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The How to Train Your Dragon Hatching Toothless is Your New Favorite Hatchimal

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Get ready for the next amazing Hatchimal…of sorts.  Yes, we’re talking about the new Hatching Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon by Spin Master.  Was there ever any doubt?

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  • The new How to Train Your Dragon ‘Toothless’ Hatchimal is debuting in Fall 2019.
  • He hatches out of his egg, moves his head, wings, makes noises, and his eyes light up.
  • You can teach him to fly and play games like Ask Toothless, Hot Potato, and Toothless Says.
  • The suggested retail price is $59.99.

These cute little dragons are cute, but don’t get confused because unlike your Hatchimals of yesteryear, these won’t hatch with love and caring hands. Oh, now.  Your kiddos are going to need to aggravate the life out of the egg (thankfully they can focus on that instead of aggravating you for a change).  Once they’ve messed with the egg enough, Toothless will come to life and emerge from that prison egg that he’s lived in, showing off his light-up mouth and moving wings.

Outside of just hatching this toothless wonder, you can also play some games with him. In fact, according to the fine folks over at PopSugar who recently covered this, you can play the following games:

  • Toothless Says – a spin on Simon Says (of course)
  • Hot Potato – toss him around, but don’t be the last to hold him when the music stops!
  • Ask Toothless – we assume this is a way to give that pesky Alexa a real run for her money

Toothless can have a bit of an attitude too, but in a good way (?) because he’ll roar depending on how you’ve been treating him and, you know, what kind of mood he’s in.  Don’t worry, he can also purr too when he’s happy.  Finally.

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Did we mention that you can also teach Toothless how to fly?  Sure can!  When you pick him up in your hand and move him around back and forth int he air, eventually his wings, ears, and head will move.  Plus he’ll even make some ferocious roaring sounds!

Hatching Dragon Hatchimals Baby Toothless 2024 - How to Train Your Dragon Hidden World

So what’s this going to cost you, you ask?  Welp, it’s a bit on the pricer side, but if you’re used to purchasing Hatchimals, this will all be familiar to you.  The suggested retail price is $59.99 and the release date is now slated to be fall of 2019.  Our best guess is that it’ll be released on Hatchimal Day (yes, it’s a real thing).  Our guess for that date is October 4, 2019.  Let’s see how close we are!  Bookmark this page to stay on-top of all the latest and greatest info as it becomes available!

Eventually you’ll be able to buy this little creature at places like Amazon, Walmart, and Target!

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