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Little Live Wrapples are the Interactive Snap Bracelet Your Kids Didn’t Know They Needed

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Little Live Wrapples are the snap bracelets of a new generation and, well, we’re here for it!

Where to Buy Little Live Wrapples 2018 - Fluta, Una, Princeza, Skyo Pre Order

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In a world where the news is taking over our lives each and every day, we need to just go back to simpler times.  Enter Little Live Pet Wrapples.  They’re basically a furry pet snap bracelet that we used to rock in the 80’s and the 90’s and, well, it’s that comforting nostalgia we all need right now.

If it’s one thing we know for sure this Christmas season, it’s that interactive pets is the total way to go.  Mix that in with something your kiddo can bring with them everywhere they go and we have a total toy hit on our hands! Here’s everything we know (and love) about this must-have toy for the upcoming holiday.

What Exactly Does a Little Live Wrapple Do?!

These little furry cuties is your kiddos new best friend that they’ll bring with them pretty much anywhere they need to go.  First off, their snap bracelet-like tail easily, quickly, and securely wraps around their wrist and they totally stay in place perfectly.  Here’s everything they can do:

  1. They have over 50 different fun sounds and super cute interactions!
  2. Their eyes light up a different color based on their mood.  Green means they’re happy and red means they’re a bit ticked off.
  3. They love to be pet and tickled and your kiddos will know this because they’ll react by laughing and purring.
  4.  They’ll take a nap or totally just go to sleep when you hang them upside down.
  5. They’ll interact when surrounded by other Little Live Pet Wrapples.  They can even talk to each other (when there’s at least two or more together) and sing a song or two!

What’s the Price on These?

The suggested retail price is $14.99, which is pretty much the same as a lot of these other interactive toys, like all the different Fingerlings that are hanging around your house.

How Many Different Ones are There?

Currently there are 4 different Wrapples to choose from:

  • Flutta – Aqua Blue, White and Pink
  • Princeza – Pink
  • Skyo – Blue and Aqua
  • Una – White, Blue, Purple, and Pink

When is the Actual Release Date?

These are officially being released to the public on October 1, 2018.  You can find them on Amazon, or online at Walmart and, of course, over at Target.

Can You Pre-Order?

Yes, you can actually preorder them right now.  The current preorder price on Amazon is $14.99 and you can lock that in even if the price goes up by the time it’s released.

Where to Buy Little Live Wrapples ‘Skyo’ Pet – Buy It Here


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Princeza – Buy It Here

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Una – Buy It Here


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