The LOL Surprise ‘Lights Glitter’ is a Black Light Blast!

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Everything old is new again!  Introducing the new LOL Surprise Lights Glitter collectibles!

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Remember when you were in college and just about every poster in your dorm room lit up in all their blacklight magic?  Well now you can share that same nostalgia with your kiddos thanks to the new LOL Lights Glitter series!  Get ready to create your own Dateline episode thanks to the black light that comes with it!

What’s the LOL Surprise Lights Glitter Dolls All About?!

It’s the latest from our friends at LOL!  This time around they’ve released some really psychedelic collectible dolls that glow with all sorts of surprises thanks to the trusty and handy-dandy black light.  In Series 1 there are 12 different Lights Glitter dolls to collect and each will have their own unique surprises.  Currently there are 8 different surprises to reveal like:

  • 1 super secret message to decode.
  • 1 black light to shine on your doll to reveal surprises.
  • Super cute fashion accessories.
  • 1 amazing outfit.
  • 1 bottle.
  • Funky and cool shoes.
  • 1 Lights Glitter doll.

Black Light LOL Surprise Lights Glitter

And don’t worry, when you feed or bathe your Lights Glitter doll in water it’ll reveal some super fun color changing surprises!

How Much Will This Set You Back?

This one is pretty affordable!  The suggested retail price is just $10.99.  Not bad for all the fun stuff you get!

When is the Official Release Date?

Good news!  You won’t have to wait too much longer.  The official release date is February 16th.  Even better?  Yes, you can actually pre order it starting today!  Pre-Order yours here on Amazon.

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