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Here’s Where You Can Find Some Cool Reusable Face Masks For Both Kids & Adults Right Now!

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Are you finally ready to mask-up?  Or just looking for something cooler than the standard blue disposable masks?  Look no further because we’ve found some of the coolest (and some are even funny) masks that are suitable for adults and even the kiddos.  Read on!

Face Masks For Kids & Adults 2024 - Reusable & Washable Masks In Stock Right Now

Whether we like it or not, according to the CDC and health professionals, we should wearing protective face masks to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus.  Let’s be honest, it’s pretty miserable but we’re all in this together so we can do it!

We’ve sported those disposable masks (you know, the blue ones) that you wear once and then have to throw away.  While those are helpful we’re ready to rock something a bit more stylish.  If we have to wear these we might as well look the best we can!  When you’re looking for something for yourself or even your kids you, ideally, want to make sure they stay securely on your face, cover your nose and your mouth (down towards your chin as well) and are breathable.  Ideally you’ll find ones that are lightweight, reusable, and washable all at the same time.  Don’t worry, we’ve done that part for you!

We’re starting out with some of the top cool picks for your kids and then (keep scrolling) because after that we’ve found some really nice options for the adults.  While some are geared towards women or men (or girls or boys) we say just do you and choose the ones you like best.  Gender ‘rules’ need not apply.

Shop some of the best reusable face masks for kids and adults in 2024!

For Kids

The Boys/Girls 3 Pack Reusable Face Masks
ABG Accessories
Ages:  4 – 14


Reusable Face Masks For Kids 2024: 3 Pack Washable Boys or Girls

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While this one is geared more towards boys, there really are no rules these days do they’re perfect for girls too!  This one comes as a really cool 3-pack where you’ll get the stylish red and black buffalo check pattern, the friendly smiley face, and the black mask with the comic book treatment.  They’re totally breathable too!  Learn more here.

The Patriotic American Flag Kids Face Mask
Ages:  4 – 12

Reusable Face Masks For Kids 2024: American Flag Boys & Girls

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A great option when they want to show their patriotism and keep germs away from their nose and mouth.  This is one of the more popular options the kiddos actually enjoy wearing because it also doubles as a bandana, a neck gaiter, and a face mask all in one!  Learn more here.

The Cubcoats Kids Reusable & Washable
Ages:  4+

Reusable Face Masks For Kids 2024: Little Kids 2 Pack

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How adorable are these?!  They come two to a pack, in purple and pink, and with super cute kitty and bear faces on them!  They have two layers of cotton and elastic straps so they’ll fit more comfortably around their ears without pulling them down. It even has the metal nose piece so they can mold it more onto their face for a more secure fit.  Learn more here.

The Magical Mermaid
Ages:  4 – 12

Reusable Face Masks For Kids 2024: Mermaid For Girls

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Keep them safe and let them turn into that stylish mermaid they always wanted to be! There are actually 12 different ways to wear this one and it’ll even help protect them from the suns UV rays.  Learn more here.

The Cool & Stylish 3-Pack
Ages:  4 – 14

Reusable Face Masks For Kids 2024: 3 Pack For Boys

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Get them ready for school (fingers crossed) and keep them looking pretty cool all at the same time.  This one comes as pack of 3; army camo, fall plaid, and the funny bear face.  How can you go wrong?  Learn more here.

The Camo Face Mask
Ages:  4 – 12

Reusable Face Masks For Kids 2024: Camo Print Boys Girls

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Perfect for boys or girls, this camo pick almost has that cool pixelated Minecraft-vibe they’ll love.  Learn more here.

For Adults (Men/Women)

The Brenton Washable Face Mask For Adults

Reusable Face Masks for Adults 2024: Cloth Striped for Men or Women

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One of the top picks of the season, this one is perfect for men or women and even has the place to replace the filter when needed.  The best part?  It’s totally machine washable and lightweight!  Learn more here.

The Everyday 5-Pack

Reusable Face Masks for Adults 2024: The Gap

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Now you have a stylish face mask for every day of the (work) week!  That’s right, these come in an affordable pack of 5 and are light, breathable, and machine washable.  Learn more here.

The Fashion-Forward 3-Pack

Reusable Face Masks for Adults 2024: For Women at Anthropologie

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This pack of three will keep you totally fashion-forward and safer all at the same time!  Learn more here.

The Reusable & Washable With Filters

Reusable Face Masks for Adults 2024: Washable with Filter

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If you’re looking for an option with filters, this is the one for you!  It comes with 1 face mask, 4 valves, and 5 filters.  You can even choose some colors like black, blue, orange, and grey.  Learn more here.

The 100% Human 3-Pack

Reusable Face Masks for Adults 2024: 3 Pack for Women or Men

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You can never go wrong with Everlane and now they have their own face masks!   The 100% Human brand comes as a set of 3 and you can even machine wash and dry them.  Learn more here.

The Riviera Adult Masks for Men or Women

Reusable Face Masks for Adults 2024: Bonobos for Men

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Perhaps some of the most stylish picks of the season, these come as a pack of 3 and while they’re geared towards men they’ll perfect for women too!  Learn more here.

The Mission Cooling Gaiter

Reusable Face Masks for Adults 2024: Multi-Use for Men or Women

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This is a great pick for those that want a multi-functional option.  You can wear it to cover your face, use as a bandana, and the best part is that even cools down when it gets wet!  Choose from 6 different colors and patterns too.  Learn more here.

The Merino Wool 2-Pack

Reusable Face Masks for Adults 2024: Wool For Winter or Fall

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We hate to offer wool options, but these top sellers are merino wool so they’re breathable but will also keep you warm in the fall and the winter.  Ugh.  Learn more here.

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