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7 Lightweight Espadrilles to Officially Kick Off Summer

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Your feet deserve a break this summer.  Here’s how to sport that espadrille look you’ve been eyeing since last year.

Designer Espadrilles For Men 2024

I’m going to blow your mind when I say this, but guys can actually own multiples pairs of shoes.  I know.  Mind blowing. And, to top it off, they can even have different ones for different times of the year.

Take summer, for instance.  If you’re heading out and sandals are too casual, you may want to go the espadrille route.  Here’s why I love them.  First off, there are so many cool different designs, colors, and styles that you can rock a bunch of different looks based on the pants, jeans, or shorts you’re wearing that day.

Second, most of them are super lightweight and comfortable as all hell.  If you’re heading to the beach and don’t want that sand flipping back up on the back of your legs when you walk, espadrilles are totally the way to go.  Plus, overall, they’re pretty inexpensive and make you look like you’re fly AF without trying too hard. Kind of like we just did with that last sentence.

Men sporting espadrilles first originated in Spain, but it’s since (it took hundreds of years) made its way to the shores of the sunny US and now, well, they’ve become pretty mainstream.  Some of the top brands in this space that also happen to be some of my favorites include the tried-and-true brand Soludos, the always trendy TOMS, the super affordable Havaianas, and then there’s all the designers who’ve hopped on the trend.

Check out some of the best designer espadrilles for men (so far) in 2024.

1.  Soludos Striped Dali Espadrilles

Soludos Striped Dali Espadrille Shoes 2024

$85 |

Fit: True to Size
Additional Colors: Navy/Red Stripe, Natural Tan, Dark Navy/White Stripe

Originating in Spain, these lightweight comfy navy and natural red-striped espadrille shoes are named “Dali” after Salvatore Dali who used to wear a pair (not these!) around his own town back in the day.  These are a cotton blend and while they are comfy, they do need to be broken in a bit.  The more you wear them the better they get.

Savings:  Right now you can get a second pair for 20% off and an extra 15% off when you refer a friend.

2.  The Mariner in Navy Blue

Sea Star Beachwear Men's Espadrille

$98| Zappos

Fit: True to Size
Additional Colors: Dark Navy, Black, and Slate Grey

A bit on the more expensive side, these dark navy options are definitely worth the price.  These are the perfect ones to bring to the beach or the pool with you (plus they look great with almost any pair of swim trunks) because they are quick drying and can totally get wet.  In fact, the dry-time is just 15 minutes.  Plus, the sole is rubber so it’ll lessen the chances you’ll slip!

Savings:  Right now the only Zappos promo offer I’m finding is free shipping and free returns.

3.  Havaianas in White

HAVAIANAS in white

$32 | Amazon

Fit: True to Size
Additional Colors: White

Havaianas are known for having popular and affordable footwear (usually sandals), but this rings true with these espadrilles as well. I know what you’re thinking; white?!  Hear me out, the white will totally stand out and they go perfect with any color jeans, khakis, shorts – you name it.  My only issue is keeping them clean (which I can’t) so based on the low price I treat myself to a new white pair each summer.

Savings:  With Amazon Prime you can get free shipping.

4.  TOMS Alpargata Rope in Black

TOMS men's espadrille shoes

$60 | TOMS

Fit: True to Size
Additional Colors: Black, Grey, Blue

TOMS is one of my favorite shoe brands, especially because they donate a pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair they sell.  Outside of that, these are really comfortable, durable, and really well priced (about $15 – $20 less than most competitors).  They’re made of organic cotton and have roping around the shoe itself to give it a little extra something.

Savings:  Get an extra 20% off by signing up for their newsletter, get a 10% student discount, and get $20 when you refer a friend.

5.  Dark Navy “Summer Stripe” Dali

Navy + White Summer Espadrilles

$85 |

Fit: True to Size
Additional Colors: Navy/Red Stripe, Natural Tan, Dark Navy/White Stripe

Soludos made my list again because, quite honestly, I can’t choose just one pair.  These are a super-summery blue and white striped option, made of a cozy cotton blend, and even comes in half-sizes.  Want a little editor tip?  If you don’t plan on wearing socks with these (who does?!) give a little spritz of your favorite body spray before you wear them and help keep them smelling and feeling fresh.

Savings:  Right now you can get a second pair for 20% off and an extra 15% off coupon when you refer a friend.

6.  Designer Embroidered Espadrille Slip-On

Saint Laurent Espadrilles

$425 | Nordstrom

Fit: True to Size, But for Half-Size Order a Size Up
Additional Colors: Off-White, Black

You may want to wait and see if these make the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but if you have some cash (like, a lot) of cash to spear – totally splurge and go for these designer Saint Laurent slip-ons.  They’re even embroidered with the brand name right on the side (show it off with pride!).  Do it if you can.

Savings:  Get free shipping and free returns, plus get a $40 note when you use a Nordstrom credit card.

7.  ASOS Design Summer Espadrille

ASOS Mens Espadrille

$24 | ASOS

Fit: True to Size
Additional Colors: Multi-Stripe

After the shock of the price from my previous recommendation, these top sellers from ASOS are a total breath of fresh air and will work with just about any budget.  They have a striped-design, rope midsole, and round-toe.  At this price, pick up a couple of pairs so you don’t have to stress about keeping them clean.

Savings:  Get 10% off with email signup and a 10% student discount.