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Pre-Order the Most Anticipated Books Coming Soon This Month (and the Next)!

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Ready to add the next page-turner to your list?  Pre order any (or all) of these new books that are coming soon.  Read on!

New Books Coming Soon 2024 - June, July, August Pre Order Most Anticipated Book

Popular Books Coming Soon!

There are so many book clubs out there that we’re all pretty obsessed with.  You have Oprah’s and Reese’s and, most recently, even Jenna Bush-Hager’s list.  We’re always on the edge of our seat each month waiting to hear (and see) what their new pick is going to be.  But outside of their recommendations there are ton of really great choices out there based on the type of books you typically like to read.

There are so many new releases each month, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the most anticipated books that are coming soon and how you can pre-order them now!  The only catch is that we’re going to provide a list that applies to a wide variety of readers and genres.  There’s mainstream, books for the kiddos, fiction, non-fiction, romance and just about anything and everything in-between.  If it’s highly anticipated and created a lot of buzz already, we’re going to add it in.

Feel free to bookmark this page (do people still even do that anymore?!) because we’ll be updating it regularly as new books are released.  We’re also going to take this in 3-month increments so that it’s not too overwhelming.  So shop some of the best coming soon must-reads (so far) in July 2024 (and then July & August too!)

Coming Soon / July 2024

Coming Soon / July 2024

Coming Soon / July 2024