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The 8 Comfiest Chino Pants All Men Should Add to Their Wardrobe

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Yes, the perfect pair of pants exists and this season it’s all about the chino.  Whether you’re looking for a classic color and fit or a pair that’ll provide a pop of color and style, I’ve got you covered at just about every budget level.

Best Chino Pants for Men 2024 - Khaki Straight to Slim Fit Mens Chinos

Whether you’re looking for a lightweight spring-approved pair of chinos or something a little heavier like the khakis we’ve all grown up with, there are plenty of options available out there.  And the perfect pair can really be worn with your tried and true slim-fit jeans, your favorite pair of kicks and even the proper dress shoe when you’re looking to show off a little ankle (which I always am).

Now, I’m pretty particular when it comes to the fit and the style.  I don’t like them too slim-fitting (never totally skinny) and never overly baggy.  But, believe it or not baggy and pleats (yes, those pleats!) are in this season, according to fashion experts. While I still can’t get my mind around pleats, I wanted to make sure I did at least provide y’all with some pant options that can fit all different body shapes, sizes, and preferences.

When the weather is nice enough, it’s still totally acceptable to roll your pant legs to show off your ankles (give them some sun!) so all of these are tapered enough at the ankle to allow you to easily do so (without them constantly unrolling).

So while it’s officially chino season (and even bathing suit season, depending on where you live) let’s find you the upgrade you need in a variety of color options, fits, styles, and price-points.  Pair ’em with your favorite rocker tee and even perfectly fitting jacket and you’re ready to head out.

Check out my picks for the best chino pants for guys (so far) in 2024.  Let’s roll!


1. Flat Front “CoolMax” Performance Chinos

Nordstrom Flat Front Chino

$79.50 | Nordstrom

Fit: Slim
Additional Colors:
Grey Heather, Navy Blue, Tan

The perfect pair of pants for the warmer months, these top sellers online at are lightweight, stretchy, and even have moisture-wicking which can help keep your temperature regulated when things heat up a bit.  Plus, they’ll pull the moisture away from your body so that things don’t get, well, swampy.  If you know, you know.

Ways to Save:  Get an extra $40 note when you use Nordstrom credit card.  Free shipping is applicable as well.


2. Amazon Essentials Wrinkle-Resistant

Amazon Essentials Wrinke Free Chino Pants

$22 | Amazon

Fit: Slim
Additional Colors:
Navy, Stone, Taupe, Khaki, Dark Brown, Black, and Indigo

I love these because the fit is probably the best fit I’ve worn (I own these in 5 different colors) and you really can’t beat the price.  Well, that’s Amazon for ya!  Not only are the comfy, but they’re wrinkle-resistant, flat front, zip-fly, and button back pockets (perfect to secure your wallet, safely).  And if you needed more of an endorsement, how about the more than 21,000 reviews and ratings they currently have!

Ways to Save:  The price is already insane, but with Prime you get free fast shipping and free returns.


3. The 484 Stretch Chinos in Black

JCREW 484 Chino Pants

$79.50 | J. Crew

Fit: Slim/Stretch
Additional Colors:
Black, Grey, Brown, White, Blue, Navy, Red and More.

The 484’s from J Crew have been my go-to for the past 5 years.  They just fit perfectly for me, so why ever leave them?  They’re slim, but definitely not too slim and they have a little stretch to them which makes them easy to move around in, yet sits well in all the right places.  They’re easy to roll the cuff and can easily be dressed up or dressed down depending on where you’re wearing them.  Each season they have an abundance of color options too.

Ways to Save:  Currently on sale – and get an extra 15% off if you’re a student, teacher, first responder, in the military, etc.  Get up to 30% off with a J. Crew coupon here.


4. Commission Classic Fit Pants in Iron Blue

Lululemon Chinos Pants for Men

$128 | Lululemon

Fit: Classic
Additional Colors:
Iron Blue, Carbon Dust, Silver Drop, Grey Sage, and More.

If you’re on the go on the regular, check out these comfy and breathable chinos from Lululemon.  Yes, that Lululemon.  They have more than just workout clothes!  These are designed for being worn on the move, have a nice and stretchy fabric, and even some hidden pockets to hide some of your favorite things.

Ways to Save:  Get an extra 15% off when you sign up with your email address.


5. Original Stretch Washed Chinos in Jet Blue

Bonobos Jet Blue Chinos

$99 | Bonobos

Fit: Slim (Pictured), Straight, or Athletic
Additional Colors:
Jet Blue, Bright White, Mulberry, Jet Black, Asphalt, and More

While you can, of course, wear these anywhere you want – these are truly the perfect work pant from the super-popular Bonobos men’s brand.  They fit brilliantly, look impeccable and give you just enough formality to make it seem like you’re a bit more professional than you actually are.  They give it a bit of a stretch so it can move and groove with you and are pre-washed to make them even more comfortable than ever before.  Spray your signature cologne, toss these pants on, and head out to the office to impress!

Ways to Save:  Overall, get 15% off your first order with email sign-up.  Get 25% off when you refer a friend!


6. Abercrombie “Skinny Athletic” Dark Khaki

Abercrombie Skinny Athletic Khakis

$69 | Abercrombie

Fit: Skinny Athletic
Additional Colors:
Dark Khaki, Light Khaki, Navy Blue, and Black

I know I said I’d never go the skinny route, but these popular sellers from Abercrombie are the perfect balance between skinny and athletic.  This basically means that it’s roomy enough through your thighs and then is tapered as you go towards your ankles.  These even have a built in stretch.  My only issue?  They’re not always in stock so get them when you can and get them in all the colors.

Ways to Save:  There’s a coupon for Abercrombie when you sign up for their newsletter (15% off!).  Worth it!


7. The Performance “Uniform” in Olive Green

Everlane Men's Chino Pants 2024

$78 | Everlane

Fit: Slim (Pictured) and Athletic
Additional Colors:
Olive Green, Grey, Stone, Navy Blue, Toasted Coconut, and More

A little off the beaten path comes these best sellers from the buzziest online retailer Everlane.  While this is a basic pant in the all the right ways, there’s one thing you’ll always get from Everlane and that’s quality and totally fair pricing.  In fact, these have been wash-tested 50 times to test out the strength of the fabric, any pillage issues, annoying color fading, and even shrinkage.  It passes all the tests with flying colors.  Speaking of which, there are tons of seasonal colors to choose from.

Ways to Save:  Get an extra 10% off with email sign up.


8. Faherty “Icon” Stretch Chinos For Men

Faherty Chinos

$168 | Faherty

Fit: Slim (Pictured) and Straight
Additional Colors:
Rugged Grey, Navy Blue, Stone, and Khaki

One of the men’s retailers I’ve been obsessed with lately has been Faherty.  For me, they’re like the perfect mix between J Crew and Bonobos, but slightly higher-end.  These are actually super soft, comfy, and stretchy making them perfect for work or just hanging out in.  You’re going to pay a bit more for them, but they’re totally worth it.  Every guy should own at least one pair.

Ways to Save:  Get an extra 15% off with newsletter sign up and $15 off when you refer a friend.