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The LOL Surprise Lils (Winter Disco Series) Have the Cutest Little Sisters, Brothers, or Pets!

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OMG these new LOL Surprise Lils just might be the cutest little sis and bro dolls we’ve seen yet! Plus, did we mention there’s a surprise lil pet in this Winter Disco series too?  Read on!

Where to Buy LOL Surprise Winter Disco Lils 2024 - Pre Order, RElease Date, Price

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Are your kiddos ready for the latest must-have from LOL Surprise?  Are you?!  These little collectibles just keep on multiplying it seems.  Well this time they’re debuting Winter Disco Series 5 called “Lils” and, well, they’re just that.  Little.  Here’s what we know (so far) about these tiny little buggers!

What Comes Inside the LOL Surprise Winter Disco Lils?

Half the fun is the unboxing itself, so if your kiddos don’t want to know, don’t read on.  If you’re curious, here’s what comes inside the cute little snow globe (yes, snowglobe).

  • 1 LOL Surprise Lils doll (it can either be the little sister, little brother, or even a little pet!).
  • 1 cute outfit.
  • 1 stylish fashion accessory.
  • 1 super-secret message for your kiddos to decode.
  • Stickers to decorate their globe.

All of these surprises come inside a cute snow globe that, yes, your kiddo can actually use to stack up onto their other Winter Disco friends like the original Glitter Globe and even the new Fluffy Pets to make a giant snowman of sorts! Once you place your new doll into a little bit of water it’ll unveil a color change surprise they’ll love! Something tells us this could be one of the must-have toys of the year!

What’s This Going to Set Me Back?

Don’t worry, these are on the cheaper side (hooray!).  The suggested retail price is just $6.99.  We think it’s the cheapest one out yet!

When is the Actual Release Date?

You’ll be seeing these in-store and online starting on September 15, 2019.  You’ll even be able to pre order them shortly.  Check that out here!

The New LOL Surprise Winter Disco Lils – Buy It Here

New LOL Surprise Winter Disco Lils 2024 - Where to Pre Order

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The Original LOL Surprise Makeover Series ‘Lils’ Series 5 – Buy It Here

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