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Yes, WowWee Introduces Buttheads Whose Heads are Butts and Series 2 is Here!

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What a time to be alive!  In what would seem to be like an SNL skit (we assure you, it’s not) is actually a new farting toy from WowWee called “Buttheads” and, yes, their heads are butts.  #America!

Where to Buy Buttheads by WowWee 2024 - Farting Toy Zombie

Pre-Order Buttheads

If your kiddos are tired of all things unicorns, rainbows, and monkeys, the makers of Fingerlings have heard your grunts and groans and have answered you with a variety of toys that fart.  Oh, and did we mention that they’re called Buttheads?  The commercial is genius where the voiceover sings, “Buttheads….their heads are butts!”  Have more beautiful song lyrics ever been written?  Here’s everything we know about them.

[ Update ] Good news y’all!  Series 2 of Buttheads are officially here!  The new additions include fan faves like:
  • The alien named “Uranus”
  • The scuba diver named “Bubbles”
  • The mummy named “King Butt”
  • The knight named “Sir Flushalot”

Each of these wonderful toys have their very own signature farting sounds (there are over 20 different interactive sounds they make).  They also come with a timer that you can set so you can set up the ultimate pranks.  Set the timer, set your Butthead somewhere near family or friends, and then just wait for them to toot, toot, toot their way to freedom!  Each one also comes with their own collectible card that, yes, you can scratch-n-sniff.  PU!

Series 2:  Uranus – Buy It Here

Series 2: King Butt – Buy It Here

Series 2: Bubbles – Buy It Here

Series 2:  Sir Flushalot – Buy It Here

The Original Series 1 includes:

There are currently 4 different interactive toys to collect and play with:

  • The zombie named ‘BrainFart’
  • The robot named ‘Robutt’
  • The grim reaper named ‘Grim Ripper’
  • The ninja named ‘Tushi’
Brainfart the Zombie – Buy It Here

Brainfart Zombie Buttheads 2024

Buy Now

Robutt the Farting Robot – Buy It Here

Robutt Robot Farting Toy Butthead

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Grim Ripper the Grim Reaper – Buy It Here

Grim Ripper Buttheads 2024 - Grim Reaper Toy

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Tushi the Ninja – Buy It Here

Ninja Tushi Buttheads Wowwee 2024

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