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This is Officially the Best Time to Buy an Artificial Christmas Tree

And 4 additional months that have the best sales!

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Best Time to Buy an Artificial Christmas Tree 2024

Here at Trendsicle we’ve been covering sales and deals every month on hundreds of popular products since 2017.  From years of data we’ve discovered some of the best times of the year to score the best deals (here’s how we do that).  This time around we’re covering artificial Christmas trees.  Let’s do this!

The twinkling lights, the scent of pine, the colorful decorations—Christmas is truly a magical time of year. And at the heart of this festive season lies the iconic Christmas tree. While the debate between artificial and real trees continues, there’s no denying the convenience and longevity of artificial trees. But when is the best time to snag one at a bargain? Fear not, fellow holiday enthusiasts! We’ve got you covered with insider tips on the optimal time to buy an artificial Christmas tree on sale, the worst time to make your purchase, and some savvy strategies to save big on your seasonal centerpiece.


By the Numbers

Quick stats and facts based on our own internal data, experience, and years of covering deals on fake Christmas trees.  Plus, it’s fun to see numbers move, right?

# of Years Covering Christmas Tree Sales


# of Christmas Tree Sales Analyzed

individual sales

Avg % You Can Typically Save

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on average

The Best Month to Buy an Artificial Christmas Tree

Unveiling itself as the undisputed champion of artificial Christmas tree shopping, January emerges victorious as the prime time to score unbeatable deals. As the festive fervor winds down and the new year begins, retailers are eager to clear out their remaining holiday inventory to make way for the next season’s offerings. Cue the post-holiday clearance sales!

During this golden window of opportunity, you’ll find artificial Christmas trees—ranging from traditional to pre-lit, and everything in between—marked down to jaw-dropping prices. Whether you prefer the classic allure of a green fir or the modern elegance of a white spruce, January is your ticket to savings paradise. So why wait until next December to deck the halls when you can deck them out now at a fraction of the cost?

Additional Months to Save on Fake Christmas Trees

Everyone basically knows January is the best month to score a deal on just about anything Christmas related.  We guess you didn’t need our years of data analysis for that!  But what about some additional months we found running some great sales?  Here’s what we’ve learned from all the sales that have been run from major retailers over the past 6+ years of covering these:

February & March:  As the holiday season fades into memory, many retailers offer steep discounts on remaining Christmas inventory. February and March are prime months to snatch up artificial Christmas trees at clearance prices as stores make space for new merchandise.

October & November (Pre-Holiday Sales):  Believe it or not, you don’t have to wait until after Christmas to find great deals on artificial trees. In the months leading up to the holiday season, some of the top retailers offer early bird specials and pre-holiday sales to entice shoppers. October and November, in particular, are excellent times to score discounts before the holiday rush.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday:  It goes without saying that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become synonymous with incredible deals across all product categories, and artificial Christmas trees are no exception. Many retailers slash prices on these shopping holidays, making it an opportune time to snag a bargain on your holiday decor.

The "Worst" Month to Buy Artificial Christmas Trees

‘Tis the season for high prices! While December may be the month of merriment and joy, it’s not the most ideal time to purchase an artificial Christmas tree—at least not if you’re aiming to save a bundle. As the holiday spirit reaches its peak, demand for artificial trees skyrockets, and so do their prices. Retailers capitalize on this surge in demand, often charging premium rates for these seasonal staples.

So, unless you absolutely must have a tree at the last minute, it’s best to resist the urge to splurge in December and hold out for the unbeatable bargains awaiting you in the new year.

Some Top Retailers to Find the Best "Fake Tree" Buys


    • Variety: Amazon offers an extensive selection of artificial Christmas trees, ranging from budget-friendly options to high-end models.
    • Convenience: With Prime shipping and easy returns, Amazon provides a hassle-free shopping experience, especially for those who prefer online shopping.

Balsam Hill:

    • Quality: Balsam Hill is renowned for its lifelike artificial trees crafted with high-quality materials and attention to detail.
    • Realistic Appearance: Their trees are designed to mimic the look and feel of real trees, making them a favorite among those seeking authenticity.
    • Customization Options: Balsam Hill offers various tree heights, shapes, and lighting options, allowing you to customize your tree to suit your preferences.

Home Depot:

    • Affordability: Home Depot offers a wide range of artificial trees at competitive prices, catering to budget-conscious shoppers.
    • In-Store Experience: With numerous physical locations, Home Depot provides the opportunity to see and touch the trees in person before making a purchase.
    • Online Availability: Their online store offers a vast selection of trees, providing convenience for those who prefer shopping from home.


    • Affordable Options: Target offers an array of artificial trees at various price points, making it accessible to shoppers with different budgets.
    • Trendy Designs: Target stays up-to-date with the latest trends in holiday decor, offering modern and stylish artificial trees to suit contemporary tastes.


    • Selection: Wayfair boasts an extensive inventory of artificial Christmas trees, including traditional, pre-lit, and flocked options, catering to diverse preferences.
    • Competitive Pricing: Wayfair frequently offers discounts and promotions on their products, allowing shoppers to find great deals on artificial trees.
    • User-Friendly Website: With intuitive search filters and detailed product descriptions, Wayfair’s website makes it easy to find the perfect tree for your home.


    • Crafting Options: Michaels offers artificial trees along with a variety of crafting supplies, allowing customers to personalize and decorate their trees to suit their style.
    • Seasonal Decor: Michaels stocks artificial trees as part of its extensive collection of holiday decor items, making it a one-stop shop for festive needs.
    • Weekly Deals: Michaels frequently offers discounts and coupons on select merchandise, including artificial trees, providing opportunities for savings throughout the year.

In Conclusuion

Timing really is key when it comes to purchasing an artificial Christmas tree. The best time to buy is typically during post-holiday clearance sales in January when retailers offer significant discounts to clear out remaining inventory. Additionally, pre-holiday sales in October and November can also work to snag a bargain before the holiday rush. On the other hand, the worst time to buy is usually during peak holiday seasons like December when demand is high, and prices are inflated. By planning ahead and shopping strategically, you can maximize your savings and find the perfect artificial Christmas tree to fill your home with joy and light for the holidays.

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