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The New Hatchimals ‘Mystery’ is Slated to Take Over 2024

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Still trying to find Hatchimals from last Christmas, well, lucky you because Spinmaster is releasing the new ‘Hatchimals Mystery’ in August 2018.

New Hatchimals Mystery 2018 - Where to Buy Fluffy Cloud Cove Hatchimal

Buy Now [ Update: September 2018 ]  There’s yet another surprise.  They just announced ‘Hatchibabies!‘ surprise.    That’s right, one of the hottest toys for this upcoming holiday is an actual Hatchibaby. Learn more here!

[ Update: July 2018 ] The new Mystery Hatchimals are here!  But, don’t worry, they’re still a mystery!  Here’s everything that we now officially know about them.  We’re so excited!
  • It’s a Total Mystery Who’s Inside:  Staying true to their plan, you won’t know which Hatchimal is inside until, well, you hatch them!
  • There are 4 Different Characters:  Their names are Bunwee, Pandor, Hedgyhen, and Elefly
  • They’re So, So Fluffy This time around these cuties are even fluffier than ever before.  Plus, their wings are now expandable to it’s a total upgrade on all levels.
  • They’ll Learn Your Name:  That freaks us out a bit, but part of the mystery is that you can actually teach your Hatchimal how to say your name.  Once they learn it, they’ll use it all the time.  In case you get bored with that you can teach them new names whenever you want.  We totally know hijinks will ensue with this feature!
  • The Price Update:  So the price of these are suggested at $59.99.

So where can you get your own Fluffy Mystery Hatchimal?  

New Hatchimals Mystery Egg – Buy It Here

New Fluffy Hatchimals Mystery 2018 - Bunwee, Pandor, Hedgyhen, Elefly 2024

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The Cutest Mystery Hatchimals Yet – Buy It Here

Amazon Hatchimals Mystery 2018 Pre Order

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Update: April 2018 ]

We hate to admit that we still kind of love all things ‘Hatrchimals.’  The Hatchimals Surprise last year was something we were excited about for months before the release.  Well this year will be no different because the geniuses at Spinmaster announced (and showed off) the latest Hatchimals that’ll take over your kids Christmas list this 2018 holiday season.  They’re called ‘Hatchimals Mystery’ and, well, they’re quite the mystery.

Highlights of What We Know:

  • How many will there be:  There will be 4 different Hatchimals Mystery eggs.
  • How much is the new Hatchimals Mystery:  The retail price is $59.99.
  • When can you pre-order them:  Currently slated for August 2018.
  • Where can you buy them:  Most likely online at Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

Hatchimals Mystery will officially launch and be ready for purchase (although we feel like it’s going to be more of a pre-order situation) in August of 2018.  That’s actually not that far away.  And, even better, it still gives you and/or Santa enough time to get your act together prior to the holiday rush.  The really cool thing about these Hatchimals Mystery eggs is that they’re basically new and improved and really respond and interact with you and your child more than ever before.  Apparently there are special sensors on the Hatchimal that helps it interact with you more and more.  You can help ‘love it’ out of its shell during the hatching process, teach it words so it can start to have Hatchimal-like conversations with you, play with it upside down, tickle its belly, teach it tricks based on hand clapping gestures and so much more.  To us it seems like it’s a cuter, furrier, more lovable Fingerlings Monkey (although you know we still love those monkeys too!).

From what we know now there will be 4 different Hatchimal Mystery eggs all with their own cute look and personality.  The kicker is that to stay true to its mystery, uh, you won’t know which one you’re actually getting until it hatches and then the mystery is officially revealed.  In a world full of predictable things, we love that there’s excitement and mystery surrounding this up until the very last minute.  Your child, perhaps, may not overly love the mystery especially if there’s a specific Hatchimal they had their heart set on.  So how many parents will just be purchasing all four and basically be playing Russian Roulette with them until your kid cracks a smile?  Just us?

As you can see from the sneak peek that was given at the 2018 New York City Toy Fair, these cute little Hatchimals Mystery friends are fluffier and furrier than ever. Some have longer hair, longer wings, and floppier ears.  We cant’ wait!

