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Series 2 of 5 Surprise Mini Brands are Way Too Cute For Words

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Now your kiddos can basically go food shopping just like you do!  We are totally obsessed with how cute the 5 Surprise Mini Brands are and, well, we want to collect all 70 of them!

New 5 Surprise Mini Brands Series 2 2024 - Where to Buy, Release Date & Pre Order Price 2024

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The Top 3

We have to applaud the evil geniuses at Zuru Toys that decided that your kids need to buy super cute mini toy versions of some of the most popular food and drink brands that us adults swear by each week at the grocery store.  Start ’em young, we guess!

Series 2 is About to Be Released:

After the major success of Series 1, it was only a matter of time that Series 2 would be released into the wild. Here’s everything we know about wave 2 of these Tik-Tok-approved cute little collectibles.

For the second series they’re getting the Kraft-Heinz treatment and you’ll have more than 60 different surprises to collect.  Some of the ones we’re already most excited about include:

  • Heinz Ketchup
  • A1 Steak Sauce
  • Velveeta Cheese
  • Mini Babybel Cheese
  • Bagel Bites
  • Country Time Pink Lemonade
  • Lunchables
  • Kool Aid
  • Jello

We could go on and on, but you get the point.

When is the Official Release Date?

You’ll (hopefully) be able to get your hands on at least some of these before the Christmas holiday.  Remember how they were all sold out last year?!  The release date for Series 2 is September 15th.  You’ll be able to pre order them on Amazon around that same time.  Trust us, these are going to be tough to come by, so check here and then just keep checking!

5 Surprise Mini Brands Series 2 – Coming Soon

Pre Order 5 Surprise Mini Brands Series 2 (Series 3)

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Our original review of Series 1 (and where to find them) below:

Where to Find 5 Surprise Mini Brands by Zuru Toys 2024

What Actually are 5 Surprise Mini Brands All About?

It’s another version of those surprise collectible toys your kids are begging you for.  These come as a capsule (or ball) with five different brand items in each ball.  Once you crack it open you’ll peel back each of the 5 little compartments to reveal the surprises.

Overall there are 70 different mini products you can collect and, even better, there are even some rare collectibles too like the Rare Metallic, Rare Glow-in-the-Dark, and Rare Gold minis too!  Here are just some of our favorites you may find:

  • Skippy Peanut Butter
  • Bryers Chocolate Ice Cream
  • Mentos Candy
  • Lipton Green Tea
  • Airheads Candy
  • SPAM Lite
  • Helmans Mayonaise

What Comes Inside 5 Surprise Mini Brands Toy Capsule Collectible Egg Ball 2024

Outside of food and drink there are some beauty-like products too like:

  • Dove Bodywash
  • Vaseline
  • Shaving Cream
  • TRESsemme Shampoo
  • WetOnes Wipes

Sky is the limit!  And don’t forget, there are 3 different shopping accessories you can collect too like a shopping cart, shopping basket, and more!

Zuru 5 Surprise Mini Brands Shopping Car 2024

When is the Official Release Date?

You can already find these in-stores, but if you’re looking to score them online they’re being released in November.  That’s right, you’ll hopefully be able to score the ultimate gift just in time for Christmas!

What’s the Cost?

We love the price!  We hate to use the word “cheap” but these totally are.  The suggested retail price is only $6.99.  Sadly, because these are so hard to come by both online and in-store you’ll likely have to pay more than that.  The average price most customers are paying right now is $14.99 and that’s found on Amazon.

Where Can You Buy Them Online?

Again, some of these can only be found in-store, but check the following links for in-stock status online:

The New 5 Surprise Mini Brands – Buy It Here

Where to Buy 5 Surprise Mini Brands Toys 2024

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