All the Newest Picks From the GMA Book Club (Plus Their December Pick)!

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Good Morning America (our favorite morning show) has jumped on the book club bandwagon and are recommending some amazing reads each and every month.  Looking for their latest pick?  Read on!

GMA Book Club Pick December 2023 - Good Morning America Books List


It seems like everyone is starting a book club these days!  From Oprah’s Book Club (of course) to Read With Jenna and Reese Witherspoon’s picks it only made sense that GMA got in on the action.  They actually launched theirs back in 2019 and just about every book they’ve picked has instantly become a best seller.

What we really love about Good Morning America’s choices is that they typically pick really diverse and compelling authors – so there’s really something for everyone. We know that there are so many choices out there and, well, time is sometimes an issue to read as much as you’d like, but it really is such a great escape and a must-do when it’s time to give yourself a break from scrolling endlessly on your phone, watching TV while using your tablet, and basically just numbing yourself overall. 


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Curling up with a good book can really get you out of that constant funk too – at least it has for us!

We usually stay on top of this so you can always come here to sort through all the book picks from the past and get their new pick for the month as soon as it’s announced.  We also recommend to  follow them on Instagram  because they’ll sometimes make early announcements there as well.

We’re also budget-conscious shoppers so we’ll keep things updated when these books go on sale and will update the price accordingly.  Who doesn’t love a bargain?!

The New Pick / December 2023

The Frozen River   by Ariel Lawhon:  Clever, layered, and subversive, Ariel Lawhon’s newest offering introduces an unsung heroine who refused to accept anything less than justice at a time when women were considered best seen and not heard. The Frozen River is a thrilling, tense, and tender story about a remarkable woman who left an unparalleled legacy yet remains nearly forgotten to this day.  Read more here!

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