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The New Scruff a Luvs Snow Pals Will Keep You Cool This Summer

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Winter is coming!  And so are these brand new Scruff a Luvs ‘Snow Pals’ and, well, we can’t get enough!

Where to Buy Scruff a Luvs Snow Pals 2024

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After the huge holiday success of the original Scruff a Luvs from last year, Little Live Pets have just released a brand new series of these little furry cuties and they have a chilly winter theme to them.  Your kiddos will become fast friends with these new Snow Pals, which come as three different options:

  • The Snow Pal Penguin
  • The Snow Pal Polar Bear
  • The Snow Pal Walrus

When your kiddos rescue one of these super cute mystery pets they’ll arrive in a box and will just be a little ball of fur that’s all matted down.  They’ll have no clue which one they got until they love on them and spruce them up a bit.  All they have to do is give them a warm bath, dry them off, and brush them a bit until they finally reveal which Snow Pal they received.

What’s’ really cool about this new version is that each one will have a heart on their belly.  Once you rub the heart it’ll actually start to change colors.  So cool!

When is the Release Date?

The new Scruff-a-Luv crew is first being released to Walmart on May 25, 2024.  They’re expected to be on Amazon by June 3, 2024.  If you’d rather buy them on Amazon, you can check here for stock availability.

What’s the Price Going to Be?

You can get these cuties for just $19.99 online!

New Scruff a Luvs Snow Pals – Buy It Here

New Snow Pals from Scruff-a-Luv

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