Where to Get New Hatchimals Mystery 2018 - 2024 Pre Order

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Bookmark this page because we’ll be updating it as new pieces of information develop!  In the meantime, check out the other cool Hatchimals that are still all the rage and, mostly, still available below!

Original Article About the ‘Hatchimals Surprise’ Posted August 2017.

New 'Hatchimals Surprise' Egg Line 2017 - What is Hatchimals Surprise & Where to Buy Pre-Order Online 2018

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And surprise (!!) because it’s highly coveted and kept under wraps with everyone scratching their head trying to figure out just exactly it will be.  From what we know from Spinmaster (the evil geniuses behind the new Luvabella doll people are losing their minds over), they’ve iterated on their original popular Hatchimals line by coming up with a new hatching process and are going to introduce a bunch of new characters to meet.  If there isn’t some kind of sloth or kangaroo mixture I’m going to be pissed.

The release date is slated to be October 6, 2017, which coincides with “International Hatchimals Day” (which, yes, is actually a thing) with pre-order available from a bunch of retailers on Monday, September 18th. The suggested retail price is $69.99, which is slightly higher than the original Hatchimal, but this little surprise is supposed to be so much better.  “Hatchifans” (yep, again, that’s really a thing) are claiming this is a Hatchimal like no one has ever seen.  We’re intrigued.

Update: October 6, 2017 ] The new Hatchimal Surprise has officially been released and it’s TWINS!

Where to Buy Hatchimal Giraven 2017 - 2018 Review


Spoiler Alert:  These are What’s Inside the Hatchimals Surprise

Congratulations!  You’re having TWINS!  That’s right folks, the Hatchimals Surprise is that there are the cutest little twins ever inside that ‘bigger than normal’ egg!  Like last year there are different creatures and some are exclusive to certain retailers. First off, a bunch of these leaked on eBay (go figure) so you can see what they look and, if you wanted to, you could buy them now before you have to fist-fight someone in a store during Christmas (we’ll update here at IBBB when additional retailers start to list them – hello Amazon!)

Also what’s so super-cool is that whatever your Hatchimals Surprise actually is, they can play games with each other.  And, even better, you can play games with it.  However, our favorite pieces is that once your Hatchimal is at a certain stage, you can actually teach it to talk.  Simply press its head and tell it whatever you want it to say.  It’ll repeat it back in a cute little Hatchimal-like voice.  It’s pretty amazing.

1.  Hatchimals Surprise Twins Exclusive for Walmart:  Zuffin Hatchimal – Buy It Here at Walmart (Or Here on eBay)

What the Hatchimals Zuffin Looks Like 2017 - 2018

Buy Now

Learn more about the Zuffin here.

2.  Hatchimals Twins Exclusive for Target:  The Ligull – Buy It Here

Where to Buy Cheap Hatchimals Ligull Twins Target 2017 - 2018

Buy Now

And they have some more surprise eggs here too!  Learn more about the Ligull here!

3.  Hatchimals Puppadee Twins Exclusive for Toys R Us with Bonus Nest:  Buy It Here

Buy Hatchimals Puppadee Twins for Cheap Online 2017 - 2018

Buy Now

Learn more about the Puppadee here!

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4.  New Hatchimals Surprise Twins:  Peacat  – Buy It Here

Buy Hatchimals Surprise Peacat Twins Online 2017 - 2018: where to buy peacats

Buy Now

Learn more about the Peacat here!

5.  Hatchimals Giraven Twins – Buy It Here

Where to Buy Hatchimal Giraven 2017 - 2018 Review

Buy Now

Learn more about the Giraven here!

We’ll be updating this page with the latest info so feel free to bookmark us and check back often.  In the meantime here are some of their other popular Hatchimals everyone loves.

1.  Hatchimals Exclusive Glittering Garden Twinkling Owlicorn – Buy It Here

Buy Now

2.  Hatchimals CollEGGtibles (Pack of 4) – Buy It Here

Buy Now

3.  Hatchimals Original Bearakeet – Buy It Here

Buy Now

4.  Hatchimal ‘Burtle’ in Teal – Buy It Here

Buy Now

5.  Hatchimals Glittering Garden Shimmering Draggle – Buy It Here

Buy Now

6.  The Hatchimals Nursery Playset – Buy It Here

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