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Fingerlings Baby Shark is Happening, So Basically That Song is Never Going Away

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Because now your finger can basically sing that dreaded Baby Shark song.  Eh, at least your kids will love it.

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That’s right folks!  Just when you thought that song was winding down, it’s not only back but isn’t going anywhere in 2024.  Our friends at PopSugar just announced that WowWee is releasing Fingerlings Baby Sharks into the wild.  Ok, so we don’t hate it.

What Does the Fingerlings Baby Shark Do?

If you’re familiar with Fingerlings (and, come on, who isn’t) you know that they’re totally interactive with typically over 40 different sounds and reactions.  You can rock them to sleep, pet them, pretend feed them, give them kisses and, heck, they’ll even give you some kisses back.   One of the differences with this one is that it’ll also sing the classic Baby Shark (do do do do) song right from your finger.  Even better, its fin will light up and we hear that its tail will move too.  Awesome!

When is the Release Date?

In case you forgot the Baby Shark song for some reason, fear not, because this little interactive cutie is being released on August 7, 2019.

Can You Pre-Order?

Yes! It’s officially up for pre order on places like Amazon and Walmart.

What’s This Going to Cost Me?

Don’t worry, the price is pretty decent and, well, what we’ve been used to from Fingerlings.  The suggested retail price is $14.99.

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