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The LOL Surprise Eye Spy Series Will Turn Your Kiddos Into True Detectives!

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Get ready to solve the most fun top secret mystery this season with the L.O.L Surprise Eye Spy Series (Under Wraps).  Now that’s a mouthful!

Where to Buy LOL Surprise Under Wraps Eye Spy Series 1A 2018 - 2024

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As we all know by now, the L.O.L Surprise(s) are taking over the upcoming holiday season.  There’s the doll house, the Bigger Surprise, and so much more.  Well, added to the list of ‘must haves’ is this new Spy Series.  The best part is that it’s already been released to the public and you can buy it right now!  Here’s everything else you need to know.

What’s Inside This Eye Spy Series?

First off, your kiddos will use surprise clues to help find their lost pet.  Poor thing!  This one comes with so many new surprises, so here’s what you can expect:

  • There are 15 surprises in total to uncover!
  • 1 must-use spy glass.
  • A secret message sticker.
  • Super surprise codes.
  • A bottle.
  • The mystery disguise!
  • Fashion accessories.
  • An outfit.
  • An exclusive LOL doll!

How Do You Use This Thing?!

This is one of the most fun unboxings we’ve experienced in a while because there are so many things, so it takes a little longer to complete, which is part of the fun.  Your kids will unbox the spy glass to find all the secret codes and then unlock and discover the super cool surprises.  Each of the cute little dolls is sporting a mystery disguise and each layer they bust through will help them figure out just who’s hiding inside.  You can even bathe the little dolls to find a really neato water surprise!  Even better, that capsule it comes in now becomes a purse for the kids or they can even use it as a carrying case for their dolls.  Hello organization!

What’s the Price Going to Be?

This is one of the more affordable ones, which we find refreshing since our Christmas budget is already at tilt.  The suggested retail price is just $14.99.  Friendly Tip:  We wary of sites selling it for more than that!

Where Can You Buy Them?

Now that the pre-order portion is over and these have been released into the wild, you can get them pretty much anywhere.  We typically like to buy them here on Amazon because it’s a bit less than most other sites and, since we have Prime, we’re able to get free 2-day shipping.  Score!  You can also get it here at Walmart too (in case you have a hard time finding it at the price you want to pay!).

The New L.O.L Surprise ‘Under Wraps’ Eye Spy Series 1A – Buy It Here

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