more here!

20% OFF

Ooni has a new offer that’s so generous. If you own an Ooni and are ready to upgrade, simply fill out the form and you’ll get your own 20% discount code you can put towards your next purchase. Reveal more here!


There’s really nothing better than totally free shipping and right now they’re offering just that. You can get your order shipped for free when you spend just $35. The best part? You don’t need a coupon for that. After your minimum spend you automatically qualify for free standard shipping. Awesome! Reveal more here!


One of our personal faves and now under $350, you can get the pizza “Frya” and start making some of the most delicious homemade pizza right now! Check out some free shipping too! Reveal more here!


It’s officially their latest and greatest version, perfect for the ultimate home pizza maker and pseudo pro chef. Introducing the amazing Karu 16. This one is big enough to fit, you guessed it, up to 16-inch pizzas and now it’s only $799 (and free shipping). Get all the details here! Reveal more here!


Yes, Ooni actually does offer discount directly on their website.  The most popular discounts I’ve found include:


This is always a popular question and while I don’t have an exclusive code, Ooni does currently have 2 valid codes.

One code is if you’re an everyday hero (15% off here) and the other is through their upgrade program (20% off here).

As always, I recommend to sign up for their emails because you’ll be the first to know when they’re having a sale or if they’re offering an exclusive discount.


Great news, recently they’ve announced they’re offering a 15% coupon code specifically for students.  You do have to verify your enrollment, but it’s quick and easy to get verified and then get your own 15% code.  Get verified here.


Similar to their student/teacher discount above, current nurses, those in the military, first responders, healthcare professionals, and select government officials can also get an additional 15% promo code.  Get verified here.


Their customer service is pretty top-notch (as is their 60-day free return policy).  If you’re looking to get in touch with them or just connect to some of their more popular social channels, have at it here!