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These LOL Surprise Fluffy Pets Have Totally Removable Fur!

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Seriously how absolutely adorable are these brand new Winter Disco Series Fluffy Pets from LOL?  Here’s all the details we know so far!

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Just when you thought you had just about every LOL Doll (and pet) known to man, now there’s a brand new totally cute collectible pet and this time they’re totally fluffy and their fur is even removable!  Introducing the LOL Surprise Fluffy Pets (Winter Disco series).  You kiddos will be begging you more for these fluffy little pets than an actual dog so consider this a win.  Here’s everything we know so far!

What are These Fluffy Pets All About?

The latest from the much anticipated Winter Disco series (especially this upcoming Christmas season) are the new Fluffy Pets.  Like their name suggests, well, they’re totally fluffy!  In this series there are actually 18 different Fluffy Pets you can collect and each of them will come with 9 different totally awesome surprises in each globe.  We’re seeing some cool surprises like:

  • A cool secret message for your little one to decode.
  • A must-have bottle so you can feed your little pet.
  • A brush so you can brush and style-up their hair (that’s totally removable).
  • Hair clips to help add a little flair to them.
  • Accessories.
  • Stick on fluff!

All Fluffy Pets to Collect Series 1 Winter Disco 2024 -2020

What your kiddos will love is that the fluff is removable and can actually be used on different Fluffy Pets so they can really create their faves.  Once they’re done having fun taking care of them and styling them they can place them inside the globe, add water, and turn it into a really colorful and magical snow globe.  They can even attach them to the original Glitter Globe and the new Lils to create one giant snowman-like globe!

What’s This Going to Set You Back?

Don’t worry, this one won’t really break the bank.  The suggested retail price is just 14.99.  They even make a great stocking stuffer idea for your kiddos.

When is the Release Date?

The official release date will be September 19, 2024.  The good news is that you’ll be able to pre order them a bit earlier.  Check here for the latest pre order stats for LOL.

The LOL Surprise Winter Disco Fluffy Pets – Buy It Here

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