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The L.O.L Surprise Bubbly Surprise is Ready for Pre-Order!

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It’s one of the most anticipated unboxings (so far) in 2024!  Thats right, we’re talking about the new LOL Surprise ‘Bubbly’ Surprise!  The best news?  You can pre order it now!

Where to Buy LOL Surprise Bubbly Surprise 2024

Pre Order Here

As if your kiddos don’t have enough LOL dolls, they’ve now just released their latest and greatest.  We love all the fun little fizzy surprises that come in this one and we’re obsessed that cute heart shaped fizz will reveal a limited-edition doll and even a pet!  Plus, you’ll even discover six pearl accessory balls.  What’s better than that!

We think that your kids are going to have a blast with the kinetic sand portion of this surprise.  They’ll have to dig through that oddly satisfying sand to find their prizes like the true archeologists they are! Plus, once they find their exclusive doll and pet if they add a little water to them they’ll uncover even more surprises.  Once they’re completely finished with their unboxing they can even use the case as a purse and playset.  Score!

So when is the actual release date, you ask?  Right now we’ve discovered it’s to be officially released to the public in June 2024. The good news is that as of January 28, 2024 you can pre order this Bubbly Surprise!  Check pre-order availability here.

Where to Buy LOL Bubbly Surprise – Buy It Here

Where to Pre Order L.O.L Surprise Bubbly Surprise With Heart Shaped Kinetic Sand

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