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The Best Month to Buy a Grill May Actually Surprise You

And why you should steer clear of January!

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Best Time to Buy a Grill 2024

Here at Trendsicle we’ve been covering sales and deals every month on hundreds of popular products since 2017.  From years of data we’ve discovered some of the best times of the year to score the best deals (here’s how we do that).  This time around we’re covering summer’s favorite staple, the grill. Let’s do this!

Whether you’re a seasoned pitmaster or a casual backyard griller, investing in the right grill can elevate your outdoor cooking experience. But when is the best time to buy a grill to ensure you get the best bang for your buck? Based on over 5 years of our own data, we’ll explore the optimal times to purchase a grill, along with tips and strategies to maximize savings and find the perfect grill for your needs.


By the Numbers

Quick stats and facts based on our own internal data, experience, and years of covering all sorts of grill sales (from gas to charcoal and even electric).  Plus, it’s fun to see numbers move, right?

# of Years Covering Grill Sales


# of Outdoor Grill Sales Analyzed

individual sales

Avg % You Can Typically Save

on average
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The Best Month to Buy a New Outdoor Grill

There are actually multiple months (which we’ll get into below) where you can get the best deals on a wide variety of grills – from classic gas grills to electric.  But, based on our data and research over the past 5+ years the best time to score a top deal is the months of August and September.  Let’s get into why.

End of Summer Clearance Sales (August-September):  As summer draws to a close, retailers begin discounting grills to clear out remaining inventory and make room for fall merchandise. August and September are prime months for finding deals on grills as retailers offer end-of-season clearance sales to attract bargain-hunting shoppers. Keep an eye out for promotions, markdowns, and bundle deals on both gas and charcoal grills during this time.

Labor Day Weekend (September):  The month of September rings true again because of Labor Day Weekend.  Typically most big box retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Walmart are ready to close out summer and “get rid of” as many grills as they can to make room for new inventory (hello fire pits and snow blowers).  This is when we’ve seen an average of 30% off the original pricing.  

Other Times of Year Where Grill Sales Rule

Every retailer will have different offers throughout the year, especially if certain retailers have major tentpole sales (like Amazon Prime Day in July), but here are additional months where you can usually get a great deal.

Memorial Day Sales (Late May):  Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of the grilling season here in the US. Many retailers take advantage of this holiday weekend by offering promotions, discounts, and special financing options on grills and outdoor cooking accessories. Memorial Day sales events typically feature competitive pricing and incentives to entice shoppers looking to upgrade their outdoor cooking setup.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday (Late November):  While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are traditionally associated with electronics and appliances, they also present opportunities to score deals on grills. Retailers often include grills as part of their holiday promotions, offering significant discounts and bundle deals on select models. Keep an eye out for online and in-store specials, doorbuster deals, and limited-time offers on grills during this shopping weekend.

Pre-Spring Sales (February-March):
As winter transitions into spring, some retailers may offer pre-season sales on grills to drum up excitement for the upcoming grilling season. While these sales may not be as widespread or heavily promoted as end-of-summer clearance events, they can still provide opportunities to save on grills before the peak buying season begins. Look for promotions, discounts, and package deals on grills and accessories as retailers gear up for spring.

When You Should Never Buy a Grill

Ok so “never” might be a bit strong, but based on our data, the “worst” month to buy a grill may vary depending on your perspective and goals. However, if we consider factors such as pricing, selection, and promotional events, January tends to be a month where grill purchases might not yield the most advantageous deals.  Here’s what we’ve discovered.

Post-Holiday Lull: January follows the holiday season, during which many consumers make large purchases and retailers offer numerous sales and promotions. After the holiday rush subsides, retailers may scale back on discounts and promotional events, resulting in fewer opportunities for savings.

Seasonal Demand: Let’s face it, here in the US January falls smack dab in winter, when most people aren’t really grilling outdoors (except for true pit-masters). As a result, there may be less demand for grills during this time, leading retailers to offer fewer incentives to attract customers.

New Year, New Models: Some grill manufacturers introduce new models or updates to their product lines at the beginning of the year. While this can mean exciting innovations for consumers, it might also lead to retailers prioritizing the promotion of newer models over discounted prices on older inventory.

Inventory Management: Retailers may use January as a period to assess their inventory levels and make strategic decisions about upcoming sales and promotions. This could result in fewer clearance or closeout deals on grills, as retailers may be focused on managing their stock rather than offering deep discounts.

Tips on How to Save the Most on Your Grill

Of course waiting for the best sale of the year is always preferable, but even then we’ve found there can be ways to save even more.  Plus, our tips and tricks will come in handy even when a sale isn’t happening.  Every little bit helps, right?

Do Your Research: Before making a purchase, research different grill brands, models, and features to determine which best suits your needs and budget. Consider factors such as cooking surface area, fuel type (gas, charcoal, pellet), construction materials, and additional features like side burners or rotisserie attachments.  What do you really want vs. what do you really need?

Shop Around: Compare prices from multiple retailers to ensure you’re getting the best deal on your grill. Once you know the specific grill you want check the price and availability on sites like Amazon, in-person shopping like Home Depot or Lowe’s, specialty grill stores (in your local hometown or even online), and warehouse clubs (like Costco or Sam’s Club) are all potential sources for finding competitive pricing on grills.

Consider Clearance and Closeout Models: Clearance and closeout models can offer significant savings compared to newer releases. While these models may be discontinued or last season’s inventory, they often provide excellent value for budget-conscious shoppers.

Look for Bundle Deals: Some retailers offer bundle deals that include grills along with accessories such as grill covers, utensils, or propane tanks. Bundling your purchase can result in additional savings and ensure you have everything you need to get grilling right away.

Sign Up for Rewards Programs and Newsletters: Many retailers offer rewards programs or email newsletters that provide exclusive discounts, promotions, and early access to sales events. Sign up for these programs to stay informed about upcoming deals on grills and outdoor cooking gear.

Consider Floor Models or Open-Box Items: Floor models and open-box grills are often discounted compared to brand-new units. While these items may have been on display or returned by a previous customer, they typically come with full warranties and offer substantial savings.

In Conclusuion

Well, there you have it.  From our internal data and research over the past 5+ years, we’ve found that August and September are the two best months for finding the best deals on outdoor grills.  While January typically is “the worst” month to find a sale.  Of course, there are other times of the year where you can still find some great discounts, but we always recommend doing your own research, compare pricing, and waiting it out until you feel like it’s the perfect price for you.

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