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The Unofficial Kendall Jenner Book Club is Kinda, Sorta Here

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So what exactly is Kendall Jenner reading, you ask?  Her unofficial book club just may be turning official before you think.

Kendall Jenner Book Club 2024 - What is Kendall Jenner Reading New Book Pick

It goes without saying that anything the Kardashian/Jenner clan touches seems to turn to gold.  They basically have the Oprah Effect on just about everything.  While Kendall Jenner may be more low-key than the rest, she’s been getting more teens and young adults to read than ever before.

What started out as just your regular Instagram shots of Kendall reading by the pool or on the beach has now started to slowly turn into an unofficial book club.  But rumor has it that she may be making this official before the end of the year.  Either way, we’re totally digging that she’s using her powers for good, especially when it comes to books.

So far, what Kendall has been enjoying isn’t overly mainstream, but still creative, will leave you deep in thought, and can help open your mind and way of thinking.  Plus, if poetry is your jam you may be a bit excited with some of her choices.  From Black Swans to No One Belongs Here More Than You and everything in between, there really is something for everyone no matter your age, sex, or background.

Again, while this is an unofficial book club, we’ve rounded up all her picks over the past year or so.  Some of these are actually on sale so you can get a pretty good deal on them (the updated prices will be reflected below).

Kendall’s New Book Pick / 2024

How to Cure a Ghost by Fariha Róisín.

Fariha Róisín’s poetry book is a collection of her thoughts as a young, queer, Muslim femme navigating the difficulties of her intersectionality. Simultaneously, this compilation unpacks the contentious relationship that exists between Róisín and her mother, her platonic and romantic heartbreaks, and the cognitive dissonance felt as a result of being so divided among her broad spectrum of identities.  Read more here!

The Complete Book List

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