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The LOL Surprise JK Mini Fashion Dolls are Totally Runway Ready!

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Get ready to dust off the runway because the newest LOL Surprise JK Mini Fashion Dolls are officially here!

LOL Surprise JK Mini Fashion Dolls

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It seems like new LOL dolls are being released on the regular these days.  And this month is no different due to the highly anticipated release of the LOL Surprise JK Minis.  If you think they look sort of familiar, you’d be right.  Here’s everything we know!

What’s are the JK Mini Fashion Dolls All About?!

Some may call them ‘tots’ or ‘kids’ but one thing is for sure; they’re mini!  And if they look familiar it’s because they are.  In this series (1) they’re the mini version of the original OMG Fashion Dolls.  These mini versions are totally fashion forward, have ‘real’ hair that you can style, ‘real’ clothes,  and even ‘real’ shoes.  And, uh, the shoes are pretty tall.  There are currently four different dolls to collect:

✔︎ JK MC Swag
✔︎ JK Neon Q.T
✔︎ JK Diva
✔︎ JK Queen Bee

Once your kiddos unbox them they’ll find 15 different truly amazing surprises.  We’re peeping things like:

✔︎ Fashions
✔︎ Shoes
✔︎ Shoe Box
✔︎ Hair Brush
✔︎ Hat Box
✔︎ So Much More!

What’s This Going to Cost You?!

So the price on these aren’t too bad.  The current suggested retail price is $19.99.  It’s slightly less than the OMG dolls, so we assume this is a good deal?

When is the Release Date?

You won’t have to wait that much longer, because these JK Mini dolls will be officially released on July 10th.  You can actually pre order them right now here on Amazon.

1.  Neon Q.T Mini – Buy It Here

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2.  MC Swag Mini – Buy It Here

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3.  Diva Mini – Buy It Here

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4.  Queen Bee Mini – Buy It Here

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