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25 Cool Halloween Costumes For Your Tween You’ll Actually Approve!

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As if your tween can’t be tough enough as it is, now it’s time to bargain (and potentially) and bribe them when it comes to choosing the perfect Halloween costume for them.  Buckle up because it’s going to be wild ride, but we’ve come up with a list of really decent costumes that you’ll approve of and they’ll want to wear too!

Tween Halloween Costumes 2024 - Costume Ideas For Girl & Boy Tween & Teen

Let’s be honest, finding the right costume for Halloween can be a bit of a nightmare.  And by “a bit” we mean “a total” nightmare.  If you have a tween in your home (typically the age range is around 9 years old to 12 years old) you know they’re at that awkward age where sometimes they still want to dress up like the fairy princess or the cute cowboy, but sometimes they want to branch out from those old baby costumes and dress up as something a bit more mature, especially if they’ll be going to that school dance or their friend’s Halloween Party.  We’ve all been there.

There are a ton of options out there and it can be a bit overwhelming.  But, we’ve come up with a bunch of popular picks for tweens of just about any age (and some of these actually gear a bit more towards teens or at least some are options your teenager may actually want to wear).  The good news is that as a parent you’ll (hopefully) be comfortable with all of these and your kiddo will be happy sporting them too.

Check out our top picks for some of the best Halloween costumes for tweens (and some teens) in 2024!


The Tween Sarah Sanderson Costume
Hocus Pocus

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If they love Hocus Pocus (and we know you do too!) they’ll love this Sarah Sanderson costume.  The flowing dress is at a length that most parents will be totally comfortable with!


The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter

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Everyone is still totally obsessed with The Mandalorian so why not dress up as a Bounty Hunter?  The jumpsuit actually kind of looks like real armor.  Only thing missing?  Where’s Baby Yoda?!


The Official Superman
DC Comics

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He may be a tween, but he’s still your little guy and a total Superman in your mind!  Now he can dress like his favorite superhero (and you can never go wrong with a classic).  It comes with the jumpsuit and the cape (the boots are attached). While this one is geared towards boys, of course, any and every girl can proudly sport this one as well.


Harriet Tubman

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Fresh off the success of the recent movie Harriet, this option is the best to help continue to spread the positive message, strength, and courage of Harriet Tubman.


Violet From The Incredibles
The Incredibles Movie

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It’s still one of their favorite movies and now they can dress up as one of their favorite characters from The Incredibles; Violet!  In the movie her powers may be all of the place (including be invisible) she definitely won’t feel unseen in this super cool outfit this Halloween! This one comes with the dress itself, tights, the pair of gloves and the must-have eye mask.


Famous Marshmallow DJ

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Now they can be their favorite DJ!  The DJ Marshmallow jumpsuit is perfect for boys or girls.


Classic Football Player

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Because, yes, girls play football too.  Welcome to 2024.  We love this one because you don’t have to worry about it being revealing at all.


Tween-to-Teen Beetlejuice Costume
The Beetlejuice Movie

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If we could, we would dress up like Beetlejuice every single year!  Well now your tween can too (they have sizes for teens, too, in case it becomes a family favorite).  It comes with the black and white striped jacket (with foam flaps), the striped pants, and the dickie too!  When you click through you’ll be able to pick up a wig and the face makeup. It comes sold separately.


The Classic Mermaid

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A super whimsical and wheelchair-approved costume.  It comes with the beautiful adaptive mermaid blanket, the pretty headband, and even the shell accessory.


The Mad Hatter
Alice in Wonderland

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Move over Alice, because this year she’s going as the Mad Hatter, with a funky twist!  This one comes with it all!  You get the tailcoat/vest, the skirt/petticoat, that hat, the bow-tie, the spats, and the cool fingerless gloves.


Alexander Hamilton

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You are not going to miss your shot!  Everyone was obsessed with the Hamilton musical on Broadway, but it came to life again this year with the release on Disney+.  Now you can dress up as one of the coolest founding fathers!  This one comes with the jacket/vest, pants, boot tops, and cravat.


The Fishstick Fortnite Pirate

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Because they’re more addicted to Fortnite than ever before and they’re even more addicted to the funny Fishstick pirate.


The Batman Costume
Dawn of Justice

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Just like Superman, you can never go wrong the classic Batman costume.  Whether he’s a tween or pushing towards teen age, he’ll be psyched to rock this one this year.


The Official Creature Costume
Tween Girl

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If they’re tired of dressing up like someone from a movie or TV show and just want to go as something totally unique and cool at the same time, check out The Creature! It’s super colorful and fun and comes with the shrug, tank top, leg warmers, skirt and headband.


The Zombie Football Player

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Combine both of their favorite things; football and zombies!  This one comes with just about everything like the shirt, helmet, pants, zombie scarf, and shoulder pads.


The Official Wonder Woman
DC Comics

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A little more suited for teens than tweens, this is one of the top sellers for that age group this year.  Either way, she’ll love being a superhero and kicking some butt along the way.


The Doctor Hero

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Sure a superhero is always cool, but you know what’s always cooler?  Anyone in the medical field!  Continue to honor the real life heroes with this official doctor costume.  It comes with the shirt, the pants and, of course, the lab coat.  Check out the nurse options here too.  You can’t go wrong!


Winifred Sanderson
Hocus Pocus Movie

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It’s another fan favorite from the Hocus Pocus movie!  This one is officially licensed so you don’t have to worry about a totally janky costume arriving to your front door.


Inflatable T-Rex
Jurassic World

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Sure it’s the perfect pick for Halloween (especially in regards to social distancing!) but they’ll love wearing it all year round just because!


Care Bears Cheer Bear Hoodie
Care Bears

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Such a great choice for your tween girl (or boy) who wants to keep things somewhat simple but fun, especially with their friends this year.  You can choose the specific Care Bear you want and the cozy hoodie also comes with the colorful leggings as well.  Perfect for groups!


Lost My Head
Scary Cool

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It’s a really fun (and kinda scary) way to spook your family and friends.  Carrying your head around all night has never been easier!


Ghostbusters Costume

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Who you gonna call?  You know the rest.  Get ready to bust those ghosts in this one and choose from sizes like small, medium, and large!


The Unicorn Onesie

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Another great choice (and the comfiest one) if they’re keeping things low-key and part of a group costume with their friends.  Each friend can choose their own color unicorn!  These are basically cozy onesie pajamas that they’ll love wearing this season.


Rock, Paper, Scissors
Group Friends

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Those one is super easy, funny, and perfect for that group of friends who are struggling what to be this year.  This one comes with all three pieces!


Super Mario
Super Mario Brothers

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Finally it’s a Super Mario costume geared towards girls that doesn’t have a dress!  This one comes with the Mario jumpsuit, hat, fingerless gloves, and Mario’s mustache on a stick.

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