The LOL Surprise Fashion Show on the Go Case is a 4-in-1 Must-Have!

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If you have a million LOL dolls this is the new case (and play-set) your kiddos are going to totally need and the one that you’ll be grateful for!

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It was only a matter of time before LOL came out with a storage case that also doubles as a fashion show runway and comes with an exclusive doll.  Whether they want to store their dolls or LOL accessories in it, walk the runway, or simply carry this with them when they go to their friends house, this is the total must-have for the true collector this year!

What’s the LOL Fashion Show on the Go All About?!

What initially seems like just a storage case is really so much more than just that.  Sure they can store a bunch of their dolls inside or use it as a display case, but they can also totally play inside of it and strut their stuff on the runway.  It actually hold a minimum of 18 different LOL dolls or pets and accessories depending on their size (it won’t come close to hold the new LOL OMG Fashion Dolls).

It’s actually really useful, comes with a bunch of stuff, and is pretty fun. They’ll love features and surprises like:

  • It includes 1 fan-favorite LOL doll (which will they get?!).
  • Hold 18+ dolls and pets.
  • It has slide-out drawers that’ll store some fashion outfits, accessories and more.
  • The drawers can be even taken out and uses as a doll stand!

Inside the LOL Surprise Fashion Show on the Go Case 2023

The case itself can be used as:

    • A flip-out stand.
    • A wall mount (yes, you can actually mount it to your wall).
    • A side-by-side case.
    • A back-to-back case.
    • A fashion runway!

When it opens up it’ll totally stand up on its own and the “runway” while made of cardboard looks like it actually lights up (it doesn’t, but is pretty convincing).  Your kiddos will have a blast having their very own LOL fashion show and when they’re with their friends these “on the go” cases can clip together forming one giant runway event!

The LOL Surprise Case Stand Wall Mount 2023

What’s the Price Setting You Back?

We were a bit surprised at the cost of this on tbh.  The suggested retail price is $24.99.   We assume because it also comes with the exclusive fan-favorite doll too.

When is the Release Date?

They’re clearly gearing up for Christmas and we don’t blame them.  This is officially being released on September 9, 2019.  The good news is that you can pre-order it now on Amazon.  Check it out here to pre order and lock in the lower price!

The LOL Surprise Fashion Show on the Go Case – Buy It Here

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