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The LOL Surprise Tiny Toys are the Cutest Little Robots Ever!

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As if LOL can’t get any cuter, introducing the brand new LOL Tiny Toy Robots!

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Sure this is almost like LEGOS, but not really.  The folks over at MGA are taking a bit of a left turn with these little toys, but for good reason.  They’re small enough to actually be a toy for your regular-sized LOL dolls.  Hey, everyone deserves to have their own cute little robot, right?

What are LOL Surprise “Tiny Toys” All About?

If your kiddos love tiny little things, they’re going to become obsessed with LOL Tiny Toys!  These little cuties are actually robot toys for their LOL doll collection.  Inside one box there are actually 5 different surprises to discover:

  • 5 surprises in total!
  • 1 tiny little robot toy.
  • 1 removable wig that your tiny robot can rock (and they can be used on other tiny toys too!).
  • 1 surprise piece of the Glamper.
  • 1 stackable plastic cube for displaying/storing.

Overall there are 15 different Tiny Toys to collect and 18 different surprises to discover!

LOL Surprise Tiny Toy Robots with Wigs

What’s really the coolest part is that in each box you’ll get 1 piece of the tiny Glamper.  Once they collect all the secret pieces they’ll be able to build the cutest little LOL Glamper specifically for their Tiny Toy robots that 3 of them can ride around in!

Build the Tiny Glamper 2024

Come on, what’s cuter than all of this!?

When is the Release Date?

We’re already spying a bunch of these online, but the official release date is slated to be January 20th.  Check out pre-order status here!

What’s the Price of These Cuties?

Our favorite part is how affordable this one is!  The suggested retail price is only $6.99.  If you want to buy all the Tiny Toys so you can immediately build your 2-in-1 Glamper, you can buy them all in bulk here.

The LOL Surprise Tiny Toys – Buy It Here

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