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Blume Deluxe Secret Surprise Garden Has 30 Magical Surprises!

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Get ready for the most magical and surprising flower pot from Blume yet!  Introducing the new Blume Deluxe Secret Surprise Garden.  Can we live in it?!

Where to Buy Blume Deluxe Secret Surprise Garden 2024 - Pre Order, Release Date, Price on Amazon 2024

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After the enormous success of Blume Dolls earlier this summer it only made sense that the folks at Blume would be ready to battle it out with the folks at LOL Surprise.  They’ve come out with this really cool jumbo sized flower pot where, yes, your doll will bloom and your kiddos will discover more than 30 different surprises.  The best part?  You can “bloom” your doll over and over again.  Here’s everything we know!

What’s the Blume Secret Surprise Garden All About?!

Get ready to grow the most magical toy of the year and, quite possibly, the must-have toy this Amazon Prime Day 2024!   Blume Secret Surprise Garden is about 12-inches tall, includes 30 amazing surprises inside, and your exclusive doll actually grows out of the flower pot when you water her.  Which one you’ll get and exactly what’s inside is all part of the surprise!

Currently there are 22 different ones you can collect, all with unique wild hairstyles, outfits and more.  As far as what you’re guaranteed to get inside the Surprise Garden it will include:

  • 1 exclusive dare doll.
  • 1 new mini friend!
  • 1 totally awesome hairstyle.
  • 7 must-have beauty accessories.
  • 4 different super cute mix-and-match fashion outfits.
  • 2 amazing sticker sheets.
  • 15 super-secret surprises.

Our favorite part is that after you water the “soil” and your Blume Doll pops out, you’ll push the petals down to open up the entire Secret Garden.  When your kiddos press the reset button, they’ll be able to bloom them again and again!  Super fun.

Once inside the giant flower pot they’ll be able to see things like:

  • Secret cabinets to store stuff!
  • Really cute home decor accessories for their new “home.”
  • An area to enjoy tea-time.
  • A cool gallery wall to decorate with stickers.
  • A balcony to stand on.
  • A gold trimmed chic mirror.
  • So. Much. More.

What's Inside Blume Secret Surprise Garden

What’s the Price of This Magical Land?

Oddly enough, for all that you get this one isn’t super expensive.  The suggested retail price will set you back $29.99.

When is the Release Date?

This one is geared towards the upcoming holiday season, so the official release date is slated to be October 1, 2019.

When Can You Pre-Order?

There’s not an official pre order date yet, but typically pre ordering starts 1 to 2 months prior to the launch.  So our best guess is that it’ll begin between August 15 – September 1, 2019.  Check here to see when pre order pops up!

The New Blume Deluxe Secret Surprise Garden – Buy It Here

Pre Order Blume Deluxe Secret Surprise Garden 2024

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